Ezbuy.sg! So many times, I have seen my friends shopping online on it, so many times I have seen their delivery van near my residence and yet, so many times I decided but somehow never tried it out.

Fffinalllyyy, Glad that I can proudly say – yes, I have bought from Ezbuy.sg (former name 65daigou) and liked the experience thoroughly – smooth, no hiccups and good quality of products for the entire family!

Quick Shopping Possible with Easy UI:

Create your account, Search and choose your items, Add to Cart, Choose Shipping Methods, Pay and Track Online your parcel status! As easy as I typed this.

The website is available in English and Mandarin. Example: We wanted to try out skateboard. We found it quickly and got complete information then and there about the product. Some product descriptions have a bit of mandarin even on English website but for me, that didn’t hamper the shopping experience much.

Online Chat support is available:

Easy search using website’s search box:

The search is fast and literally lists down multiple pages of products to choose from:

No Discrepancy between the Product Pics and Actual Products:

This was my biggest doubt! Whether the products would look the same they looked on the website but so happy to see the expectations matched and exceeded. Products are affordable, big money-savers and we really liked their quality. Complete value-for-money!

Beware, it is possible that you would get thoroughly confused because there are thousands of products to choose from. I was sitting with my kids for shopping online on Ezbuy.sg and they were like taking hours to choose what they wanted, LOL!!! So better make a list and stick yourself to it. That will save your time.

Several Shipping and Delivery Options:

Your shopping haul can come from different warehouses of Ezbuy and multiple convenient options for shipping are available. Sea, Air and special options for Sensitive Products. No shipping base charge and it has the lowest shipping rate. Again, you can get your products home-delivered or collect them from nearest MRT or neighborhood. There is local customer service and 200+ free collection points for customers’ benefit.

Now, it also offers PRIME option. ezbuy new service, Prime, offers you an unlimited shipping fee at only $2.99! Regardless the size, weight or quantity. Use PRIME to :

  • Save tons on shipping fee and best for purchasing heavy stuff like furniture
  • Instant upgrade to SVIP membership to enjoy 50% savings off agent fee on Prime orders
  • Includes all Buy-For-Me services such as Purchasing, Inspection and After-sales support

Products for All in the Family:

From Pin to Piano, From Clothes to Shoes, From Toys to Automotive, everything is available on Ezbuy.sg. No wonder, the tagline of this portal is “Buy the World for you”. Let me share with you about a few products that we bought from Ezbuy…

For the Man in our family, we bought this yoga mat…

For the little man, his favorite Fork Lift Trucks…They looked like real..Wow!

Girl got her long-wanted Skateboard and Squishy.

I didn’t know that Glow Sticks can add so much fun to Kids’ play. They played with the pack of Glow Sticks for nearly 3-4 hours, made different shapes, put the lights on and off and so on…My Kid Vlogger told me to quickly shoot this video of hers reviewing Ezbuy Glow Sticks. Do watch!

Cheaper Products:

Ezbuy has handpicked all the hot and popular items from Taobao website and place them in collections. Products are cheaper because shopping directly from the country of origins helps to bypass any importer, exporter, distributor or retailers.

Prompt Delivery and Notifications:

No glitches and hitches here! Ezbuy sent me prompt notifications regarding availability, delivery status of the products I purchased. Also, I received exactly what I ordered. Ezbuy inspects your order for you to ensure it’s the correct product you purchases before shipping back to Singapore. Good no?

I will definitely keep buying from Ezbuy.sg…How about you? For you my friends, there will be a FREE shopper voucher for registering on Ezbuy.sg! Simply click here. 🙂 🙂


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30 comments on “Buy the World for you with this Online Shopping Site”

  1. Zwitsy Reply

    The shop looks interesting. I find their products awesome too by how you review them. Oh, not to mention, I find the toy truck cool! For the cost, who would be expecting for that quality, huh?! Also the glowing sticks, I like them! 🙂

  2. Betty Liew Reply

    I have not shop with Ezbuy yet and my friends also recommend it to me. I have viewed through the website and I find most of the price is cheaper. will shop with EzBuy soon.

  3. Sunshine Kelly Reply

    Yes I have heard of this site and they have so many products at a very good price thou. Tempted to buy some of them especially those on special price.

    • shubhadabhide Reply

      surprising!! This is one of the popular sites for online shopping. Do try this link to get started: bit.ly/rainbowshub65

  4. The Graceful Mist Reply

    I think this is the first time I`ve known about Ezbuy. I recently tried getting a dress online and liked it so far. Online shopping really makes things a bit more convenient for some people.

  5. R U S S Reply

    I am a late bloomer myself when it comes to online shopping. I m glad though to have discovered it because it’s so convenient! For this platform, I like how they have more shipping & delivery options. I think this adds to their appeal.

  6. Elizabeth O. Reply

    Once you start online shopping, you can’t stop! It’s really convenient and it’s easier to just buy stuff online than drag yourself to the mall! Good to know that you’ve had an awesome experience!

  7. Shivani Reply

    I have bought from this platform before and the delivery is pretty quick and reliable too. Its lovely to hear that more and more online portals are coming up for shopping – it is certainly making things more easier too.

  8. Fred Reply

    I am not really used to buying from online stores yet. I still like handling the merchandise before I decide to buy.

  9. hannah gee Reply

    Congratulations on dipping into the online world, it really is a dream when there are no hiccups of course. I haven’t heard of this website it the UK, but there seems to be a lot of choice. I hope you enjoyed everything.

  10. Qian Reply

    haven’t tried this platform before. but I believe it’s good, as one of my friends whom never shop online will go on this market place to shop! lol

  11. Puisan Reply

    Never use this platform to purchase things before! It looks convenient and trustworthy! Shouldtry it out one day 😀

  12. Rika Reply

    I haven’t heard of this site, loving the current shopping sites I have. But there’s nothing wrong in looking for other sites for cheaper deals.

  13. Emily Reply

    This helps me to purchase from Taobao, which I have stayed off for the longest time simply because I am a banana. LOL Thanks to EZBuy, I do not fear Taobao anymore.

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