While I am writing this, I’m already thinking about tomorrow’s breakfast, lunch and dinner menu for my kids! This one area takes up lot of my time and efforts and still leaves me unsatisfied many times.

Am sure many of us must be sailing in the same boat and having concerns about kids’ immunity and nutrition. Also, we moms want our kids to eat as much as they can and more.

In this overall journey of motherhood so far, I have always pondered upon these questions:

  1. Why do kids get cough and colds so frequently?

  2. Why do they reject certain dishes?

  3. Are my kiddos getting complete nutrition?

Actually, when they were babies, things were pretty smooth. Drink milk, eat cereal and other semi-solids and be happy! When they crossed over to the toddler stage and entered pre-school, the kids started to become very choosy about what they want to eat. That’s when hubby’s and my parenting skills come to a test.

Why do they get cough and colds frequently?

When I did some research and had a chat with Paed, my first concern was resolved. Common viruses cause coughs and colds and they get transmitted from one person to another easily. Kids go to childcare and schools so such viruses affect them quickly. As a parent, no need to get too panicky but yes, we need to monitor their health regularly. Also, as parents, we must ensure cleanliness habits are in place right from the start. Regular brushing of teeth, cleaning hands regularly, using hand sanitizers and so on will help in keeping viruses at bay to an extent.

Another important thing is using masks when they are coughing. Also, I wouldn’t recommend parents to send their children to school when they are sick. The kids should rest and recuperate at home. This way not only do we take care of our kids, we also help other kids not to catch cough and colds.

Building their immunity is another factor that parents can help kids with. Foods containing Vitamin C, D and E can help in strengthening kids’ immune system. Peppers, Oranges contain Vitamin C. Cheese, Mushrooms are rich in Vitamin D and Leafy greens, Nuts provide right amount of Vitamin E.

Why do they reject certain dishes?

Kids are generally slow to adapt to new tastes, flavors and food. They would refuse that dish if they don’t like it! Not really rocket science here.

Sometimes, reasons like the following also play an important role in kids not eating some types of food.

  • too much nagging from parents about eating food

  • excessive snacking before actual lunch and dinner

  • distractions during eating time

  • allergies

My pre-teen daughter eats heartily what she likes to eat!!! So I have to find workaround to make her eat what she doesn’t like to eat. Eg. Carrots if I give her directly in salad or juice format, she would run away but if the same carrots are added to the Fried Rice, she doesn’t complain!

My 4.5 year-old son smells every food that we give to him and will refuse to eat it if he doesn’t like the smell. For us it is “fragrant” but for him the food could be “smelly”. Example, for us, it is “delish dessert” but for him, it is “Ewww”…Fortunately, he likes to eat main course dishes like porridge, chapati. Any of you have observed this type of pattern in your pre-schooler? What did you do then? Please share with me.

Sometimes, we bribe them and put if…else conditions. If they want to eat French Fries then they would have to finish the Sandwich and eat a “bit” of salad.

For this concern, I am still struggling to get 100% good results. Do share with me some tried and tested remedies.

Are my kiddos getting complete nutrition?

Whatever the case may be – kids are fussy and small eaters but we have to ensure that their nutritional requirements are fulfilled. I was trying to get some authentic information for nutrition needs of kids over 4-years of age. Glad that I found this guide from Friso! Now, I am quite clear about how much calcium they need per day and how much of protein requirements they have. Do you know that they need 10 mg of Iron a day and 3800 mg of Potassium a day?

Once we know about kids daily nutrition requirements, it is easier to plan their meals.

Here are some of my ways to give them complete nutrition:

  • Simple porridge – rice fortified with broccoli, tofu, and gooseberries. Rice provides carbs and broccoli gives much needed Potassium and Vitamin K. Tofu is a great source of Calcium and Iron.

  • Infused water – Who needs junk soft drinks when this H2O which is infused with fruits and herbs is so so good for digestion, hydration and immune defense?! Easy to make and attractive for kids to drink.

  • Soups – They taste great and kids are happy to drink it since not much chewing involved. Mushroom Soup is my way to give them health benefits of mushrooms.

  • Camouflage Veggies in their favorite foods – Sorry but not sorry! I do a bit of good cheating by adding parsley in their pasta sauce or veggies that they don’t like in their fritters or add fruits in the cocoa-based smoothies and so on.
  • Growing Up Milk – I fill in the gaps in the nutritional requirements of kids vs. what they get from food by giving the Growing Up Milk from Friso. This is my surefire way to get peace of mind.

What are your recipes to provide balanced nutrition to your kids? Don’t forget to write to me. More power to all of us Moms!!! 

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