Little Ondine – Why I prefer these happy nail colors for my Little Sunshine?

When I did my nail-art and came back home with glistening nails, my 10-year old girl said that she would love to have some nice colors on her nails too!! Of course, women will be women even when they are young girls…BUT??

  • Would it be safe for her delicate nails to use nail colors meant for adults?
  • What if her nails turn yellowish after using my nail colors due to the chemicals in it?
  • What if she puts her nails in the mouth and accidentally eats up the color?
  • Would the color be “stuck” on the nails and very difficult to remove? Do I have to use chemical-based Nail paint remover?

Fortunately, I got Little Ondine to try for her at the RIGHT time! Now the school holidays are on and it is perfectly okay to paint her nails.

I chose 2 beautiful shades – Swoosh and Butterfly Effect for my daughter. In fact, she suggested to choose these colors. 🙂

Below photo design and credit: My daughter! l4

Why Little Ondine? My reasons as a Mom –

1. Natural Ingredients – One of the biggest reason why I loved Little Ondine. Organic colorants, natural resin and water form Little Ondine Nail colors. No alcohol, formaldehyde, toluene and other toxic chemicals inside!

2. No odour – Do you just hate the headache-giving-smell that fills your nostrils the moment you open nail color bottle? Then Little Ondine is for you – Odourless!


3. Quick Drying – As a mom, am sure you must have experienced the pain of applying it on kids’ nails and later how quickly they move, they rub hands, they shake them and ruin all your efforts. Nail color is all gone, smeared everywhere and nails look bad as ever. Then again use nail paint remover, again re-apply…This seems to go on till eternity. Sigh…Little Ondine literally rescues you from this mess. It is quick drying. Apply, wait for a second and done! My daughter started doing all her regular stuff immediately after application and the nail color remained intact.


4. Easy Peel-Off – It is so easy to peel-off. No need to use nail paint removers and suffer from the harshness of its chemicals. Whenever you want to change your nail color, just peel it off and apply another beautiful shade of Little Ondine.


5. Vibrant Colors – Just because Little Ondine doesn’t contain chemicals, you don’t have to compromise with the colors. Little Ondine has colors that will win any heart. Check the shade card here.


6. Value for Money – Little Ondine colors’ cost is affordable and they provide complete peace of mind to the parents.

7. For daughter and For Mom – Though I used Little Ondine colors for my daughter, am going to steal them from her and use it for me too!!


8. Perfect Gift Idea – It is such a cute little gift for your BFFs. My daughter is planning to gift one to her classmate already.

9. Online Shopping – from the convenience of my home, I can shop for the colors. Delivery is very prompt.


10. Cool reviews and awards – Little Ondine boasts of awesome reviews and awards. That makes it a trusted brand.


Find more about Little Ondine here:

Moms, go ahead and indulge your Little Sunshine with the vibrant colors of Little Ondine!!



Note: I got Little Ondine Nail Colors for the review purposes. All opinions / pictures are solely mine. No monetary compensation / benefit was received. Would like to collaborate with RainbowDiaries? Drop a line at OR visit

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61 comments on “Little Ondine – Why I prefer these happy nail colors for my Little Sunshine?”

  1. Stephanie Jeannot Reply

    I think I would like to use ones with no chemicals myself. Perfect for the nails.

  2. Marie Reply

    This is so cute! I’ve come across this brand at a Beauty show in London and was very tempted to buy some for myself! It’s so convenient!

  3. Kesha Reply

    Nice colors and very girly for young girls. I like to see little girls stay little girls for as long as they can. It’s also good that it peels off and you don’t have to use harsh nail polish removers.

  4. Shell Reply

    I really love that this polish is peel off and therefore no need for chemicals to remove it. This would make a perfect gift for my niece!

  5. Ithfifi Williams / IthinityBeauty Reply

    Aww her nails look awesome and I love the colours – as a nail blogger I full on support the child friendly brands and I can understand your concerning questions. My niece loves her nails done but I am always careful about what I will put on her nails. Besides health one of our issues is always picking a super quick drying colour as she can’t sit still for long 🙂

  6. Heraa Farooq Reply

    Aww this is so cute. I don’t think anybody ever thought how cosmetics can effect the little one’s. I am so recommending it to my friend’s.

