{Media Launch} REGILAIT, the French leader in milk nutrition, arrives in Singapore!

Régilait, a lauded and beloved purveyor of high-quality instant granulated milk powder, has made its foray into Singapore. The brand has been awarded the Healthier Choice and Halal certifications.

As Régilait is a French dairy cooperative, it controls the entire chain of milk production from procurement at farms to manufacturing of the final products, offering full traceability. The powder comes from French dairy farms that are committed to a stringent quality procedure. Régilait’s farmers adhere to strict rules on governing, breeding, production, animal welfare and its impact on the environment.
RainbowDiaries was invited for the media launch of Régilait and we got first hand information about some awesome facts and products of Régilait. At the media launch, top officials of the company, eminent nutritionist and a veteran chef were present to highlight the benefits and uses of Régilait.
Here are top bosses of Régilait highlighting the benefits of Régilait, the stringent process that goes into making it, Régilait’s reach in different countries of the world and so on.
Régilait products are 100% real pure cow’s milk, with no fillers added, no maltodextrins and really rich in proteins. Our gentle manufacturing process preserves all of the nutritional qualities of the Milk. Nutritionist Ling Ai explained us the loads of benefits of drinking milk and what Régilait offers.
Régilait has a line-up of products that will meet different nutritional requirements of each family member. The milk is suitable for consumption by everyone from ages 3 and up. Between 1 to 3 years old, the toddlers have specific needs and they can start drink standard cow’s milk as long as it’s included in a balanced diet. 
Régilait is available in 4 different varieties to cater to the nutritional requirements of different individuals:


This is your partner for slimming. This milk is fat-free and allows controlled calorie intake to help you maintain your weight. For diabetics or consumers with high cholesterol, the REGILAIT CALORIE REDUCED helps to restore a balanced diet. One glass of Regilait Calorie Reduced contains only 89 kcal!
Regilait Calorie Reduced Non Fat


Meet your partner for strong bones REGILAIT CALCIUM PLUS imbues drinkers with the benefits of calcium and vitamin D. Containing an optimal composition of calcium, proteins, vitamin D and phosphorus, calcium is easily absorbed and becomes well fixed in the bone when consumed.
Regilait Calcium Plus Non FatDrink two glasses of the fat-free REGILAIT CALCIUM PLUS to meet your daily calcium needs.


This is your partner for vitality! Get the boost you need with the fat-free REGILAIT MULTI-VITAMINS. It contains eight vitamins: A,D3, C, B1, B2, B6, B9, B12. Vitamin A can help you achieve good vision, a healthy immune system and spur cell growth. The B vitamins can help to keep your body up and running just what every working adult, student and sport enthusiast needs. Vitamin C helps to grow and repair tissues in all parts of your body while vitamin D3 improves overall bone health.
Regilait Multi-Vitamins Non Fat


Your partner for a balanced diet!
REGILAIT LOW FAT, a tasty semi-skimmed cows’ milk produced on the best French pastureland. It contains 14% more calcium and 25% less saturated fat than a regular dried milk. Our gentle manufacturing process preserves all of the nutritional qualities of the milk (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, protein, vitamins B1, B2, B9 and B12). Vitamin B1 and B2 enable the body to use nutrients, vitamin B9 is necessary for normal cell division and replicatio
n, vitamin B12 is involved in the formation of red blood cells.
REGILAIT LOW FAT has a fine creamy taste enjoyed by the whole family.
The milk powder retails at SGD 22 and is available at select Fairprice Finest and Cold Storage! Do check on your next visit.

Can you guess what else you can do with Régilait?

