With Love from Korea…Korean Cosmetics right here in Singapore by 1030am

Is this post title confusing? Actually, not. You really can get much-loved Korean cosmetics right in Singapore by 1030am – means by shopping online on 1030am.com!!! I so wanted to try out authentic Korean beauty products for a long time. But was not very sure from where to shop for the best Korean products at the best prices…Recently got this opportunity thanks to 1030AM.

What is 1030AM and Why should you try this website for online shopping?

  • 1030am is an online shopping marketplace or online retailer.

  • 1030am team does their best to bring to you a hassle-free, unique and exciting shopping experience at the comfort of your homes.

  • 1030am only provides special offers and great discounts on selected high-end products for both local and international brands.

  • 1030am carries a broad range of products at prices that is set to captivate you. The product range includes fashion & lifestyle, cosmetics, home & living, electronics and many more!

  • One of the highlights of your shopping experience here at 1030am would be New Sales Events, where they offer carefully select branded products at prices beyond your imagination! Limited quantities though, so fastest fingers first!!

Why is the name – 1030am?

Folks at 1030am believe that 1030am is the perfect time for online shopping! At such a convenient timing where you are done with overdue emails and tasks from yesterday, 1030am invites you to join us in this exhilarating experience of grabbing the best bargains while you unwind with a good cup of coffee. So wait no more, and indulge yourself with some exciting deals available everyday only at 1030am!

My Korean Steals from 1030am.com

Some of my friends who are Korean Cosmetics lovers always keep mentioning about some popular brands like Hera, Whoo and Skin Food. So I decided to check out these brands on 1030am.com. Voila, they were available!!!


Image captured from 1030am website

The online shopping experience was smooth. 1030am has an app for iOS and Android so it is very convenient to shop on the go too. They also give promo codes for app downloads, newsletter subscription and so on. So the whole shopping gets very attractive.
I purchased 3 Korean Beauty Treats –

  • Hera UV Mist Cushion
  • Skin Food Egg White Pore Foam
  • The History of Whoo Hwa Hyun Special Gift Set


It is fortified with SPF50+ PA+++ for added sun protection to prevent premature skin-aging. Hyaluronic acid and gluromannan acids deeply hydrate skin from the inside while moisture-trap technology delivers and keeps moisture inside skin cells. Camellia oil gives skin that enviable soft texture and glow. It is a multi function sunblock foundation that works as a mist, foundation and sunblock to brighten and cool down the skin for skin that’s dewy and glowing.

  • Multi-sunblock foundation to express moist, lustous skin with Mist + Foundation + Sunblock + Whitening + Cooling effects
  • Instant moisturizing + cooling effects with clay-mineral water. Expressing moist and bright skin with a thin, clear layer just like an artist’s touch.
  • Blocking UV rays as well as preventing damage from oxidation and heat by the UV Shield Complex.
  •  Long lasting, high-coverage Mist Cushion with a refreshing finish that lasts 12 hours in a humid atmosphere
  • Compact, handy to carry. I can use it at home and also in office for touch-up.




The pore-refining cleanser with egg white extract can effectively deep cleanse your pores with white foam. In addition, the product enriched with albumin has an effect on promoting firmer skin and smaller pores. More importantly, it is beneficial to refine skin texture to help you get smoother, softer and even-toned skin.

How to use:

– Dispense an ample amount onto wet palms and lather

– Rub face thoroughly with gently motions

– Wash off with lukewarm water

– Splash on cold water for astringent effects.

– Do not use the product around your eyes and lips area

– Avoid using it on wounds or the inflammatory skin

– Avoid exposing it to extremely high or low temperature and direct sunlight.

Actually I accidentally used it near lips and eyes area as well. But didn’t notice any side effects…I loved the cleansed face after the use – fresher n firmer!! Also, its fragrance is a big thumbs up.

The History of WHOO HWA HYUN Special Gift Set

This special gift set really makes an ideal gift for any lady!! I am thinking of gifting it already in my next event. It looks very rich and classy. The packaging is royal and fragrance is captivating…

What’s in it?