  7. Reply

    These polishes for kiddies remind me very much of the Tinkerbell range of makeup that I had when I was about her age 🙂 it was a peel-off formula too, so I could go to school with clean nails hehe x

  8. Joanna Davis Reply

    It’s so great that this nail polish is all natural. It does look great as well, for both children and adults I will have to admit. I love that shade of blue and the sparkles are such a pretty add-on.

  9. acraftymix Reply

    Ahhhh Subhada, her beautiful little face at the end says it all. Love that smile and Little Ondine sounds like a great product. I always hesitated to let my daughter paint her nails until she was much older. All those chemicals freaked me out a bit, but this sounds like a really super alternative

  10. tanviidotcom Reply

    Those are such bright and happy colors. I am glad that they are safe and can peel off so you don’t have to use the remover.


  11. Aliza Sara Reply

    I like the fact that you can peel it off. Who needs nail polish remover nowadays >.<

  12. Pal Raine Reply

    My girls school are not allowed to use colored nail polish, that is why that summer ends here in Phil we went to a salon to have clean their nails and have a little make-over for their hair, the likes of a hair spa and a hot oil.

  13. May Palacpac Reply

    Awww, how adorable! I wish I have a daughter to do nails for, but that’s okay. I can hoard all the polish for myself, hahaha.

  14. Shin May Reply

    I like nails art so much and this type of nail polish is convenient ! The tiffany blue nail polish looks nice on your nail ^^ Is time to pamper myself ~

  15. jared's mum Reply

    The joys of having a little girl ~ manicure at home! ^_^ Those polishes look really gorgeous, I bet she enjoyed your bonding time 🙂

  16. Jacqualine Reply

    The peeling off idea is so good! I have a habit of peeling off my gelish paints too actually… hahah. Maybe this would be great for me too. :p

  17. Kless Reply

    The colours are gorgeous! I’ve seen other brands of nail polishes for kids but usually, the colours are limited. This is indeed a good gift idea for little girls – Sure to make them screech with excitement when they see it! LOL

  18. Tiffany Yong Reply

    I don’t think nail polish are good for nails, hence I will try to avoid that. But this formula seems less harmful! Maybe it’s suitable even for adults?

  19. Elizabeth O. Reply

    I love that this has all natural ingredients. I think the nail polish these days have too much chemicals in them and it’s really not healthy for our nails. This one’s easy to remove as well. It’s perfect for little girls.

  20. Bhushavali Reply

    Interesting!!! Personally on myself I hate any peel-off cosmetics. A friend introduced a peel-off eyeliner and I said no thanks! But I guess on kids this is better. Love that glittery shade!

  21. Fred Reply

    Not really sure I like little girls to wear bright colored nail polish so young. Anyhow, this sort of activity is more the mother’s call. 🙂

  22. Lana Slaybell Reply

    I like how it can be easily peeled off. In my latest nail manicure, I only scratched them off because I like picking stuff with my nails. I want to try this.

  23. Qian Reply

    This is good! very rare to find natural nail polish. will recommend to my friend who is looking for product like this. thanks for recommending!

  24. Xin A Day Reply

    I love the peel off function, no need to waste time for the removal~
    It’s a great way to build the bond with your girl~

  25. Sharon Lee Reply

    WOW now even kids can have a safe nail polish to use! I love that they are actually fast drying and easy peel, I think I would happy to try these nail polish as well XD

  26. Emily Reply

    Ah, now young daughters can get their nails painted beautifully too. I never thought about the effects of kids using adult nail polish before this.

  27. Yoke Ching Mah Reply

    Maybe get can a bottle for try with my niece, since we love to draw on our nails 😀

  28. roch Reply

    No odor and quick drying are plus points I always find in a quality nail polish. It also is a bonus when the ingredients are safe especially for kids as well.

  29. Miriam Reply

    Even the little ones want their nails to look pretty too! Nice that it is a peel off formulation so that we do not need to use nail polish remover for them

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