In this post, I am going to list down my 5 ways to enjoy  Skyline Luge Sentosa – one of the famous attractions of located in the one of the most happening places of Singapore i.e. Sentosa. Skyline Luge!! Somehow, I always procrastinated visiting this place saying “some other time” even though I do go to Sentosa once in a quarter roughly.

Thank God for the invite that came from Skyline Luge folks, we finally visited this adrenaline rush generator.

I am not an adventure junkie and most of the times chicken out whenever there is something sporty, something exciting to try out. When we were zeroing on the visit and kids were watching the videos to get an idea of what to expect –  Big boy, small boy and girl all look too ready and happy to experience Luge and Skyride. So I acted brave too.


Established in 1966, Skyline is a renowned international tourist attraction. The Skyline Luge is a three-wheeled cart, part go-kart and part toboggan. The Skyline Luge is unique among adventure activities for being a thrilling ride for all ages and abilities.

One of the most thrilling places to visit in Sentosa Island, Skyline Luge offers a fun family friendly adventure activity. Navigate down 628 metres of the Jungle Trail or the 688 metres Dragon Trail as thrillingly fast or cruising slow as you like.

After the Luge, board the Skyride chairlift and take in the fantastic panoramic scenery of the Singapore city skyline and beautiful coastline of Sentosa Island. Truly an experience not to be missed!

♥ Visit Skyline Luge in the evening: ♥

We visited Skyline Luge after around 5 PM. Weather was pleasant and not so hot. It is best to catch the scenic evening of Sentosa. You can visit Skyline Luge even at night. I am sure that would be spectacular!! We went with 2 kids so preferred not to go very late. Last run of Luge is around 9:30 PM every night.


♥ If you are going with kids, watch videos and virtual tours of Skyline Luge before your visit: ♥

It is a good idea to let kids know what to expect when they visit this attraction. This will prepare them well and resolve their endless queries. For adults (read: me) who are a bit apprehensive about rides etc., it is great to check this beforehand. We were well-prepared and all excited for the visit I must say!


♥ Don’t combine too many Sentosa Attractions with Skyline Luge and over-crowd your day: ♥

Sentosa has so much to do and so much to see!!! Don’t jam-pack your day with ALL types of Sentosa attractions to be completed in a day. If you are a tourist, then probably you have no choice and you have to touch n go many places of Sentosa in a day. But if you are living in Singapore, take it slow!!!

Our itinerary was:

  • Drive till Vivocity and Park there. If possible, chope the slot on level 4 so you can straight exit for Sentosa Express ticket counters. No shopping at this point in time!!!
  • Take Sentosa Express and alight at Beach Station.
  • Collect tickets and grab a burger or two or some such eatables. Fill up tummies. Remember: Hungry peeps means angry peeps. Don’t overfeed yourselves though. No lethargy please! This time we skipped McDonalds and ate at Marrybrown. Some nice veggie burgers and awesomely tasty Jalepano Cheese Poppers kept us drooling…
  • Feel the adrenaline rush @ Skyline Luge Sentosa. Spend elaborate time enjoying here.
  • After the Skyline Luge, take a stroll on the beautiful Siloso beach, indulge in some sand play or take a Segway ride.
  • Don’t forget to relish Coconut Ice-cream. This really really completes the pleasure of having enjoyed the fun ride of Skyline Luge Sentosa. Must-try!!!
  • Come back home, shower with warm water and relax.

Don’t Carry too much stuff with you:

Sentosa Luge Skyline is hugely popular attraction and be prepared for crowds and waiting in the queue. It is wise not to carry too many things with you.We were carrying my bag, camera bag, kids small bags, water bottles and in short, we were carrying entire world with us…Phew!!! Hubby and me had to carry all this on our backs when we did Luge as well as Skyride.

This can get very messy and hinder the joy of moving freely and lap up the fun @ Skyline Luge. So please carry only what you truly need – a pack of wet wipes, one water bottle and one small bag of kids stuff is actually enough.

Wear comfortable clothes – shorts and tees is the best outfit.

Yes, there is express queue available. Do inquire about it at Ticket Counters. Waiting time gets drastically reduced and you don’t have to wait for long time to get started with the fun @ Skyline Luge.


Once is Never Enough!!!:

Do not think that only One ride of Luge and Skyride is sufficient. Really, truly NOT! You must repeat the rides at least 2-3 times for wholesome experience of Luge Skyline.

Lets take my example, When I sat inside the Skychair for the first time, I was like sooo scared. Hanging mid-air and watching down was giving me jitters. I was thinking about all bad things happening to me in that scenario. I simply couldn’t enjoy green treetops, beautiful road below, shining seas in the first ride of Skyline. My hubby and kids were wickedly laughing at me and merrily enjoying their ride. All I did was holding the rails as tightly as possible and sit still. See my photo and my nervous posture!


Same for Luge! When I did the first ride, I was not confident at all. Example – What happens if I couldn’t control the speed, what if I slide down and down and bang somewhere…Nonsense thoughts kept bothering me. Lol.


Things turned fantastically awesome second time!!!

Skyline is such an amazing experience, I realized in second ride. Thrill, Beauty, Fun – all combined together – I spotted some colorful birds and happening Siloso beach. The curvy street below was looking very classy from top. In fact, I managed to capture some videos and pics as well.


Luge too…This time, I was like zoom zoom zoom…Confidently controlling the speed, applying break when needed and won the mock race with my Hubby and kids. Ha Ha.


So are you tempted to visit Skyline Luge Sentosa after reading my 5 reasons? Do visit, you’ll love it!


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