As a Mum and a woman, I always prefer as simple and fuss free, as natural skin care products as possible. I see to it that they are safe even for sensitive skin and even if my pre-teen daughter decides to try them out, they should cause any side-effects to her skin.

I also get dry skin sometimes and hence no harsh chemicals and ingredients for me in skin care routine. So while on the lookout for some such products, I discovered Botani.

Botani Story:

Botani was developed by an Australian naturopath with a passion for simple, natural products that beautify, treat and nourish your skin. Inspired by the fusion of naturopathic principles and botanical skin science, Botani products contain premium active botanicals and organic ingredients, wherever possible, to optimize skin health and radiance.

More about the products I tried out:

Botani PhytoBody Wash

It is a body wash that is gentle enough for all skin types whether you have dry, sensitive, eczema prone skin and so on. Botani says that even people with Psoriasis can safely use it. In my case, I have been using it for quite some days and no issues so far at all.

  • It is a naturopathic product and hence there is no too much of heavy fragrance which might be a con for some but for me, safe to skin is more important.
  • I found that after bathing with Botani PhytoBody wash, the skin feels very soft and smooth.
  • It doesn’t create too much lather. Also, not too much quantity is needed each time.
  • It retails at $29 which is slightly higher but for sensitive skin, I would definitely recommend it.
  • What’s more, I used it once as a shampoo for my daughter’s hair.
  • It is pH balanced and Sulphate free.
  • Contains anti-bacterial purifiers like Lemon Myrtle and Orange Peel Oil and Chamomile and Calendula sooth skin irritations.
  • It has Moringa Protein and Olive Squalene provide healing, nourishment and long lasting hydration
  • Even if it contains Olive Squalene, the body wash doesn’t have that peculiar smell of olive oil. By the way, Olive Squalene is nature’s only biocompatible ingredient which matches the Squalene in human skin. It forms the major ingredient of many of the Botani products.

Botani Olive Soothing Cleanser and Eye Make-Up Remover

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Gentle and caring, made by expert naturopath, Botani is the fusion of naturopathic principles and botanical skin science. Botani products contain premium active botanicals and organic ingredients, wherever possible, to optimize skin health and radiance. OLIVE SOOTHING CLEANSER is Sulphate free, cream-based cleanser with moisturizing and anti-irritant actives. Its fragrance is simply wow! Right from Australia brought in Singapore for us by Love Organic 😍 Visit to own this beauty. #botani #australia #madeinaustralia #olive #olivesqualene #loveorganic @loveorganicsg #naturopathy #botanical #natural #safe #beautyblogger #lifestyleblogger #rainbowdiaries #sgbeautyblogger #sgblogger #instabeauty #instasg #instaolive #igers #webstagram

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This is another product from Botani that I tried and pretty happy with it so far.

Botani Olive Soothing Cleanser and Eye Makeup Remover is a gentle cream-based, Sulphate free and pH balanced cleanser formulated for optimal skin health. Retailing at $46, I find it a bit over-priced but I think for people with specific skin conditions like sensitive, dry, eczema, devitalised, premature ageing, sun damaged and babies skin, this is a great option.

  • Since it is cream-based, I found that the skin doesn’t get dry at all after use. I also used to remove my light makeup consisting of foundation, blush and eye shadow and it removed it well. Though it is not for waterproof makeup.
  • Skin above my eyes tend to get drier and itchy so this is an ideal option for me to remove eye makeup.
  • It has a mild and nice fragrance which is likeable too.
  • This cleanser leaves skin feeling nourished, refreshed and silky without disrupting the acid mantle of the skin
  • Please note that this product comes in a glass bottle so be careful to use it. Also, ensure that it is out of reach for kids. Botani uses glass bottles as the material is healthier than plastic.

Botani Olive Skin Serum

This Botani product is the most favorite for me among all three products that I tried. Enriched with “active” plant Olive Squalene, Olive Skin Serum replicates Squalene produced in human skin. It is a multi-purpose serum which has hydrating, scar healing, skin anti-oxidant, anti-irritant properties.

