Shhhh…Beware!!! Zombies are back…again…for the 3rd time!!! Unlike its predecessors, they have evolved, and they’re determined to keep you trapped within their turf with inventive obstacles.

But but…We are humans…Do you think we can survive the night with a horde of zombies? They have adapted and turned the tables to test the limits of the human race. Zombies have awakened to hunt and strengthen their circle again.


Are you ready to Test your limits in Race The Dead 3 and survive the next zombie apocalypse??

Join on the route of escape while eluding zombies and their traps. Face your fears in between constant chills and endless screams, and let’s see how far your survival instincts bring you.

Out in the dark, pump up your adrenaline to heighten your instincts—you’ll need more than just speed and stamina to last. And, if you survive, you’ll have a tale of your own to tell. It’s a run, you shouldn’t look back.

You are going to need these Health Packs!!!



Race The Dead 3 – Survive the Night

Official Registration now opens!
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The Trap is laid:

Date: 14 January 2017
Time: 6pm – 11pm
Venue: Sentosa, Siloso Beach
Distance: 4.2km



Check what mayhem the deadly Zombies are about to cause: Facebook | Website

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It’s getting so exZiting already!!! Zee you at Race The Dead 3.