I admire, respect and love WMF products. This love affair started when I brought WMF Perfect Pro Pressure Cooker home. Every time I use it, I can’t help but keep praising how fast it cooks, how convenient and energy saver it is, how robust quality it offers and so on…When I hosted the giveaway, I came to know that so many women like me simply want to own this piece of supreme performance. My article on theAsianparent about it was also well-received. Now, I have one more WMF product to boast about – its new NATURamic Frying Pan!!

What is NATURamic®?


NATURamic® is high-tech ceramic material produced by melting natural raw materials at approx. 1200°C, then ground, and sent for further processing.


30 years

Through two baking sessions at temperatures of 860°C, the steel is fused with coats of NATURamic® – forming an inserparable material combination. This ensures that the material does not chip easily.

Natural Ceramic

NATURamic® is nickel-free, making it ideal for people with nickel allergies.


My WMF NATURamic Frying Pan

Frying Pan

Available in two sizes of 20cm and 24cm. The NATURamic® Frying pan is an ideal choice for high temperature frying. Its steel core heats the entire pan quickly and evenly, while its super smooth surface requires only a small amount of cooking oil.

  • Innovative design combining natural ceramic material with steel core
  • The steel core conducts heat rapidly and evenly
  • Designed to withstand ultra-high temperatures, making it great for frying at high heat
  • The super-smooth surface allows less oil for cooking

Here is my Red Hot NATURamic Frying pan…It is also available in green and yellow.


Suitable to use on different gas and stove types.

Aha, what I just saw? 30 years guarantee??!!! I actually told my daughter that I am going to gift this pan in her wedding…


The moment I received WMF NATURamic Frying Pan, I decided to cook a storm…LOL…

My recipe: Vegetable Lasagne cooked with WMF NATURamic Frying Pan

My pictorial recipe for all of you..

Shiny shiny surface of the frying pan is lovely to see. Motivates me to cook nice dishes.

NATURamic requires Less oil and it retains and enhances the taste and fragrance of herbs, garlic and veggies…

How I wish I could capture the aroma in the videos…

Lasagne sauce getting ready…

Layers of Lasagne sheets, cheese and Lasagne veggie sauce assembled and ready to go in the oven…

Baking and baking…Can’t wait to see the end-result…

Yay!!! looks nice, wholesome and tastes equally yummylicious…

Actually many more dishes on my wishlist to cook with WMF NATURamic Frying Pan: patties, paneer tikka, stir-fry spicy vegetables, Pasta aglio olio style and so on…

Look what else we have in the NATURamic range:

NATURamic Range of Products


Tips and Tricks, Care and Maintenance

The smaller the flame, the more flavorful the taste

NATURamic® is suitable for these stovetops: electromagnetic oven, gas, electric and ceramic. Its high quality induction material only requires low flame, so cooking is best done over medium-low fire, ensuring that the size of the flame is not higher than the bottom of the cookware. The steel core heats rapidly and evenly so you spend less time cooking and more time enjoying delicious meals.

Long-lasting colours, longer lasting pleasures

Your time in the kitchen should be spent on cooking instead of scrubbing tough stains! When used correctly, stains come off easily from NATURamic® products. Always be sure that the pot is dry before adding fresh food in it. Heat the pot before cooking. When the pot is heated, turn down the fire to medium-low. Add oil, and when it is hot, add fresh food.

Non-greasy cooking for clean eating

NATURamic® cookware not only saves time and electricity, it is also easy to clean as it is non-porous. Sponges and scrubs can both be used for washing the products, requiring only minimal amount of dishwashing liquid. Additionally, the products can be wash in the dishwasher (except pressure cooker handles). Be sure to dry completely after washing. Washing is no longer a chore with NATURamic®!

Looks like Must-Buy range right? Check below for more info:

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