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Organic Vegetables and Fruits – even Better

Organic Vegetables and Fruits freshly grown in Singapore – the BEST!!!

I am a sucker for all things Organic. If you browse my blog-site a bit, you would find loads of posts about organic food, organic cosmetics and so on. And Why Not? Organic Farming is pro-nature and includes practices that strive to foster recycling and reusing of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity. I also dig in taste of organic products. They just taste yummier than others.

One thing though – I notice that many of the organic products, vegetables, fruits are imported from other countries. Singapore is not exactly a country where farming is a main-stream occupation.

Surprise Surprise!! Right here in Singapore, there is this beautiful organic farm called Quan Fa Organic Farm. I didn’t know about it until I got invite to tour this farm. September holidays was the perfect season and reason to visit the farm. 🙂 🙂 Kids, Hubby and me went and enjoyed this refreshing site closer to the nature and learnt a thing or two about organic farming.

So around 5 PM, when it was not too hot, we reached for the farm tour. Kids and Hubby always love these kind of locations and were all excited. Kids are by default outdoor little people and will choose open air, play, nature over gadgets. Agree or not?

JJ is the 2nd gen farmer and he knows everything in and out as far his farm is concerned. Farmers should be always respected as these people nurture the soil like their babies and produce such amazing fruits and vegetables for us. It is NOT at all easy to stand in the farm rain or shine, toil hard and make the green dream come true. Kudos to JJ’s Dad who started this humble farm and making it one of the leading distributors in Singapore.

After initial intro, the tour began…

What’s in the Farm?

100 shades of green I would say! Farm is an experience and you should just soak in the fresh air, the fragrance of soil and produce.

This farm is quite large and they produce leafy vegetables, hardy vegetables, herbs and spices, sprouts, fruits and more. Certain products they import too.

Where should I begin? Okay, have a look at this video of overall farm…Green n Brown, Brown n Green…

This is JJ’s Dad. How kind this man looks!

Chinese Spinach I have used but could see it up, close and personal here…

What’s life without some spice…The hotness of this chili can be categorized as Flaming HOT.

As they say, nothing in the nature is useless! This is weed but JJ told that it can be used in soups and has some medicinal properties.

Quan Fa Organic Farm means NO synthetic pesticides, NO chemical fertilizers. So to protect the plants from insects, the farmers use this sticky paper like thingy.

They also have compost area which uses proven Japanese technique.

Quan Fa has its own vehicles. My boy said it’s “loader”…

Kids were running around, trying to recognize different types of veggies and hubby was in zen mood filling his eyes with the raw greenery around…

Aha, pumpkin…


Freshly picked Spring Onions…How fresh they look! Just by looking at them, you know that they must be tasting heavenly.

Brinjal, Raddish, Mint, Curry Leaves, Lemongrass, Peanuts…

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You don't get to see these wonders of nature everyday – eggplants, mint, peanuts, pumpkins, papaya, lemongrass – all in their organic glory – looking beautiful, full of flavor and fragrance…Quan Fa Organic Farm is an awesome place to visit!! We got to see the Farmers in action, got to learn the organic farming process and more…Thanks Quan Fa Organic Farm for hosting this farm tour 🌿🌱🌾 Craving for healthier, better-tasting veggies and fruits? Quote my code "QuanfaOrganicFarm" to enjoy 10% off your purchases!! Visit their website: *Not valid for promotional items and dried goods. One-time use per customer. 🌾🌱🌿 #qforganic #quanfaorganicfarm #quanfaorganic #rainbowdiaries #organic #organicfarm #organicfarming #organicfoods #organicfruits #singaporefarms #kranjicountryside #sgparents #sgkids #instasg #farmers #organicfarmer #sgig #igsg #sgparentbloggers

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Refreshments that they served us were also organic but obviously. The lemongrass drink tasted much much better than some lemon grass drinks I have tasted. Cold Pasta with crunchy Sunflower sprouts was absolute delish. Pasta dressing was equally unique – hibiscus with that hottest chili…

Daughter and me with JJ, the second generation friendly farmer. Somehow, after staying in the farm for some time, we were also looking and feeling like farmers – nearer to the plants and soil. Nature has its impact on all of us always! I would like to suggest Quan Fa Organic Farm to start some type of short course in farming for kids.

