As a mom, what kind of detergents you would prefer for kids? What kind of bottle wash you would prefer for them?Chemical-based, harsher to kids’ skin and health OR something that is green-based, safer and still anti-bacterial?

Of course, second option is what Moms will choose. In other words, you will choose Farlin!!

For my kids, I have used different products of Farlin before like wide-neck bottles, training cups and so on. But didn’t somehow notice that they have this fabulous Baby Bottle Wash and Clothes Wash as well!! Now, my kids are not babies any more but they are still kids and their skin is still very sensitive and delicate. Being a mom, I don’t mind using mild baby products for my big babies and hence I was very happy to try-out Farlin’s Clean 2.0 Baby Clothes Wash and Farlin’s Clean 2.0 Baby Bottle Wash.

Farlin Clean 2.0 Baby Bottle Wash:

I found the packaging very bright and clear. Contents, instructions everything is mentioned properly. Like I said my kids are older now but they use their own milk cups, water bottles  and other utensils. We used the bottle wash to clean all this stuff and liked it a lot! Bottles became clean and no harsh lingering fragrance was left on them after cleaning. It is very mild too. You can also use it to clean kids toys, veggies and fruits. That makes it multi-purpose!!

What’s more, it is environment-friendly and contents are plant-based. Safe for kids and safe for the planet. 🙂

I had a doubt that since it is quite mild, will it be able to remove bacteria and residue thoroughly? It does since it is anti-bacterial too.

  • Plants formula, PH 5.5 is natural and mild.
  • Anti-bacteria, thoroughly cleans without milk remnants.
  • Non-artificial perfume and pigment, environment-protecting, non-phosphorous, non-toxic.
  • Also for cleaning vegetables, fruits, toys and tableware, etc.

Farlin Clean 2.0 Baby Clothes Wash:

I am quite scared to use a new detergent brand for kids clothes and even for adults clothes. I still remember the terrible allergy that I got on my skin after wearing clothes washed with a particular detergent. So I was a bit skeptical to try this one.

But based on the satisfactory experience of using Farlin bottle wash, I decided to give a try to Farlin Clean 2.0 Baby Clothes Wash. Yeah, good I tried it because it really works to make clothes brighter and cleaner. 🙂

It is very convenient to use with the easy nozzle and measuring cup. You don’t need too much quantity and the fragrance is mild and pleasant. I loved its fragrance and the touch of the washed clothes is quite different – crisply clean I would call it as. You will see what I mean in the below picture.

  • Natural plants formula
  • Non-phosphorus, Non-fluorescence
  • Superior cleaning effects
  • Unique anti-stink formula
  • Anti-bacteria, mild and non stimulation
  • Suitable for Family use

Farlin is a renowned brand since 1972 and it produces hundreds of various products in accordance with every baby needs. Every Farlin product is designed with Practicality, Stylish and foremost Safety in mind with the help from Farlin’s own hospital group of medical & technology experts. The combination of style, technological innovation and medical opinions produces unique and special premium products for babies that meet the parents’ highest demands in today’s parenting. Safe, Simple and Practical products!

You can shop for quality Farlin products right from the comfort of your home through its Web Shop. Farlin products are also available island-wide.

Farlin Office & Showroom Address:
9 Yishun Industrial St 1
#03-70 North Spring Bizhub
Singapore 768163
Tel: 65-6369 9301

My verdict – worth worth trying ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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