The History of Whoo is a national luxury skincare brand of Korea that brings us the essence of Korean traditions since 2003. It combines traditional remedies combined with modern technology to give the best of the skincare.

Chungidan Hwahyun Essence promotes anti-aging by lightening entire skin from the deep. Originally used by Queen Jahee, this Hwahyun Essence is a boon for the skin.

Overall, I would rate 1030am.com a great website. As a customer, I would love to get great deals, best products at the best possible prices, prompt delivery and after-support. 1030am.com fulfilled all these requirements very nicely!! One more good news, if you want to personally visit, browse and buy Korean cosmetics…1030am has a store in Bugis. Korean Store, Selling Korean Cosmetics in Bugis – Wow!

Here is the address: 1 Bugis Street , MSV 6A/7A Level 1 Singapore 188865
So friends you try the Korean Cosmetics Magic and share your experience too. Enjoy 🙂


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33 comments on “With Love from Korea…Korean Cosmetics right here in Singapore by 1030am”

  1. IKA SANI Reply

    Nice! currently lot f website offer selling Korean beauty direct form Korea!. Did 10.30am open for Malaysia resident?

  2. nicol Reply

    i need to stock up on korean cosmetics when I’m next in asia. theres so many i want to try

  3. Betty Liew Reply

    The name of the online website is unique. Do 1030am ship to Malaysi. Would like to try on their service.

  4. leona Reply

    that’s great to be able to buy them online, i shop most of my kbeauty products online too as the pricing is so much cheaper

  5. Sharon Lee Reply

    I never get bored of Korean cosmetics! There are more and more website for us to shop online for Korean cosmetic. I always wanted to try the Hera Uv bb cushion!!

  6. Miera Nadhirah Reply

    that is definitely a very interesting shop and I would be a huge fan since I am a huge fan of Japanese and Korean cosmetics and food…thanks for bringing it to my attention

  7. Tiffany Yong Reply

    I’m not very familiar korean products, and I believe this will be very useful to those who loves korean beauty products and couldn’t get them locally!

  8. Shawnyce Cano Reply

    I wonder if these products are available here. I usually don’t use these types of things though, just regular lotions and makeup. Nice review though.

  9. Zwitsy Reply

    I find the shop interesting. Well, what I thought at first its name is where customers can avail discounted price for branded cosmetic products if they shop at 1030AM around 10:30 in the morning. lol But thanks for clarifying as to where they come up their shop’s name. Also, it’s good to hear that they offer local and international brands and discounts as well. I may consider purchasing it one day if our tax system gets changed, hopefully.

  10. Rebecca Reply

    The skincare products look awesome! And the containers.. just wow! Very oriental looking, I love it! Gotta check the website out and do some shopping when I am back in SG!

  11. Fernando C Lachica Reply

    Such a unique name for online shopping! Really, it gets attention at once and it catches readers to explore this site, like me. Koren cosmetics are great in the market.

  12. Amanda Love Reply

    More and more websites are available for online shopping and it makes our lives more convenient. Although there are websites that are pretty flawed. I’m glad this isn’t one of them! Thanks for the awesome info about this site!

  13. Dawn Reply

    Such an interesting concept behind 1030AM! And wow I love the History of WHOO’s packaging! 1030AM sure seems like a convenient place to shop for Korean skincare products. No more begging friends to lug these heavy bottles back from Korea!

  14. Elizabeth O. Reply

    Koreans really know their beauty products and they know how to take care of their skin well. I’ve been hearing so much from beauty bloggers about Korean products and you can’t deny that they have good ones! I’m sure this will be amazing! This sounds like a great store to shop in especially for your beauty essentials!

  15. roch Reply

    Wow! This is a great online shop that sells Korean products. Does it offer same-day delivery? Customers would want that for convenience.

  16. Saminu Abass Reply

    This is just a great content. I really appreciate you foe this creative article. Application of cream for skin is very important.

  17. Fred Reply

    I am really amazed at the names of these new products. Mist Foam! Pore Foam! Really makes you want to try them out. That History thing at the end — so Fancy!

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