Do you know that SuperMom – Grandest Baby Fair is coming soon? Precisely speaking on 12-14 Aug 2016 @ Suntec…

I got associated with SuperMom in 2014 for my Facebook group. SuperMom gave us some exclusive goodie bags that time for our members. Have fond memories of this collaboration!

For the uninitiated, Supermom is Singapore’s largest parenting movement for parents to be and parents with newborns! It is a community for new mothers, built by a group of mothers who recognize the challenges of caring for newborns from personal experiences and organize events and seminars that champion happy pregnancies and healthier, smarter babies!

SuperMom holds pregnancy and parenting seminars throughout the year that aims to support parents through their pregnant-hood and parenthood journey. Throughout the past years, it has invited renowned speakers from hospitals across Singapore to educate parents so that they make informed decisions everyday.

So while we all are waiting for 12th Aug when SuperMom – Grandest Baby Fair is happening, the wait is made sweet with SuperMom‘s Pre-event Sales which is between 27/6 (Mon) to 29/6 (Wed).

Pre-order 2

Why Pre-Order in Pre-Event Sales? So many reasons…My TOP 10 reasons are:

  1. Don’t you want to beat the crowd by ordering online and save on must-have products? We all want…
  2. You can register as VIP and get to access PRE-ORDERS PRIVATE VIP Sale on 27th June. Wow!
  3. There will up to 90% discount over 300 baby and pregnant mummy essentials: baby care, toys, weaning, breastfeeding, strollers, cots, travelling and so on. Awesome!
  4. We would love to grab the Exclusives from top brands like Tote Savvy, Pockit, Clarins, Pigeon, Cybex, Ergo Hip Seat, Sarah Wells, TollyJoy, Britax, Chikabiddy, Acomo, Hanil, and more…
  5. Gives Cash Back that lets you enjoy additional discount of more than 10%. For every $40 you spend, you get $5 cash back and the vouchers are stackable. You can use to buy anything at the fair!!!!
  6. SuperMom gives attractive prizes such as stroller, breastpump and more that are worth more up to $569 for top spenders every day!
  7. Online shopping from the convenience of my home…Shiok! So when I visit the Fair, I can focus on more activities and other deals.
  8. Allows 0% interest free instalment payment plan!
  9. Get VIP Access to the fair.
  10. Other exciting facts that new moms and moms-to-be should look forward to:

> $10 for Fisher-Price Toys

> Belly &  Baby has belly casting (1 st time in Singapore) more than 50% OFF

> Pockit was out-of–stock in 2015

> Pigeon at 50% OFF

> Korean branded wipes on sale: Bebesup and Natural Organics


Have more queries on Pre-order Sale? Click here.

Frankly speaking, there are hundreds of products and we are going to be spoilt for choices…Let me share 3 products that I feel new moms and moms-to-be would love to have:

POCKIT Stroller –

This is WORLD’S NO 1 SMALLEST STROLLER!!! Totally sold out globally in 2015, now Coming to you exclusively at Supermom Pre-event sales.

At less than $300 a stroller, you can get a few to put in your house, your parents’ house and your parents-in-law house. So many parents have sweared by this small but sturdy stroller under Goodbaby which is known to be premium and of top quality.

Don’t miss the chance to grab this before it gets snapped out again!


Belly Cast –

So sad that it was not there when I gave birth to my kids. But you can be the one of the firsts to own it in Asia!!!

Pregnancy is a beautiful 9 months journey. Don’t miss the chance to capture this important moment as a everlasting keepsake for generations to come. You only have one chance to do it. Show your baby where he/she was before he/she came into this world.

Mothers can purchase this immediately during supermom pre-event sales and start making appointments for casting to be done. Feet and Hands cast also available!

Tote Savvy –

Mummies, this one is a must buy!! Are all your favourite designer bags and fashionable bags collecting dust now?Tote Savvy will change that.

Tote Savvy is essential to a mummy’s wardrobe and SuperMom is proud to be the first to launch it in Singapore EXCLUSIVELY!!

A bag for all your bags! Now you can dress up and wear anything you want because you can choose to turn any bag into a fully functional baby bag!! No need to dress like a frumpy aunty because of your ugly baby bag any longer!

ToteSavvy is the modern alternative to a diaper bag by combining the inner lining of a traditional diaper bag with your own handbag collection. Made from a durable nylon twill that’s easy to wipe clean, this organizer insert boasts features not found in other purse organizers. Tote Savvy includes an insulated bottle pocket, key clasp, changing mat, cell phone pocket, and flat pocket for paperwork.


These 3 are just the glimpse of what to expect at SuperMom Pre-event sales. Here are more amazing products for you, Moms n Kids!!

So, ready to get the BEST of the SuperMom Fair? Just do these 2 things –

1) Click “GOING” on Facebook event Biggest Grandest Baby Fair to get insider deals and giveaways
2) Sign-up as VIP to gain access to our pre-order at

This video of last year’s SuperMom Fair showcases the excitement of shoppers, awesomest variety of products and great great deals…Come August, you will witness the same in this year’s SuperMom. Till then don’t forget to grab pre-event sales deals by pre-ordering!!!