These summer months means hot hot weather in Singapore. Burning Sun + Sweat and on top of that kids have holidays in June!!!

June holidays is a buzzing season for various kids activities too…This June they attended People Impact’s IQ EQ session, they went to watch Shrek and Barney. Girl took a ride in a choo-choo train @ Quayside Isle. They also played like anything in Aviva Superfundae and went for a short trip overseas also! Overall, happy holiday time…

Towards the end of holidays, they said that we did everything this June but somehow forgot to eat Ice Cream!!! Oh yes, how come? 🙁 As a mom, I will try to fulfill all their wishes so I told them one fine evening that Let’s Go and have Gelato ♥ ♥ ♥ 

But but…They said that they wanted Ice Cream and why I am taking them to have Gelato?? Same right or different? Actually quite different. Gelato contains lesser fat than Ice Cream and it is made from fresh milk and fruits…Healthier option is Gelato ♥ ♥ ♥  So there we went to Alfero Artisan Gelato to chill off this summer.


Alfero Artisan Gelato has 2 branches and we decided to visit the MacPherson Lane outlet. It has open space right in front of it and there are 2 playgrounds so kids enjoyed double – Play, Get Sweaty + then relish cool Gelato!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Here is the outlet @ MacPherson Lane…In the midst of busy residential area and still calm and cozy.


The ambiance of this outlet gives you a comfy and positive vibes instantly and puts you at ease. The place is clean, neat and bright. Lot of information about Alfero Gelato, awards won and so on is sprinkled throughout the outlet.

I loved the hand-written menu on their black board. Very natural it looks!


I noticed that there gelatos are not out and open like some others. Why?? Here is why…It was an eye-opener!


Meet Marco – brain, heart and mind behind Alfero Gelato. His love and passion to bring the best Gelato to Singapore is so visible and no wonder Alfero Gelato has bagged many awards and is a hot favorite of media.









This is Auntie Lily who whips up scoopfuls of Gelato. Droolworthy!!! She gave us awesome flavors of Gelato to taste.


We tasted almost all flavors of Alfero Gelato. Right from Chocolate, Raspberry, Mango to Bacio, Yuzu, Pistachio. Alfero Gelato has come up with flavors like Durian, Green Tea that are local favorites. Which one we loved?? Actually ALL. ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Alfero Gelato has a very creamy texture that tastes differently nice than Ice Cream and is quite filling due to its fresh ingredients like milk, fruits, almonds, pistachios. 

P6231985 (1)


Triple Scoops of Ice Cream…

Kids and me and Alfero Gelato!



Auntie Lily made the most delicious waffles baked and toasted to perfection for us…


Needless to say that we gobbled it down in no time…


and then home-made delicious brownie time…


Happy Kids and Happy Blogger Moms with Marco…



Do visit to taste the best gelato in town – Alfero Gelato ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. 81 Mac Pherson Lane
    Singapore 360081
    Tel: +65 6848 4269
  2. 277 Orchard Road
    #B2-06 Orchardgateway
    Singapore 238858
    Tel: +65 6702 6322





Note: We were invited for Gelato tasting session by Alfero Gelato. No monetary compensation / benefits is involved. All opinions are strictly based on personal experiences. Would you like to collaborate with RainbowDiaries? Drop us a line on / Fill this contact form.




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45 comments on “Oh-so-hot to Oh-so-Cool with Alfero Artisan Gelato”

  1. David Sim Reply

    Thanks for sharing! I came across their delectable Gelato sometime back at an event…Now I know where to get them anytime! Thanks!

  2. Adeline Reply

    wow! I definitely didn’t know the difference between ice cream and gelato. I just sort of assumed they are pretty similar but infact they are so different. Will try to find an opportunity to check this place out.

  3. Michelle Reply

    Yum… The gelato looks divine! On another note, I once read that gelato may contain more sugar than ice cream, so it’s not so healthy after all.

  4. Mummy C Reply

    I can eat gelato anytime, esp with sg’s hot weather..will try it out if am near either of the outlets..thks for sharing!!

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  6. Tiffany Yong Reply

    I’m not a frequent ice-cream person. When I do eat, I usually take Mr Bean’s soya ice-cream. I guess I always put ice-cream as something I want to eat with someone special.

  7. Betty Liew Reply

    I need Gelato too.. The weather is so hot in Malaysia. The gelato at Alfero look so tempting.

  8. Arisa Reply

    Craving for gelato now!! Why is Singapore filled with so many good stuff? And gelato with brownie combo think I just died and went to heaven.

  9. Qian Reply

    didn’t know the health fact about Gelato. such a good news to find that it’s almost fat free, so I can enjoy the icy moment in my mouth without feeling guilty!

  10. roch Reply

    96% fat-free! That’s awesome! 🙂 We’re going to Singapore in September and I think my sister will love this. She likes gelato so much.

  11. Leke Awonuga Reply

    The less fat Gelato flavors attracts me as ice-creams contains abundant sugar contents. Can’t deny I’d love to try its natural flavors with additions to fresh ingredients! the place also doubles as a relaxation fun for kids too while enjoying the beautiful goodies Alfero Gelato!

  12. May Palacpac Reply

    Aha! So that’s the difference. I never really knew the difference. I thought Gelato was just an Italian term for ice cream, hehe.

    • shubhadabhide Reply

      Gelato is different than Ice cream, dear. Read the post again to see the difference.

  13. Geraldine Guo Reply

    Secret gem in macpherson! My favourite gelatin has got to be yuzu. Though I won’t miss out the local favourites like durian and green tea. Awesome pics 🙂

  14. Miera Nadhirah Reply

    These look so good… I want to try it too.. can’t wait for my next trip to Singapore and I will go here to try these gelatos..

  15. Rebecca Reply

    My husband’s and my favourite! Gelato ice cream!!! Will have to go try it when I’m back in Singapore!

  16. Franc Ramon Reply

    Gelato can really take the guilt away compared to ice cream with lower fat content. They also have unique flavors here.

  17. Claire Algarme Reply

    Reading through your post and seeing those photos make me want to have a Gelato right now. It’s now colder in the Philippines because of the rains pouring down these past few days, but I’d still want to have one of those healthy cold desserts.

  18. Fernando C Lachica Reply

    I loved Gelato ice cream too because of fat content but sometimes, I ate more special ice cream with lots of milk. Actually, I tasted this Gelato in Dubai City. Looks you enjoyed this Gelato thing!

  19. Puisan Reply

    I like fat-free healthy gelato!! It is more expensive compared to normal ice-cream><"" must have when the weather out there is so hot!

  20. Juli Reply

    Looks amazing!!! I’d love to try it. I think that it’s a great alternative for children as well. Isn’t the healthiest, but definitely one of the healthier options out there! 🙂

  21. Emily Reply

    I would love to taste all the Alfero Gelato flavours as well. I bet I would love every scoop of them, gelato lover I am!

  22. FiSh SzeHui Reply

    oh yums, i dont mind being fat once in a while just to indulge in this yummy goodness!! 😀 i prefer gelato nevertheless

  23. Elizabeth O. Reply

    Summer is the perfect season to enjoy ice cream, gelato, and other frozen treats! I really like this place, it’s so cozy and it’s perfect for cooling down in the summer heat. Their gelato looks so good, no wonder they have so many awards for it. The one with waffles is perfect as well.

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