Mom n Me Fashionista – fun event for moms and kids co-organized by RainbowDiaries

SAJ_0132 What was the event all about?

❤ “M n M Fashionista” – Mom n Me!! ❤
Rock on moms! Time to show off ur talents! “Pamper Me Crazy ” event!

All about being a Mom 🙂 A big call to all Singapore Moms to rock on the stage with ur loved ones !!

Show ur talents with your kids or hubby or entire family for two minutes, walk the ramp, enjoy shopping , play games, dance the floor, lucky draw, relish delicious lunch and more!

When : July 30, 2016 11.30 am
Where: Grand empire, Singapore
Who : All moms, dads and kids! A family as a whole!

Our feelings Post-Event:

Wow!!! What I saw today was simply jaw-dropping…Moms and Kids are ALWAYS amazing…So of course, this event was destined to be Super hit!!! Event venue was jam packed with participants and audience, all happily talking to each other, making new friends, taking tons of photos and videos ? Now the big list of Thank You who made Mom n Me Fashionista truly completely superlatively special ?

Thanks to all wonderful moms and kiddos. Do you know how nicely you performed?!

Thanks to the audience who was glued to the seats and cheered for our participants. Do you know how heartening it was to see you all?!

Thanks to all our Judges who really had to do lot of hard work to choose the best among the best. Do you know most of your choices were audience choices too?!

Thanks to all our sponsors for showering us with so many prizes. Do you know how happy our performers felt when they received the prizes?!

Thanks to Hotel Grand Empire. We must have made you go crazy ?. Do you know that you have one more Super happy customer now?!

Thanks to our awesome Photographers Indie Strings who gave us valuable tips. Do you know next time also we would love to work with you?!

Thanks to our enthusiastic DJ. Kudos to you to handle so many music tracks and help so many of us. Do you know we are going to call you next time also?!

Thanks to my co-organizers. We almost turned zombies last few weeks with all the prep going on. Do you know that we need to sleep for 14 hours?! ?

Keep in touch friends. Join our groups, like our pages and follow our blogs. We will meet again ????? oh yeah, upload your photos /videos, tag us and wait for a while till we compile all our photos and videos.


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Thanks to our beautiful readers, members and followers. You inspire us!! ♥♥♥


Wow!! We also got featured in Pravasi Express – bi-lingual newspaper in Singapore.

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46 comments on “Mom n Me Fashionista – fun event for moms and kids co-organized by RainbowDiaries”

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  3. Jamie Chaw Reply

    This is a great event where mommy n kids get to practise n work together (bonding moment) to showcase their talents! Great opportunity for kids to learn to get over stage fright which is so crucial in life… kudos to everyone who made this event possible…Is there a daddy n me event next?

    Jamie Chaw

  4. Aliza Sara Reply

    Its so nice to see fashionable moms all lined in a row. Everyone looks amazing.

  5. Bukola Reply

    This looks like such a great event, I love events like this because it creates more bonding Tim between mother and their children.

  6. Fred Reply

    Mos love dressing up with their daughters. Great idea for an event to get these moms and daughters together and dress up together.

  7. Sin Nee Reply

    Looks like you guys had so much fun there! Is great to have such event like this for the family to take part together =)

  8. Summer Reply

    As long as your happy… we need to have activities to unwind us. Socializing is good for us. I love to see all of participants having fun.

  9. Phoebe Reply

    Wow.. the boy in first video dance pretty well! Such a wonderful event. I am sure my kids wont be keen to go on stage to perform!

  10. Claire Algarme Reply

    It’s nice to see moms let their hair down and have fun. I know how deserving you all are to have a great enjoyable time like this. Congratulations for the successful event.

  11. Betty Liew Reply

    You look gorgeous in Sari. Yes, mom also should show their talent to the world and your kid will proud of you.

  12. Emily Reply

    What a wonderful event this was for moms and their kids. Thanks for sharing all these videos. I had a fun time watching them too.

  13. Tiffany Yong Reply

    This somehow feels like a confidence booster for mums and it helps mums destress and find back their youthful days by doing that. Meaningful event!

  14. Elizabeth O. Reply

    Congratulations on having a successful event! I think it’s awesome that a lot of moms came together to make this event possible. You all deserve a big round of applause!

  15. Zwitsy Reply

    This is what should every mom needs to try! At least once in a while. You know, we are too much focusing on doing home errands and so as the family and this is definitely a rewarding activity for each mom!

  16. roch Reply

    Your outfits look beautiful and colorful! This is a great event for kids and moms to bond and for moms to meet and greet with other moms. Kudos to the organizers who have helped to make it possible.

  17. Saminu Abass Reply

    Wow. This is wonderful. Display your talent event is a great initiative which can bring something great from these kids. Thanks for sharing

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