Next time if you visit supermarket, spot this:

or Order online for your share of health.

More Info:


Online Order: Enjoy 10% discount on my code “QuanfaOrganicFarm


Farm Tour:

Address: 35 Murai Farmway Singapore 709145


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48 comments on “Have you visited this Organic Farm in Singapore?”

  1. Ana Vukosavljevic Reply

    You were so lucky to visit this farm! Can’t even imagine how tasty their vegetables are!

  2. flora_the_sweaterist Reply

    I’m all for organic farms. It seems to me that something we forget that we simply cannot create everything artificially – and surely nothing can replace the amazing taste of organic food.

  3. Anna Reply

    I would love farm visit just now. Soaking in the fresh air, the fragrance of soil and produce sounds amazing than polluted air in the city anyway!

  4. acupofassamtea Reply

    I totally agree with you that nothing bits organic product or produces. This is great way to teach your children healthy living. We also visit local farms during summer with our kids.

  5. art4ever82 Reply

    that looks like an awesome and beautiful organic farm. I wonder why they are mostly important from Singapore. Do you know? Very interesting read and I strive to be like you with mostly organic!

  6. Cia Black Reply

    This is great way for children to learn where their food comes from. I agree Organic is always best. Since we don’t have the space to grow we buy from a local stand and you can always taste the difference in from whats bought at the grocery chain.

  7. Corinne and Kirsty Reply

    I have never been to an organic farm but I bet it is a really nice day out. You must learn so much and organic food is the best and healthiest!

  8. Preet@thevelvetlife Reply

    I am all about Organic food, thank you for sharing your visit to the farm and it is great to know about it. I agree with you, they nurture the soil like babies and produce the healthiest vegetables and fruits for us, we should be always supportive to farmers who grow Organically. Nice pictures.

  9. helene dsouza Reply

    Wow this is so lovely
    Organic farms are the best it produce which we get is so healthy and nice ..
    I wish I can start this too ?
    Lovely article with nice pictures I loved it

  10. Ithfifi Williams / IthinityBeauty Reply

    What a great experience, the farm looks awesome and what a great way to teach your children about where food comes from, how to produce responsably and yes of course the enjoyment of being out and about in the beautiful world rather then staying indoors!

  11. Jack bransson Reply

    We have farm and we get the vegetables and fruits fresh. Its always fresh and clean which will make it more healthier.

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  14. Aliza Sara Reply

    Such an educational farm to visit. haha. would love to bring my young niece here one day 😀

  15. leona Reply

    it is nice to have such places especially in cities like Singapore so the children can be exposed to farming and how it all works

  16. Everest Reply

    So glad to have home grown vegetables that are organic!!
    It is really impt to have easy access to organic vege as usually vegetables have a lot of insecticide on them to
    keep them looking good when they hit the shelves.

  17. Betty Reply

    Really surprise to know Singapore has the fresh organic farm. I feel like going to Singapore and explore the organic farm and pluck the fruits myself. Thank you for sharing this.

  18. Jacqualine Reply

    TWO farm posts in one hop! Looks like it is a sign for me to bring my kiddos to experience farm-life very soon hehe. Starting from Singapore sounds great, I will check out the farm!

  19. Shivani Reply

    Oh this looks so nice – I didn’t even know that they had an organic farm – will certainly drop by – the fresh produce looks good!

  20. Emily Reply

    Thank you for sharing information about this organic farm in Singapore. I didn’t know about it. Now, I have another place to visit when I hop over to SIngapore.

  21. Miera Reply

    Oh wow.. what an interesting experience.. I always like to experience new things and a day at the organic farming this would be amazing

  22. Joyce Lee (joycescapade) Reply

    This is great! I love anything organic too, from skincare to food. In Malaysia, we don’t have Quan Fa I think but there’s Titi Eco Farm. Perhaps you can visit them if you happen to be in Malaysia. 🙂

  23. Eddy Rush Reply

    they provide fresh vegetables with no chemical fertilizers , That is a good healthy lifestyle

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