June holidays is a season to relax, to get new experiences for kids and us. I was running a giveaway for Quayside Express by Uncle Ringo and was quite curious to explore Sentosa Cove area myself. At the same time, I got this food invite from Earl of Hindh (EOH) which is also located in the same area.

So my daughter and me decided to visit this place one fine Saturday afternoon. Hubby had some work and my boy decided to be with him.

Located in the picturesque area of Sentosa Cove’s retail and dining destination Quayside Isle, Earl of Hindh (EOH) is a fine dining restaurant that is founded by Expat Indian Entrepreneurs to revisit the finest culinary secrets of the Hindh.

The erstwhile ‘Hindh’ that spread right from Afghanistan to Myanmar. It was not just a political entity but a civilization that is still alive. The most curious feature of the Hindh culture is its stunning diversity which springs forth from its innate similarities.The biggest strength of the Hindh culture is in its ability to assimilate all influences, even those of its conquerors and tormentors, yet flourish and thrive. Earl of Hindh brings this rich culture to its food.

Quick Observations:

  • When my daughter and me reached to Earl of Hindh, first thing we liked is – the posh surroundings – greenry, Hotel W and stunning views of Marina – all this makes EOH very conducive for relaxing and giving justice to lunch / dinner.
  • The restaurant is quite big with a setup that can accommodate 100 pax – a few more as well. That makes it ideal for smaller ROMs, Corporate events, Birthday parties and other G2Gs. Overall ambiance is A+ and the restaurant is neat, clean and bright during daytime and cozy in the evenings with a nice view of marina. There is an air-conditioned inside place and airy outside sitting also.
  • This is the only Indian Fine Dining Restaurant in Sentosa Cove area.
  • Prices a bit higher end but portions are big too. Looking at the ambiance, overall quality and service, prices look completely okay.
  • Wide Range of Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian options are available on ala carte basis. Earl of Hindh also caters for outside events.
  • Staff here is too good! Lady who is in-charge of the Restaurant operations is swift, friendly and knows quite a lot about the food and its ingredients. Chef Negi is a thorough professional who has experience of working in some top-notch places all over the world. Even the other support staff had a smile on the face and was helpful. My curious daughter asked them so many questions but they all answered very elaborately.
  • Spices and other ingredients used to make food are of high-quality. Many of the stuff is home-made by EOH.
  • For Menu, there is a digital way! Menu is available on tabs and that is the convenient most way to order food.
  • For drink-lovers, I mean, for hard-drink lovers, there is heaven here! So many choices…Too bad am a teetotaler…LOL

Surroundings, Ambiance

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What we ate relished?

Drinks, Appetizers and Starters

My daughter decided to sip on Fresh Pineapple juice while I settled for Virgin Pina Colada. EOH does have some mocktails like Gunner, Virgin Mojito and so on.


We were pleasantly surprised by the first arrival – Amuse Bouche! This was the Chef Special Welcome Appetizer. I liked this gesture a lot. BTW, EOH serves this to every guest and every day the welcome appetizer changes. Of course, it is complementary and it sets the stage to look forward to other dishes.

Starters was a grand affair!! We had informed the Chef that we would taste vegetarian dishes and oh my my, EOH has some choicest varieties in vegetarian food…Here are our starters.

  • Hara Bhara kabaab – Generally this is made using spinach. Earl of Hindh added some crumbled cheese to it and it tasted heavenly!
  • Broccoli Cheese – Kids will love it for sure…Baked broccoli and melted cheese come to you sitting on a barbecue stick.


  • Tandoori aloo – mildly spiced potatoes roasted in tandoor. Not bad! People who can take hot spicy food, you can tell the Chef to make it that way.
  • Samosa – Samosa was of usual taste. But the accompaniment of hummus tasted quite good with it.


  • Paneer tikka – soft, melt-in-mouth cottage cheese marinated in a variety of herbs and spices and tandoored. Loved it!
  • Shami kabaab ala cauliflower – This one was very tasty! Mixture of cauliflower with other veggies formed into rolls and lightly fried to perfection. This is crispy outside soft inside!

