This review is more for moms and dads whose babies are in toddlerhood stage and those who are looking for healthy and wholesome snacks for them. I remember when my kids were younger around 8 months to 1.5 year-ish age, they always wanted to nibble something…They tried to taste everything in sight – their food, adult food, paper, shoes…Ewww!! So the point is – yes, this toddlerhood is such that they are more open to try out different textures and different types of food.

Bebemi is for these toddlers…and moms who want all natural and organic snacks for them!

Bebemi is a Korean brand that brings toddler snacks that are free of any sugar, salt, oil, preservatives and other additives. That makes it suitable for babies over 6 months.

Now, I don’t have kids who are babies or toddlers any more. So what’s in it for older kids and parents?

1. Organic, all natural

2. No oil, salt, sugar – that makes Bebemi a diet snacks item for parents. It is without any additives and that is why healthier.

3. Older kids need more taste, more spice, more sweet and other flavors. You can add some milk / yoghurt to Bebemi and make it nutritious cereal OR add it to your salads. Better to eat such kind of healthier snacks than junk food.

Here are some of the Bebemi products:

  • Bebemi Stick – come in different flavors like curry, vegetable, shiitake and so on.
  • Bebemi Petit – come in different flavors like brown rice, carrot, onion and so on.
  • Bebemi Ring – come in different flavors like blueberry, apple, citron and so on.
  • Bebemi Rice Cake – come in different flavors like white rice, banana, sweet pumpkin and so on.

Why Bebemi?

  • Bebemi promotes babies’ and toddlers’ brain development, motor skills development and gum/tooth development.
  • No sugar, no salt, no color, no synthetic additives, no preservatives, non oil treatment.
  • Babies and Toddlers and even health-concious adults can enjoy the natural taste and aroma of whole grains and vegetables, and feel the difference.
  • Bebemi biscuits can be mixed with lukewarm water or milk or yoghurt. Do stir well to release the nutritions of the food.
  • Air tight zip lock to ensure Bebemi snack remains fresh.
  • All Bebemi snacks are BAKED and NOT fried. That sometimes can make the tecture not very crunchy. Babies and Toddlers can safely eat Bebemi snacks since they melt in their mouths immediately. Do note that adult supervision is needed at all time still.



Shri trying out Bebemi snacks…He liked Bebemi Rings in Citron flavor.




Here is how I ate Bebemi…Added some milk to enhance its taste…


♥ I would recommend Bebemi for babies in weaning period and toddlers for sure! Also, Bebemi provides healthy snacking option for bigger kids and adults. ♥

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More Info:

Bebemi snacks are selling at $8.90 per pack. Bundle price is $15 if bought from exclusive retailers like OG and BHG departmental stores. 1010 Mother and Child and Totsworld website.

visit Bebemi Website here | visit Bebemi Facebook page here


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