BookBuddy – Your Friend for Great Eyes and Great Reading Habits

Mom: How many times I have to tell you to sit straight when you read? how many times, I told you to switch on the lights when you read? Why the iPad is so close to your eyes??
Kid: Oh okay, okay! I will properly read “next” time.

Is this the typical conversation in your home? In my home, yes 🙁 🙁  Somehow, the kids don’t really remember to follow good reading habits because they get too engrossed in reading / watching iPad.

Bad vs. Good Reading Habits

Bad: Read too closely

Good: Keep a distance of at least 30 cm from the book

Bad: Read in dim light

Good: Read in a well-lit environment.

Bad: Read for too long

Good: Take breaks after every 30 minutes

Recently, I got BookBuddy – a smart bookstand that makes sure that kids follow above-mentioned Good Reading Habits. BookBuddy has smart sensors that ensure and make beeping alert sounds when kids go too close to the book OR read in the dim light OR even when they read for too long a time. Bingo!! As a parent, now there is BookBuddy to monitor when kids are reading.

Look at some unboxing pics. Kids actually had fun unboxing it and they wanted to assemble it themselves.

It comes with 2 batteries and it is very convenient to fix the batteries and all. Just take care that younger kids don’t swallow small parts!

One more thing – BookBuddy not only promotes good reading habits and thereby brighter vision for kids but it is also an excellent way to improve kids’ posture. My daughter already has myopia so for her, smart device like BookBuddy is necessary so that the specs power doesn’t go too high.


This naughty girl tested whether the smart sensors really catch you if you are not following good reading habits…This is what happened…


Must-Know’s about BookBuddy

  • BookBuddy™ is the smart bookstand which reminds your child to read in good reading conditions through the use of smart sensors.
  • It helps our children to develop healthier reading habits thereby improving their visual and spinal health.
  • It is Lightweight and portable. That makes it an excellent travel companion for avid readers.
  • Supports two ergonomic reading angles.
  • Page extender to support taller books or paper
    Retractable arms to firmly hold pages of all sizes
  • It features light and proximity sensors.

Here is a video tutorial on how to use BookBuddy:

Studies have shown that more than 80% of school-going children in Singapore have developed myopia by the time they leave high school. I agree because I got myopia in primary school and my daughter too.

We have BookBuddy. You too consider getting this Smart Bookstand for maintaining good Eyesight!

More Info:

BookBuddy is retailing at S$84.90. There are 3 wonderful colors available – Green, Blue and Pink. Buy it here on online store.

Know more about BookBuddy on Web and Facebook


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29 comments on “BookBuddy – Your Friend for Great Eyes and Great Reading Habits”

  1. Candace Reply

    Its great how technology is here to cultivate good reading habits for the young ones! Wish they had it when we were younger too!

  2. Shin May Reply

    wah ..currently got such item in the market already ..parents has no worry about their children when reading their books !

  3. Qian Reply

    so nice!!! i will love to have one myself too! yes we need something like this to remind ourselves for a good reading habit.

  4. Everest Reply

    This is such an intelligent invention! It is really important to develop good reading habits to maintain a healthy eyesight and they are never too young to start having good habits!

  5. Shivani Reply

    This is quite an interesting read dear so thank you for sharing this. My sister was mentioning something about this for my niece the other day and its good to start having this done with book buddy at such a young age too.

  6. Sharon Lee Reply

    The sensor is really smart and sensitive! Haha I never know that we have such sensor to help us to read book is a correct way =D To help us stay focus!

  7. Isaac Tan Reply

    wahaha , it has come to a point in out generation that there’s a gadget for everything. Next they should make machines attached to our body and legs to teach us to walk straight without a hunch.

    anyway, interesting product.

  8. Elizabeth O. Reply

    Wow! It’s awesome to have one of these… or maybe two! I think it’s perfect for kids and it will definitely help them with studying. It’s important to know the distance so that you won’t have to think about ruining your eyesight when reading.

  9. nicol Reply

    this is an innovative product that will definitely help with posture. i like to hold the books myself, the classic feel

  10. Fadzi Razak Reply

    I tend to stare at books or pc in dim lights because the pc in my bedroom. and i usually do make freelance work while my husband is sleeping.

  11. Saminu Abass Reply

    Great work. What an interesting for any level or category of students. Many just read books unknowing that some tips are to be followed. Thanks for sharing

  12. roch Reply

    I think this is also effective and functional for adults who like reading books for long hours. It helps to improve posture as it discourages lying down while reading (which can sometimes hurt the eyes).

  13. Tiffany Yong Reply

    Nice Bookbuddy… Hopefully it will train kids to have nice reading etiquette from young! I definitely don’t have one as I’m too used to reading in the dark!

  14. lex Reply

    this sounds very cool, so long as it helps the younger ones read and get the best of out what they read, i am cool with it. btw am hearing of this for the first time. thanks for the share.

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