Beyond milk enjoyment, the powder can be mixed with coffee, tea or hot chocolate. It can also be used as an ingredient in desserts or dishes.
Celebrity Chef Lisa demonstrated wonders of cooking with Régilait. Simple steps and such yummy dishes she whipped out for us!! Amazing…
Chef Lisa demonstrating Curry Ayam Indo which has delectable combo of chicken, veggies, Dancing Chef Indonesian Curry and yes, Régilait!! How beautifully you can replace coconut milk with Régilait and still get the same tasty tasty curry…See how she does it? By the way, Dancing Chef products are Halal certified and contain NO MSG, preservatives and artificial colors!

and this is the result!!!
Chef Lisa also demonstrated how to make healthy smoothies / milk shakes using Régilait. Especially for kids, I am surely going to try Banana smoothie, Strawberry milkshake and Chocolate variety of it.




These milk scones are also prepared using Régilait.

We came back home with a goodie bag consisting of Dancing Chef Curry paste samples and a tin of Régilait. Yummy treat ahead for kids!!





To summarize this post, here are 2 quick facts about Régilait –

  1. Régilait“Regi” – “Regime” or “Diet” AND “Lait” means “Milk”
  2. Convenient to prepare, the milk products dissolve in even in cold water instantly as the powder has undergone a unique granulation process. Here is a video demo:

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52 comments on “{Media Launch} REGILAIT, the French leader in milk nutrition, arrives in Singapore!”

  1. Cherry Reply

    Pure cow milk powder, I would love that! Too bad I had to miss this event because I have to get a breather before traveling.

  2. John Paul Quiambao Reply

    truth be told, i don’t really drink milk that much.. hehe though i know it’s good for health. great to see new milk products available now. it will be beneficial for everyone. 🙂

  3. Zwitsy Reply

    Wow! I didn’t know that powder milk can be used for cooking. I am sure that this regilait tastes perfectly awesome. Glad that they have landed in Singapore this time. 😀

  4. Betty Liew Reply

    This is new milk products. I did not see this brand in Malaysia yet.

  5. Elizabeth O. Reply

    Sounds like an awesome milk powder that the whole family can enjoy. I like that they have different varieties to suit your family’s needs. It’s definitely something parents will adore!

  6. Lana Slaybell Reply

    The name of the product sounds so fancy, but it’s hard to pronounce. It’s hard when you’re looking for it in a store and you have a difficulty on pronouncing it. Maybe because it’s French. XD

  7. Qian Reply

    Hope can find them in Malaysia. Been hearing so many scary stories about milk powder. Will love to have some healthy products over here

  8. Fernando C Lachica Reply

    Actually, I tasted this product before in Dubai City, and it’s very good! French-made milk is notably the best in the world. Some experts agreed that France has the capability of being dairy country in Europe. Nice post indeed!

  9. Mia Foo Reply

    been seeing a few post on Régilait these days! and wow, a calorie reduced milk! i will definitely check them out!

  10. Fred Reply

    Interesting. However I prefer milk in liquid form than in powder form. The taste is different for me.

  11. Gigi Reply

    I like the idea that it was used to cook curry! Wonder if this is also available in the Philippines.

  12. roch Reply

    Wow! This milk product is packed with so many vitamins that you don’t need a supply of supplements to aid with better health. I like the taste of cow’s milk and the fat-free milk sounds great.

  13. Ju ann Reply

    Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know u could do so much with milk powder! The curry and scones looks delicious!

  14. Everest Reply

    Sounds like really good stuffs since it is 100% cow’s milk. Other brands in the market has tons of preservatives and emulsifiers that are really not beneficial in the Long run!

  15. Priscilla Reply

    Thanks for sharing Shub! Checked out this milk powder on Redmart and it seems that there is only one type available. Will look out for it when I visit the supermarket. 🙂

    • shubhadabhide Reply

      Pris, it is available in select Fairprice Finest and Cold Storage 🙂

    • shubhadabhide Reply

      Not really! It retails at SGD 22 which is quite reasonable given the goodness it offers.

  16. Lily Reply

    owh wow.. this really opened my eyes to the usage of milk powder.. i always just thought you have to drink it like dat…

  17. Reamy Garcia Reply

    Wow! Can’t say more… Seen the healthier choice symbol! Thanks for sharing… Gonna try it real soon!

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