Yr. 1996: I was a student that time, learning Information Technology…Once, when I came home after class, my mom handed me one beautiful postcard especially sent to me by my maternal uncle. The postcard was full of encouragement, appreciation and motivation for me to do even better! Wow, what an amazing feeling to receive little happy hand-written surprises from loved ones in the form of postcards and letters. In fact, back then a few of us had Gal Pals who were actually Pen Pals from different countries.

Yr. 2016: All the best for Exams, Birthday Wishes, Wedding wishes, Congratulations for Childbirth?? Simple, Send email or send message on handphone or wish on social media site…everything is done so fast now! Or should I say too fast?? Lightening fast media to convey our feelings are available now-a-days. No surprise, direct communication!

Remembered all those good old days when letters and postcards were main channel of communication. Nostalgic after watching this video!

Thank God, Giftopia by Sample Store is here. To travel us back in those happy days where we used to use traditional means for reaching out to our loved ones. I bet you would love the beautiful thought behind Giftopia Movement – If you love someone, convey that love in the most personalized manner by sending them hand-written postcard. Believe me, in the sand of time, emails and all will vanish one day but these paper memories will still be found somewhere in your cupboard and in your hearts. ♥♥♥

It’s so easy to be a part of something as novel, as creative as Giftopia and Spread love!


There are total 24 postcards in Giftopia and they all are pre-paid means you just write the message straight from the heart, write the address and send it to your loved ones. ♥♥♥

Shhh, there is a secret message hidden in all 24 postcards. Find it and win attractive prizes. Wow!

Times changed and so do we! Technology brought the much-needed speed and E-MAILS replaced SNAIL EMAIL. Good and Bad – will the current generation of our kids will know the fun behind getting letters and postcards? or will they have to be content with the emails, messengers etc.?

As a mom, I always keep on wondering that where exactly technology is leading us? We are becoming more and more tech-savvy which is of course fun. But the old world charm of postcards, hand-written letters is also something we MUST experience.

Decided to throw this question to my 10-year old daughter! I showed her Sample Store’s Giftopia Post Cards, told her that they pre-paid and asked her to tell her honest opinions about what she feels about Giftopia. What she said surprised me actually! For New Generation or our generation, love is timeless and expression of that love is still preferred in the traditional way. Giftopia is a movement we all should participate in – young or old…

To spread and celebrate love through Giftopia movement, Sample Store had special event on 15th and 16th October in Raffles City Mall and it turned out to be one helluva event!

I spotted (and bought) some uniquely amazing products made right in Singapore. From handmade flowers to key-rings to stuffed toys…Quality and Classy.


My photos will speak more about the exciting Giftopia event. I saw lots of people visiting and enjoying the event  ♥♥♥

There were contests, there were lucky draws…and some pampering treats for all! Example: I got my Gel Manicure done at VanidaySG booth.

Have a look at some amazing products right from Face Masks to Jewellery to Probiotics in Cleaning!! Special mention to Beauty Keeper – leading brand that came all the way from Taiwan to pamper Sample Store Giftopia visitors.

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Influencers were showered with beauty products. Thanks for so much love and care, Sample Store! ♥♥♥




Giftopia is an initiative which I am personally following. After all, whatever that brings people nearer to each other and spread love should be welcomed and embraced by all of us ♥♥♥

Grab your lovely Giftopia Postcards here. | Visit Sample Store for all fabulous products here.