Pout Care has been my preferred brand for Kids hair care since the day I got their trial bottles for blog review. I used it for my Daughter and Son…I also shamelessly used it on my hair because it just makes hair very soft, silky and fragrant! I strongly suspect my hubby also did the same…LOL.

One of the products of Pout Care that I will especially mention is Peaches and Cream Natural Detangler. Do you have a Daughter who has semi-Long to Long hair and she detests every time you try to comb and tie her hair?? Before going to school, combing hair has become nightmarish?? Then you are the perfect candidate who must use Pout Care’s Detangler. We use it regularly. It’s peach fragrance is simply awesome.

So when my Daughter got invited for Pout Care Star for a Day session, she was like 200% READY  to attend the event. I mean who doesn’t want to get pampered and get treated like a Star? Pout Care, next time please plan something like this for Moms too…Tee Hee hee.

So on one sunny day in August, we reached UE square. The event was scheduled at the perfect venue – Curly & Spike. Curly & Spike peeps are champions in their craft – the hippest salon! Makeovers, Hairstyles, Fun parties for kids – lots of choices! Do check their website here.

Warm welcome to all kids and their parents!! Pout Care’s Caring Heads were present personally to make each one of us comfortable.


Makeup begins…My daughter Eeshaa is not that fond for makeup, accessories and overall girlie stuff as such. Still a child, she likes to play outdoors, run around and so on…So for her, this was a totally new experience.

After makeup, it’s Hair time!! She had already washed her hair with Pout Care’s Blueberry Potion Natural Shampoo. Curly & Spike folks know how to make kids’ hair look even more beautiful…Eeshaa has super straight hair by default so they decided to add some big and loose waves.


End result? Beautiful Girl who never thought she can look like a model…♥♥♥


Now that’s what I call a Complete Makeover!!!

The Invited Kids did ramp walk and interview session too. Wow, Celeb Life…


Pout Care Star for a day also received hamper of Pout Care products.


After having a fun-filled time, we came back home happy. Eeshaa has learnt some new things about herself, got an experience of ramp walk, video session and who knows she might use it somewhere in future!!! Let kids have different experiences and discover their own self…

Thanks Pout Care for the pampering treat. You played Santa in August for these cute kids! ♥

More info:

Website: http://poutcare.com/

Shop Online: http://pout.com.sg/default/brands/pout-care.html