Working Moms have very tight schedule and am speaking from my own experience. Get up in the morning, do kids’ school prep, drop them then get ready and go to office. Do office work, come back home and again look after hubby and babies…Fly away their days like this! Weekends come and go in errands, a bit of rest…Homemakers have a very similar story.

  • Do you work or live in and around CBD area?
  • Do you have very less time for yourself?
  • Do you have to rush back to take care of your kids as early as possible after office?
  • Do as a homemaker, you cannot come out of home for longer duration?
  • Do you miss those Carefree days when you had all the time in the world for pampering yourself?
  • You are not a mom or wife but still too busy at your workplace or in studies?
  • Do you have 60 minutes to spend on yourself?
  • Do you believe that effective beauty treatments don’t have to cost a bomb?

If the answer for all the above questions is YES then you are reading the CORRECT blog post!!

 Go and spend your 60 minutes at Go60 in S$60 and onwards  Go60 is Singapore’s only fixed-price lifestyle spa boutique concept by Mary Chia Holdings Limited – name that needs no introduction…It caters exclusively to busy moms or women in general who get very less time to take care of their beauty routine. You just need one hour to spend and you find New You.

Go60 is all about creating an enjoyable and pampering experience for you. Expect high-quality treatments at a price tag you will love. There are no prepaid packages or price uncertainty. Go60 aspires to make facial, massage and slimming services an alternative form of lifestyle. For busy executives who need a quick pick-me-up, GO60 offers effective, affordable and fuss-free options —be it a facial, much-needed massage or a detox wellness session to kick start a sluggish metabolism or to alleviate water-retention problems.

Like you all know, RainbowDiaries experience the products / services herself and then only presents detailed review. So ya, I tried Go60’s latest Sonicare Facial (60 mins, S$90). It is an Ultrasonic facial where high level sound wave technology is used to high level sound wave technology is used to penetrate deep below the surface of the skin promoting cellular renewal and repair, toning muscles, increasing blood circulation, encouraging lymphatic drainage, combating puffiness and swelling and improving skin care product penetration.

To simplify the beauty language used in above paragraph, it actually targets the issues faced by busy moms and other on-the-go women like fine lines, puffy eyes, large pores, dry skin, freckles and age spots.

My Experience:

Swift, Sweet and Smart – That’s how I will term the whole experience! The beauticians keep in mind that the clients are super-busy so rather than spending time on filling long long forms, lengthy skin analysis etc., they quickly check your skin, ask you a couple of questions and take you the facial room. Express!

Go60 is conveniently located in Esplande Xchange and easily reachable from City Hall, Esplande, Raffles Place and around. Best time to go is during lunch time or just after office. 1 hour is what you need after all.

Rooms are clean. Bright colors like orange, maroon, blue are seen everywhere in the room. Mood lifters they are!

I liked this facial treatment a lot because:

  1. They customized it when I told them that my eye area is sensitive.
  2. They used this ultrasonic machine and didn’t stop just at that. They also followed the traditional, tried-n-tested Cleanse, Scrub, Steam, Extraction and Massage routine + they used ultrasonic machine + applied double-mask to hydrate the face later. That is what I call complete treatment.
  3. Even if duration is 60 minutes, I experienced no hurry-burry, no rushing through the ritual at all. Time well-spent on each step I must say.
  4. According to me, the best facial is something that really makes you take a nap during it. Whoo! I slept (and snored also I guess) while the mask was on. Perfect!
  5. No burning sensation, swollen eyes or face during or after treatment. Glad that no side-effects. In fact, face looked firmer, cleaner and just the way it should look like after facial. See the no-filter, no-makeup, immediate selfie of mine below.
  6. No hard-selling! Felt relieved – may be because am a blogger & influencer but still no selling.
  7. 60 minutes does not mean you are done with the treatment then bye bye. They served nice warm herbal tea after the treatment and asked for feedback.
  8. 100% Time-saver
  9. They did quick shoulder massage too. Felt good for tired shoulders.
  10. That ginseng fragrance of the cream they used. I loved!

Overall Pamper Factor: 9/10

Overall Value for Money: 10/10

Consultant Expertise: 8.75/10

So why not you too go and get a quick pick-me-up facial or massage from Go60, Moms? Contact, reservation info is below for your quick reference:

More Info:


Address: 90 Bras Basah Road, Esplanade Xchange, #B1-24, S(189562)

Nearest MRT Esplanade Station (Circle Line) Intersection leading to Exit A (Suntec) and Exit B (Marina Square)

Phone: 6338 0660

Reserve your service here.


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