I love to cook…I love to make and feed home-cooked food to my loved ones. Pressure Cooker is one of the appliances that I have seen my grandma using, my mom using and now am also using!!! Still remember those childhood times when I used to imitate the shrill sound of the pressure cooker’s whistles 🙂 🙂

So yes, Cooker is my favorite and most important mate in the kitchen. Actually, when I got married, my mom gifted me a cooker and then she kept on sending me new ones when the old ones got spoilt. Trouble is: The pressure cookers that she sends don’t come with the warranty. Sometimes, their whistles get spoilt and sometimes the ring gets torn. The whistle sound is too irritating as well! When kids and hubby are sleeping, I really hate to disturb their dreamy sleep.

So this was the scenario in my home a few days back. Broken rings, nonworking or irregular whistles and spoilt lids ?

Then came the savior – WMF Perfect Pro Set 4.5 + 3.0!

I tried this hi-tech pressure cooker and now simply loving it! There are many reasons why you will love it too…

  • It is made in Germany. I completely trust German products for their superior most quality. Need to say anything more? WMF Perfect Pro looks handsome with its black handles and Cromargan®: 18/10 stainless steel material. My set has 2 pans 4.5L Big Pan and 3.0L Small pan.

  • It makes cooking super easy. Very simple to operate! WMF Perfect Pro comes with a twist-able all-in-one control knob that can do everything – open/shut, preselection of cooking level, steam release.

This is how you use the twist-able knob and open the cooker.

  • It is a big energy-saver. Go green! It saves loads of energy…Expect around 50% reduction there. Ladies (and Gents), can you believe that it cooks so fast as well? I couldn’t believe when my son’s porridge got cooked in 2-3 mins.
  • No irritating sound of whistle. Peace! Even when Perfect Pro releases steam, it is a low voice.

  • Suitable for all types of stove and gas tops including Induction.

  • Multi-purpose – steaming, cooking, searing, browning and so on…There are multiple settings and you can choose which one you want. Without lid, only the pan can also be used for browning food.

  • Stainless Steel pans for easy cleaning. Very easy to clean the cooker. To clean, simply unclip the handle and run it under the tap. It is scratch-resistant as well.
  • It comes with a solid 3-years guarantee.

Some of the things I cooked with WMF Perfect Pro

Simple Rice and Lentils porridge

Vegetable Pilaf

Apple-Tomato-Parsley Soup

Steamed Corn Salad

WMF Perfect Pro comes with complete user manual and cooking time table.

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So hurry hurry, make WMF Perfect Pro the King of your kitchen too…