When was the last time you saw many kids playing in perfect harmony and enjoying themselves thoroughly?

When was the last time you became kids with kids and played their games with their rules?

For us, when we attended the media launch and preview event of The City at their brand new Katong branch, we witnessed all the above fun and more.

The City is the perfect place for pre-schoolers and primary kids to be! Specifically speaking for two-eight years old. But I found my 10-year old girl enjoying equally with my 4-year old boy.

The City brings Singapore exciting, first-of-its-kind playtime experiences for children – both fun and educational at the same time! Designed for two to eight year-olds, The City is an interactive learning playground that recognizes the importance of high-quality role play. Meaningful stimulus is provided for fostering children’s emerging senses and skills in their early formative years.

Within The City, young children can try out different adult roles and professions in a fun, safe environment. Creativity and imagination are promoted to positively enhance growth and development. Children can transform themselves into Cooks, Cashiers, Doctors, Nurses or Policemen, dressed in the respective uniforms and outfits. They can drive on mini streets, navigate traffic signs and lights, and explore small-scale real-life locations; such as the supermarket, café, beauty salon, medical clinic and much more! We create locations for realistic situations where children learn and have fun.

When we entered The City @ Katong which is located in the culturally rich heartland of Singapore, it was all ready with balloons and flowers waiting for the little guests.

Like I mentioned earlier, the whole concept of The City is based on Role-Play for kids, there are many Interactive Learning Stations that kids can try.


This is one of the most popular Learning Station I would say. Many kids were glued to the Supermarket for a long time. It provides clean empty packages of grocery items to create a one-of-its-kind play environment. My kids were taking turns to become Customers as well as Cashier. They seemed to have taken the job very seriously! Tapping items, doing billing was all going on with complete focus.

Health clinic

Doctor-Doctor is another fav role kids love to play. Children who want to play doctor will enjoy medical clinic facility of The City.


Oh!!! This was another super-duper hit with kids – boys and girls…I could see that my boy just might choose Chef as a career!!! The City café looks just like the real thing – scaled to fit child-size measurements.

Nope, nope, these delicacies are not real…But they look so real…Yummy!!!

Nothing more delicious than this kabaab cooked by kids for Dad!! ♥♥♥


A perfect place for children who want to role-play as parents.

Post office

Getting excited about logistics and getting mail? Then you should try out Post Office.

The heroes

The heroes area let children explore their fantasies and work through self-expectations.

I found boys (small and big boys AKA Dads) were having gala time at this learning station. Want to see what they were up to? Check this video…


Our Classroom is ready for your little learner!

Beauty salon

Get ready to be the designer and explore the salon in a new way.


So here, kids can dress up as their fav character…This was the most fun factor @ The City. You can’t help but smile when all the superheros and princesses start playing together…Dream World!!

Fire station

Road and traffic police

Just as in real life, The City has a road with police and traffic signs.

Fun Moments at The City @ Katong Media Launch and Preview…

Bunch of Happy Parents and Kiddos

How exciting it is to have Batman as your Cashier??

Awesome Twosome!!

People behind The City at the launch…Enthusiastic and with a true liking for kids…

Yummy Food served at the launch…Creative Cup Cakes with The City Characters…

Family Time, Bonding Time @ The City

More Info:

The City Flagship
177 River Valley road
#03-04A Liang Court
Singapore 179030
The City @ Katong
112 East Coast road
#03-31 i12 Katong
Singapore 428802
Connect with The City On Facebook
For Entry Fees, Membership, Click Here
Birthday Party Packages are available too.

Do Visit The City for pure, innocent fun with your kids. You never know you would actually realize what your kids truly want to become in life – Doctor, Teacher, Chef, Police or Superhero!!!

RainbowDiaries Giveaway:

We are giving away 2 FREE admission tickets to The City. That means 2 lucky kids can go and have a ball at The City, Liang Court OR The City, Katong!!


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  2. David Sim Reply

    Wow! Seems like a well-designed and well thought of place! Love the fact that while there’s structure there are space for some free-play as well – something everyone needs from time to time! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Vivien Soon Reply

    We have been to the City at Liang Court when my kid was only 2 years old. He enjoyed it then too! This outlet looks largely similar but with more rooms, more costumes and more vehicles too!
    Vivien ( Beautiful Chaos )

  4. Teresa Tang Yoke Lan Reply

    Liked and shared , I have done all steps

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    My kids ages are 7 and 6 years old

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  10. Karen Low Reply

    My children are 7 and 2 years old!
    IG: @belandbray
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  11. Sandra Wee (FB: Sandra Sandora) Reply

    My 2 kiddos age 6 snd 9 this year.
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  12. Sophia Reply

    My 2 kids age 5 and 2.5yrs old . They would live the role palying
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    IG. LilDove

  13. Aarti Reply

    My kids are 4 years and 8 years old, will be great if i can take them on a play date as their birthdays are near. liked and shared!!

  14. Reamy Garcia Reply

    This is great! Usually parents with toddlers find a hard time finding the most suitable “playground” for their little Ones…Glad to know The City! Hope they build another one for me! Really love to role play also…as an Austronaut, my childhood dream!

  15. Noorsyahidah Jumat Reply

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  16. Marene Reply

    Liked & shared on IG n FB!
    My girl is 4.5yo and she enjoys play pretend, so The City is a perfect place of play for her!

  17. Serene Chen Reply

    My kids 4yo & 6yo will be happy to go The City since they can go there for role play.

    Liked and shared.
    Fb: Serene Chen-Lim
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  18. Tan huixiu Reply

    My kids are aged 4 and 2yr old. They will have a great time at The City.
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  19. Tan Bee Chin Joyce Reply

    My 2 kids age: 2 and 4yrs old which will be just great for them to engage and enjoy The City for their role play.
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