Remember my first post of my experience @ Only – Singapore’s largest Medical Aesthetics? I had written about how apprehensive I was to try out laser for skin and how it turned out to be a great experience after actually trying out first session.

Give your skin a brand new look…Customized Luminosity Laser Skin Treatment@ Only

After my first session of Customized Luminosity Laser Skin Treatment @ Only, I actually felt quite positive difference to the skin and skin was better, cleaner that the usual facial.

I took a gap of around a week after the very first session and went again for next session and a week after that one more session followed. After this session, there was a break of 2-3 weeks which I had to take due to June holidays activities lined up for kids…One more session I underwent recently…

So overall around 4 sessions experience and I can safely say that Customized Luminosity Laser Skin Treatment @ Only really suits me and I have experienced NO side effects at all.

Generally what happens in every session?

I must say that at Only @ Wheelock Place is really a busy place and you need to be punctual for your appointments. The staff is very prompt and send reminder 2 days prior to your appointment as well. If at all you miss the appointment which I did sometimes due to busy office day, the staff is very helpful to rebook it for you. But generally, the clinic is very busy so be there for your appointments stringently.

Step 1:

Consultant comes and allots a room for you. She cleanses the face and you wait for a brief period before Doc arrives. So far 2 Docs did Laser for me and both were very good. They ensure that you feel at ease, answer your queries elaborately and in fact, give you a lot of tips and tricks about the treatment. Thumbs Up!!!

Doc told me that there are 3 types of Lasers combined into Customized Luminosity Laser Skin Treatment @ Only:

  1. Laser that cleanses the surface of the skin, removed dirt and bacteria and works to give you even skin tone.
  2. Laser that works on pigmentation – more like spot-therapy to lighten the spots
  3. Laser that works to reduce the appearance of pores. More tightened skin!

First 2 lasers can be a bit poky since they work on specific areas and spots on the skin. Third one is the most “friendly” laser. It is like a puff of air moving across your skin and caressing you.

I didn’t find any pain at all in any of the sessions! In fact, with every session, Doc increases the frequency of the laser to maximize the results but my skin tolerated it very well. No redness as well.

Step 2:

This is where customization comes in. In my first session, Omega Light Laser Skin Rejuvenation was done…

In the next session, they did kind-of-IPL (forgot the exact name) to top up the results of Doc’s Laser in Step 1 and applied cooling mask. This mask is really soothing and relaxing. I was happily napping for 15-20 mins.

LOL! the photo looks a bit funny but it feels wonderful.

In one of the sessions, the consultant put collagen mask which infused collagen into the skin and the skin looked and felt well-moisturized after that. So Consultants will intuitively change Step 2 masks and treatments to give you the best result of Customized Luminosity Laser Skin Treatment.

Post Session Care:

There is nothing much special you have to do but following pointers are easy-to-follow and will give you the best results.

  1. Actually you can resume all your tasks without any issues at all
  2. Sun block before you leave the home everyday is highly recommended
  3. Don’t go and do sun tanning and all immediately
  4. Apply Post-Laser 3D Brightening Mask after the session

Quick summary of my experience of Customized Luminosity Laser Skin Treatment @ Only:

After 1st Session of the treatment

So far, this is what I see and feel…verified by hubby also…:

  • Skin texture is improved especially the roughness of cheeks is reduced – upper part of the cheeks is smoother and pores are reduced. I am looking forward to the second session to see whether the lower part of the cheeks also show the similar positive difference.
  • Dry skin is getting better. Skin looks less dehydrated.
  • Overall softness of the skin can be experienced.

After 4 Sessions of the treatment

  • Skin texture remains improved. Overall skin has become softer.
  • Skin continues to look less-dehydrated. Sometimes even without moisturizer, I rush out home but I don’t get that dry-like-a-desert feeling on the face.
  • Pores on the cheeks appear less visible now.
  • One more benefit that I suddenly discovered is lesser fine hair on the face especially upper lips and chin etc. This is indeed a big and surprise plus.
  • I didn’t have much pigmentation like black spots on the face. Only one block spot on the cheek bone which now looks lightened.
  • I can say that Customized Luminosity Laser Skin Treatment has replaced my usual Facial treatments now and it feels so good!!!

My recommendation: Do try!! Give your skin a new high with technology-meets-beauty treatments by Only.