Look at the size of assortment of starters!! It was BIG and it needs 2 full-sized adults to finish it!! My Daughter fortunately was in a kid-blogger-reviewing-food mood and was giving justice to the delish starters…Small eaters, please ensure to order lesser amount of starters else starters would be the end of your food!


Choicest Collection of Wines n Whiskies

Soon after nomnoming starters, Daughter started saying am full, am full!! 🙁 So we took a break, explored the outside sitting area, wide collection of wines, whiskers and other drinks and took some photos…Staff mentioned that to their regular customers they do offer very attractive rates for bottles. They have cupboardful of single malt whiskies…Imagine – sitting in the quaint Earl of Hindh, enjoying the breeze and enjoying the golden sips of whisky…Wow! well, so sad that I just watched and took photos 😀



Along with regular best-sellers like Chivas Regal and all, they have some special and not so common “Amrut” well-stocked in Earl of Hindh. Amrut seems to be as popular as elixir among some drink-lovers I guess.



Main Course Time!!!

We had specifically requested Chef Negi to serve us bite-sized portions of the main course. Here it arrives in style…


Basket of Assorted Naans and Parathas:

Which one should I mention first, they all were yummm…

  1. Olive Cheese Paratha – Tell young kids that this is pizza and they’ll finish it in no time. Eat it with some gravy or eat on its own!! My daughter loved it.
  2. Earl of Hindh’s Signature Rampuri Paratha – It has spicy chilli flakes in its core…Very tasty. Eat it to tickle your tastebuds.
  3. Earl of Hindh Naan – This is sweet! First time I ate sweet naan.Glazed with honey, it had loads of nuts and cherries. Definitely different dish. One suggestion: to keep it a bit soft because after a while, it can get a bit chewy and harder.



  • Achari Baigan – Eggplant in pickled gravy! I hate eggplants but only love this pickled form. Go for it!


  • Palak Paneer – tasted as usual. Paneer was soft and not like rock found in some restaurants.
  • Daal Makhani – Lentils with loads of butter and cream. Rich dish! Goes very well with…
  • Vegetable Biryani – Long grains of basmati cooked to perfection.


  • Sprout Salad – healthier choice for calorie watchers.
  • Dahi Tadka maar ke – Tempered Yoghurt. Good one!


Glad to say that we devoured each one of the main course dishes…Slurp n Burp!!

What’s for Dessert?

Dessert was the highlight I would say! These little cuties were full of surprises…

  • Have you heard of  “Paan“- the mouth-freshener betel leaf that is popular with Indians? Here it comes in the form of an Icecream!! Amazing to see EOH cracks the same formula and achieves the same taste…
  • Gulab Jamuns – This is probably most of you even non-Indians know of. Soft as silk, melting like a dream…
  • Mango Mastani – I never expected to find this drink in Singapore! It is a very popular drink the buzzing city of Pune, India…Applause to Earl of Hindh for bringing it to Singapore…Same taste like I had tasted in Pune some years ago!



Daughter and me were very happy with desserts and wait, wait…what is that? One more drink? We were thinking that now we are done…But??

This was another surprise weaved by Earl of Hindh. It is a complementary mouth freshener. You heard it right!! Mouth freshener that comes with creamy taste of milk, beautiful fragrance of rose petals and refreshes your mouth. Wonderful indeed!

By the way, we tasted only vegetarian food but Earl of Hindh has gastronomic delights for meat eaters also in abundance. Lamb Chops, Kakori Kabaabs to mention a few. These dishes are very very popular!! Do try them. Check the menu here.


That was it! We said good bye, see you again to Chef and Kaye…e15

The food, the ambiance and the surroundings were not letting us go actually so we spent some more time there and took a ride in Uncle Ringo’s Choo choo train and enjoyed the views of the Marina.



Daughter’s Review:

My kid wanted to write her own opinion in her own words. So I let her use my FB and she wrote on Earl of Hindh’s Facebook page.


For more info, reservations etc, Visit:

Website: http://earlofhindh.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/earlofhindh/


Note: We were invited for food tasting session by the restaurant. No monetary compensation / benefits is involved. All opinions are strictly based on personal experiences. Would you like to collaborate with RainbowDiaries? Drop us a line on RainbowDiariesWorld@gmail.com / Fill this contact form.