Sudden Cries followed by Big Burps and then comes loud sounds of passing wind! Have you experienced this as a Mom? I have seen my kids especially my younger boy doing this many times since childhood. Stomach Upset and Pain, Constipation are common symptoms of underlying issues of indigestion. Whereas for my daughter, she experiences colic and diarrhoea sometimes.

Whether it is:

  • Colic

  • Constipation

  • Diarrhoea

All of the above indicate that a child needs a Digestive Health Check!

As far as my son is concerned, he was always constipated in his toddlerhood. He often complained about having stomach pain, big stomach and on. There were days when we had to take him to the paediatrician where he would be administered enema to make him pass motion. We hated to see the poor boy crying helplessly. When his constipation got chronic, he had to take stool-softener medication twice daily. Not good at all!

That’s when I said enough is enough! It’s time to combat this issue and improve his digestion. I researched and understood the exact symptoms, causes and remedies of Constipation. That helped me immensely to a put a few things in place. Now my son’s constipation is much much better.

Let me share with you my tricks to take care of their little tummies:

1.Include specific food items that help in digestion in daily meals:

Pack in that much-needed fibre in kids’ meals. Be it corn, spinach, sunflower sprouts or apples and raspberries! It is a great idea to give whole-grain bread rather than white bread. So minimize processed foods and other ingredients that are heavy to digest.



2.Outdoor Play:

No prolonged hours in front of TV or other smart gadgets please. Let the kids indulge in outdoor play, run, and jump and do some exercise. Swimming, bicycling or simply playing at home or playground will help in digestion and keep the risk of obesity at bay.


3.Keep the kids well-hydrated:

Kids are generally lazy to drink enough liquids. We have to ensure that they are always getting necessary hydration through Juices, Purees and water.


4.Don’t overfeed them and do avoid junk snacks:

As a mom, I love to see my kids eat more and some more. But am I overfeeding them? Do watch, Moms. Overeating is detrimental even for kids. So smaller and frequent meals is a great solution.

Chocolates, cakes, candies look and taste very attractive. But often they contain preservatives, Trans fat and other irritants for tummies. Cut down these items for your kids.


5.Last but certainly not the least, ensure that you are giving them RIGHT formula milk

When my son was on a formula milk, his constipation was bad. I used to always wonder that – why should a milk formula cause constipation? The answer could be that Foods are often processed with high heat and as a result, the nutrients may be lost or destroyed due to denaturation etc. Once the proteins nutrients are destroyed , they may not be easily absorbed and may cause your child to suffer from indigestion and general stomach discomfort.


At that moment I changed to Friso Gold. Even my Paed approved this choice of mine.  What I like is Friso’s LockNutri Process Technology™. This enables milk protein in formula to be preserved in their natural form, so that it can be readily absorbed by your child. LockNutri Process Technology™ uses mild heat treatment during the formula production process, so that proteins are preserved closer to their native structures.


What improvements I found after I switched my son to Friso Milk Formula, alongside the tips I shared?

  1. More regular stools

  2. No stomach pain, No bloating and other discomforts

  3. Overall good digestion and growth

My son first tried Friso Gold 3. Now he is enjoying Friso Gold 4’s benefits. In fact, my 10-year old daughter also drinks this formula sometimes!

As a mom, I try my best to ensure that kids tummies are always on track. Tummy is Happy then the Kids Are Happier!!

How about your kids? How do you tackle their digestion issues? Please share with me and other moms.

This blog post is in collaboration with Friso.

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