  • It claims to give Immediate hydration boost, 50% increase within 24 hours. I found this claim valid actually. My generally dry skin looked well-moisturized after its use.
  • It illuminates skin radiance and evens skin tone and reduces appearance of scars and age spots
  • If you have irritation and redness of skin, Olive Serum is a good calmer.
  • I also applied it and then put on my foundation so can be used as a primer under makeup.
  • The product comes in glass bottle so be safe while using it.
  • You have to moist your face and apply 2-3 drops of the serum on wet skin. Use index fingers to press the serum in the skin. Yes, you can apply near eye area as well.
  • It retails at $52 but just some drops are enough so should be long-lasting.

All in all, Botani is a brand that is definitely worth-trying. Botani is brought in Singapore by Love Organic Singapore – a venture that believes that beauty is indeed more than skin deep. Love Organic is founded on the principles of Integrity, Respect and Empowerment.

You can buy Botani products online on Love Organic Website. Free Shipping is available for local buyers. There are different Botani products available for different skin types, for mums and for babies.

Find more information about Botani on their website.


Note: I contributed this article for theAsianparent. Original article appeared here first. Botani sent us the products for review purposes. No monetary compensation or benefit is involved. Would you like to collaborate with RainbowDiaries? Drop a line on OR click here.

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31 comments on “Botani – Simple, Fuss-Free, Naturopathic Skin Care”

  1. Absolute Yana Reply

    Ever since I tried out organic products, I am honestly falling in love with…these would probably go into my wishlist too…thanks dear for the review!

  2. Berlin Reply

    Same as you, i also prefer those organic products for my skin and most especially for my kids. I love those ingredients that are safe and pure so as not to irritate my kids’ skin.

  3. Arisa Reply

    So many organic skincare in the market these days makes me doubt their authenticity. It could be a marketing gimmick by multimillionaire companies to boost sales.

  4. Fadzi Razak Reply

    When they say botani, it supposed to be all non-chemical ingredients right? I love product which only integrate natural ingredient. it just feel safer to put them on me

  5. Betty Liew Reply

    I have seen this products before but have not try on it. I loves organic products that did not content chemical.

  6. Emily Reply

    Thanks for sharing your experience using Botani. I am always searching for skincare products and this one looks promising.

  7. Aliza Sara Reply

    Looks organic. its nice to see that there are more options for those with sensitive skin.

  8. Sharon Lee Reply

    There are so many organic products launch nowadays! Its good news for people who have sensitive skin, the serum looks really good and moisture!

  9. qian Reply

    indeed more than skin deep. products that contain high level of chemical tend to bring more harm than good, and it’s wise to choose skin loving product 😉

  10. Leke Awonuga Reply

    Natural products are here to stay. Easily acceptable by majority of people compared to chemical processed tablets which sometimes have adverse effects in the human body.

  11. Elizabeth O. Reply

    I really like that body wash! I’m sure it works great on dry skin. These are the kind of products that you’d like to have during the summer.

  12. Zwitsy Reply

    I always appreciate skin care products for the help they offer to everyone who needs it most. And this Botani one, it surely one of the brands to look forward.

  13. Tiffany Yong Reply

    This product will be good for people with sensitive skin. It’s always important to test the product before buying them to ensure that it’s suitable for the user 🙂

  14. shin may Reply

    First time heard about this brand. Always like to know more about organic product ! The Botani Olive Soothing Cleanser and Eye Make-Up Remover have multiple usage which suitable for lazy people like me .

  15. Jane Reply

    Botani PhytoBody Wash looks good for my son. He had skin allergy and the body wash should suit him well.

  16. Angel Reply

    I can feel the texture by looking at the photo… nice catch. Will try this if got any opportunity. Thank you for sharing!

  17. Cheryn Tan Reply

    So amazing, organic skin care is getting really popular now, but this is the first time I saw organic makeup remover! I wonder how to compares to chemical ones with waterproof make up removal.

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