My never-ending Weight Loss Journey…

Journey is supposed to be short term or long…Journey is something that should come to an end in finite amount of time. But this one journey is taking ages for me!!!

Just like many women, I too think that am overweight. it is definitely not figment of my imagination because every possible weighing scale that I climb on scream and tell me the same thing 🙁 So yes, that is the sad reality…

When I was in school & university, I had this “model figure” (read: anorexic almost). That time my parents used to get panicky looking at my weight. 40 KGs for a 20 year old! Now that time was also bad because I used to look like a pale stick…Even if I ate loads of butter, cheese, banana and all possible hi-fat stuff, 40 KGs didn’t become 40.125 KGs also then. Huh! I used to pray n dream that one day I would become this cute, plump, chubby cheeked gal…and Somehow this dream of all the other dreams came true…and in multitudes.

Got job after studies, met my love and got married. Bliss, Marital Bliss started showing up and how!! 40 KGs became 47 KGs in 1-2 years time…I was like Thank God, I look cuter now.

Then came the baby…of course, weight must increase…It became 54 KGs…I was damn happy…Good good keep more weight gain coming.

Daughter was born  and in a few months hubby came to SG. I went to my mom’s place for some months before joining him! ! This period was “magical”. I mean 2 months of eating all home food, junk food, restaurant food, sweet food, sour food, spicy food and all things food did don’t-know-what 🙁 🙁 Or I did know? 59 KGs???

When the old dresses almost stared getting torn after I wore them, I woke up. Oh no, 40 KGs to 59 KGs sooo fastttt? Damn, from thin gal, I became over-weight lady already when I came to Singapore.

Ok, every dark cloud has silver lining. That 59 KGs is still 59 KGs…Indeed an achievement isn’t it? One more baby came in, 8-9 years passed but am still 59 KGs!! Yay…


Now somehow, in photos or in person, I don’t look conventionally overweight. I look not that bad. But can’t wear sleeveless because of flabby arms, not very flexible when it comes to running, jumping etc. And that tummy makes me look “ever-pregnant”. Many times I have been offered “priority seat” in the train!!! and my BMI is almost going haywire…

On a serious note, I have no idea how to lose those stubborn 4-5 KGs…I lose that much then I am back to “good shape”. BMI is good then and I can wear all sorts of dresses.

I tried…tried a lot or so do I think…Joined Gym and spent thousands, bought fitness equipment…

Controlled my eating – anyways don’t eat too much but I still controlled…ate less chocolates, ice-creams, ate salads…But tell me how to stop yourself when you have those pizzas, those cheesecakes, those Indian chat items in front of you?? 🙁 🙁

I read famous weight loss books…sometimes, while eating chips 🙁2c02d874fd52bd6529d87aa67bf4e14d

So yes, these 3-4 KGs have become my constant burden that I want to shed. So what’s the obstacle?? I, Me, Myself!!!

Why can’t I –

  1. Brisk walk at least 15 mins every day?
  2. Eat Low-cal food for two whole weeks?
  3. Why can’t I use those exercise gadgets that are getting dusty and rusted in my stores?
  4. Why can’t I move my back and do sweeping or mopping without depending on helper?

Hmmm, problem lies within as they say! Either I accept and be happy with a few extra KGs which is perfectly okay as long as it doesn’t affect health in any which way OR just show some determination, little bit of exercise, little bit of diet control and achieve what I want to achieve.




Hope one day I can write a blog post “Flab to Fit – my weight loss achievement”…Amen!!!

Do gimme some sure-shot remedies and motivation tips, suggestions ya all of you…I need them, many of us need too…



Note: This article is purely based on my own thoughts, experiences. The tone of this article is more towards self-assessment and humor. No intention to comment on anyone else. Images are mine and some of them are taken from Internet.