Kids love to JUMP! Jump in the playground, jump on beds, jump while walking and all places possible. My Kids of course are no exception. So when I told them that I am going to take them to the Media Preview of Bounce Singapore – Massive Indoor Trampoline Universe, they were already ready to jump, bounce with joy. Yes, Bounce did give them what they wanted and more…As parents, my hubby and me loved the experience too. BOUNCE Singapore opens today officially!!

This post will give you a complete account of what is Bounce, what to expect and other tips n tricks to enjoy the experience from my point of view as a parent. Read on.

So what is BOUNCE Singapore?

BOUNCE Singapore is an exciting new concept in recreation, fitness and fun in the heart of Orchard.
The international sensation, adrenaline-packed arena is well known as one of the world’s best indoor adventure parks, including a variety of trampolines and Singapore’s first indoor adventure course, the X-Park and Leap of Faith.

Originating from Melbourne in 2012, BOUNCE is an international sensation that has catapulted onto the world stage, with venues in countries across the globe including South Africa, Hong Kong, Thailand, Portugal, Dubai and Abu Dhabi and more to come.

This adrenaline-packed arena is well known as one of the world’s best indoor adventure parks and immensely popular due to its blend of adventure healthiness combined with adrenaline thrills and challenges.
Featuring three areas based on interests and levels of difficulty, BOUNCE Singapore promises an awesome time for everyone. It is designed for kids big and small, youths and has plenty to offer adults and fitness enthusiasts too. For everything from trampolines to Free-running to “Leap of Faith”, the venue offers a little something for everyone.

When I occasionally do gymming, Trampoline is one of my favorites. It releases the stress, you feel free and bouncing gives nice exercise too!

You can say that Bounce is one such BIGGGG jumping revolution where you jump freely and land safe n soft.

What’s Inside?

It’s quite a huge area I must say – to be specific – more than 2000 SQ Meters – located right in the heart of the city @ Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. The moment you go inside, what you see is more than 100 interconnected trampolines spread across different areas…There is something for everyone – For Kids and Kids in You! 🙂

Free Jumping Arena –

The Free Jumping Arena is BOUNCE’s main stage – with 28 interconnected trampolines incorporating a series of longer tumble tracks and angled banked walls.
String together jumping lines as you leap from tramp to tramp and rebound off the corners. Work on your own routine or just run wild around the oversized playground. It’s like parkour made soft, safe and easy. Get Airborne in the Free Jumping Arena next time you head down for a jump at BOUNCE.

The Wall –

The Wall steps things up to the next level. It’s our most awesome feature – kind of like a half pipe made out of trampolines. You probably need to see it, live or check out the video to get what we’re talking about, but like all the best ideas it’s a super simple concept – use the high-rebound capabilities of Performance Trampolines and run up the wall.

The Slam Dunk –

The Slam Dunk area features full-height rings sitting above runway trampolines, surrounded by padded walls and floor mats. Try the simple approach first. Three jumps to build your bounce height, then slam it! Add in some moves – maybe around the back or through the legs.

Dodge Ball –

The ultimate trampoline Colosseum where primal battle instincts rise to the fore in fun and often funny ways. Two teams throw soft ‘bowling ball’ sized dodge-balls at each other as they jump around the court. The art is using your vertical bounce and the full expanse of the play arena to dodge the balls. Keep moving (upwards or sideways) and avoid a direct hit while you take the other team out one by one. Last player bouncing wins.
Great for parties, groups of friends or corporate outings to blow off some steam at the boss. Time to throw down.

Performance Trampolines –

This is the area at BOUNCE that is dedicated to helping the highest degree of skill for those with air-sports aspirations.
Performance trampolines area is often used by athletes pursuing advanced performance around sports such skiing, snowboarding, wake-boarding and skate boarding etc. It’s also a training ground for dedicated trampoline sports.
With Olympic grade trampolines, it’s a great way to improve your skill levels if you’ve had enough practice in our free jumping arena.

X-Park –

The X-Park (a la Ninja Warrior obstacle course) is Asia’s first and only indoor adventure challenge course combining elements of climbing, jumping & free-running before zipping on the aerial runway to the finish line.

This epic urban playground is designed to allow challenge and diversity for free-running masters as well as easy-entry points for first timers. Each element can be explored as a stand-alone challenge or navigated as one circuit with different levels of difficulty to allow for personal progression and creative expression.

Ultimately, the aim is to get from the start to the end of the course in the fastest and most awesome way possible.

Leap of Faith – 

Another first for Singapore, “Leap of Faith” is a real personal challenge for many. Adventure junkies chasing the adrenaline rush can test their limits by jumping from a raised platform and leaping out to catch hold of the trapeze or the grab bag.

Your General Access ticket to BOUNCE excludes access to “Leap of Faith”. You will need to purchase a special ticket to access “Leap of Faith” at our sales counter at the venue ONLY. Ticket cannot be purchased online.


Tips n Tricks to enjoy your experience @ BOUNCE –

  1. Well, when I first checked the website, my first thoughts were of apprehension – will there be anything for kids? will they enjoy? But BOUNCE proved me wrong, both my kids enjoyed to the fullest and were not ready to leave the place! 10-year old daughter loved it and 4-year boy also tried whatever he could. So do let your kids explore BOUNCE.
  2. Safety first! Do read all the safety rules carefully. BOUNCE does give paramount importance to safety. They have mentioned the rules loud and clear everywhere, you as a parent have to sign off Waiver forms, there are friendly BOUNCE staffers all over the place to help you out…But still be there as a parent, keep close watch on your kids, accompany them wherever you can.
  3. By the way, when you accompany the kids, do ensure that accidentally you don’t fall on them! One person at a time on Trampoline is the key.
  4. Certain areas have height restrictions. So younger kids might not be able to try those rides out. Age limit is 3 years and above anyways.
  5. Don’t eat or drink too much before your visit to BOUNCE. People with motion sickness can face some discomfort.
  6. Take some pause between different areas. Let the kids relax a bit, have a sip of water and move on to the next. As a parent, I found it very difficult to pause my kids once they entered BOUNCE. Simply unstoppable they were!
  7. Expect queues and waiting time. So plan your visit accordingly. We had filled up waiver form online so it was smoother.
  8. Older kids with height more than 125 cm can complete X-Park course which is like a Ninja adventure consisting of 15 elements. Do let them try this. Awesome it is!!
  9. Food and Drink options are available inside BOUNCE. No outside food is allowed. Lockers are provided.
  10. You need to have Grip socks to enter the playground. If you already have purchased them [available at SGD 3 per pair], don’t forget to carry them in your next visit too.
  11. BOUNCE has many exciting options for birthday parties, groups and so on. Worth-checking these options.
  12. Moms who would like to burn some calories, BOUNCE is a good choice for them. They are coming up with special program for moms and kids. Watch this space.
  13. There are loads of photo-taking photo-taking and video-taking opportunities at this place. So carry some nice cam and enjoy.
  14. Dress appropriately in sports wear. Shorts and Tee would be the best outfit. Comfy and flexible!


Thanks BOUNCE for having us yesterday. It was jumping, bouncing, awesome fun!!


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