If as adults we feel lazy sometimes, kids of course can feel the same! Especially routine tasks like bath, brush teeth, eat lunch can become very boring. As parents, my hubby and me try constantly to add some excitement in the kids’ daily activities. But they still get so lazy sometimes.

Brushing Teeth – Simple daily task but how we do it? Sometimes just do in a jiffy, sometimes spend long time but still not effective…Bad Bad really!

Do you know One in two Singapore kids has rotten teeth? There are many other consequences like tooth pain, decay, bad breath, cavities and unattractive smile that can happen when we ignore oral health.

Oral health is very important and germs, cavities, plaque all should be kept at bay since babyhood.  SingHealth in fact has recommended Dental care routine and New Oral Health Care guidelines for parents. I myself have spent a few thousands to make my bad teeth look and feel okay and have to be careful about my kids’ teeth. I discovered Playbrush at the right time!

What is Playbrush?

Playbrush brings great innovation to the brush teeth task. It is a unique smart device that transforms any toothbrush into a Gaming Controller!! It’s primary objective is to encourage children & young-at-hearts to playfully brush their teeth.

Kudos to Playbrush team of Dentists, Engineers and Designers to bring technology, kids love for games and oral health and hygiene together!!!

How Playbrush works?

Very very simple! It’s like counting 1,2,3,4…and the brushing fun begins.

Watch this video for detailed steps:

“The Tooth Fairy reigns over Utoothia thanks to her 12 magical teeth. However, these have been stolen by the Plaksta the evil Oger and his army of Crobies. The Tooth Fairy has asked YOU to win back the teeth and bring back peace to Utoothia.”

This is the story of Utoothia that all kids can relate to! They love playing this game and actually via Playbrush’s Utoothia, they pick up good brushing habits. How to clean the teeth from all sides – inner – outer, up-down, How long to brush to get shining teeth and beautiful smiles – They learn in a very fun way. Mundane task like brushing teeth becomes exciting through Playbrush.

My Kids are loving Playbrush

When I received Playbrush, Kids were already excited to try it out mainly because of Utoothia game! This generation is pro when it comes to learning anything digital. So nice that tools like Playbrush channel digital love of kids to cultivate good health habits!

The packaging is bright, friendly and comes with an instruction manual. It also contains cute Utoothia story book.




You just have to charge the dongle for 1-min and it is ready to use. Download Utoothia app, Start Bluetooth on your iPhone or iPad, Fix any toothbrush inside the dongle, Shake the brush and Start the game!! Brush teeth while saving Utoothia from Crobies. While you are doing it, you are also improving your brushing habits.




At the end of the game which is an optimal time for brushing teeth, you get accurate statistics telling you areas to improve…


This smart device turns your child’s manual toothbrush into a game controller. One Playbrush device can easily be shared among your children, saving you money. With real-time feedback, your kids learn to brush longer, more regularly and more accurately. I think even if I am an adult, I am going to try out Playbrush.


Playbrush is indeed an hi-tech way to brush the teeth clean and make smiles more beautiful! Don’t just brush, Playbrush!!


You want to Playbrush too??! Sure, here you go…

  1. WIN your own set by heading to Sample Store’s Facebook page to participate in the contest giveaway that ends on 24th July: https://www.facebook.com/SampleStore/videos/vb.146044558739138/1277426352267614/?type=2&theater
  2. If they’re one of the lucky 20 who win, they can then participate in the Playbrush Utoothia high score contest here:https://www.samplestore.com/connect/content/playbrush-utoothia-high-score-contest
  3. If you don’t win, never mind! You can still purchase your own set athttp://www.playbrush.com for a $20 discount off their retail price of SGD $89! Simply use promo code: PBSG2016

So it’s WIN-WIN for all actually.

Playbrush is searching for a kid Ambassador from 18th July. Stay tuned here!

Want to know more about Playbrush? Click here.

So remember, Don’t Just brush, Playbrush!!!




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32 comments on “Brushing Teeth was never so fun…It’s Playbrush time now!”

  1. kylie cre8tone Reply

    Well.. This is very new to me.. Haha~! Nowadays brushing teeth can be so fun one.. I bet my kids gonna like this and never need me to ask them to brush but will do it initiatively..

  2. Zwitsy Reply

    This is pretty awesome! A new way of engaging our kids to do brushing their teeth. I used to have problems in asking my son to brush his teeth good thing that now he has grown up, it is a routine to him to always have his teeth cleaned. If I’ll introduce this to him, I am sure he’ll be more interest in brushing his teeth the different way.

  3. Bhushavali Reply

    Wow. This is pretty cool. Good to know its chargeable and cordless, so there’s no problem to changing battery often and safe as well. Plus its good that a regular toothbrush can fit in this & it doesn’t need a special brush.

  4. Fernando C Lachica Reply

    Learning to brush my teeth up to now has changed a lot when I discovered the right way. Indeed I taught this to my children. This product playbrush is something new and great for children.

  5. roch Reply

    Wow! This is a must-have for those kids who don’t like brushing their teeth. It’s really hard for them especially lazy ones to be convinced to take care of their teeth while still young.

  6. Elizabeth O. Reply

    That’s really nice. Kids are often uninterested in brushing their teeth so it’s good to have an app like this to make things fun for them while they take good care of their teeth!

  7. Fred Reply

    I frankly do not think this is a good idea. Playing with a gadget while brushing teeth is risky for getting the gadget wet! Also they should develop this habit knowing its real health value, not as a way to play a game.

    • shubhadabhide Reply

      I agree to disagree with you. As a parent, we can always monitor that the gadget doesn’t get wet. Also, initially, the game would make them brush teeth and later this becomes a good habit already and they will continue to brush teeth properly even without any gadget.

  8. Debbie Reply

    Thats a really cool idea to get kids into better habits.
    Very shocked at the statistics for bad teeth in Singapore

  9. Isaac Tan Reply

    its been really tough to get my kids to brush their teeth. Making it fun like this, would really change the game! 🙂 i’m in!

  10. arisa Reply

    need to think of so many ways to keep kids amused this days! younger generations are getting tougher!

  11. qian Reply

    This is just so awesome. Love how they gamifying the simple daily act! It will motivate the children to brush their teeth as well. Amazing tech.

  12. Mercy Janssen Reply

    OMG i love this. hahaha… This would always make me smile every morning and keep me motivated on what im doing. I’d definitely go and check out their items.

  13. Shin May Reply

    wow !! i think not only children will like it , i also will fall in love with this…This idea sound awesome because i know some of the children do not like to brush their teeth..This can be an initiative for them to brush their teeth..

  14. Sharon Lee Reply

    This is so cool and so fun! Now the kids will definitely brush their teeth nicely to play and score the points of the game =D

  15. Miera Nadhirah Reply

    Wow… it does cost a pretty penny…. ??? This is however definitely an awesome creation to teach kiddos the right way to brush their teeth……

  16. Mistan Izzy Reply

    Wow! This is really amazing, technology nowadays got me stunning always. Now kids have no reason to not brush their teeth 🙂

  17. Emily Reply

    What a wonderful idea this is. It would certainly encourage children to brush their teeth. Adults would be tempted to use it too!

  18. Puisan Reply

    Brush teeth is not gonna be a boring stuff anymore! Kids will definitely be more hardworking to brush their teeth now! 😀

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