Yay! RainbowDiaries become “Newbie Parenting Blogger To Watch Out for” in Singapore

RainbowDiaries is relatively a new blog. If you look at my posts, you will notice that I created the blog in 2013, did one random post and left it there for Long time. End of 2014-Early of 2015, RainbowDiaries thought of trying out Blogging as an extension of our other full-fledged Facebook Groups and Page that already has more than 15000++ follows, likes, readers and members.

Oh man, After that fortunately RainbowDiaries is going great guns! There are loads of parenting events our family has attended, I have been doing product and services reviews for reputed brands, freelance articles I have contributed to the leading parenting magazine and so on.

There is so much more RainbowDiaries want to do and I need motivation for the same which came in the form of this article published on theAsianparent – leading parenting magazine in Singapore. theAsianparent is a savior of millions of moms n dads in six countries.

It is a proud moment for RainbowDiaries to appear in theAsianparent’s list of “10 Newbie Parenting Bloggers To Watch Out For”!

Click here to read theAsianparent article.

RainbowDiaries feel honoured to get this accolade. Thanks all and keep reading ?❤️

31 thoughts on “Yay! RainbowDiaries become “Newbie Parenting Blogger To Watch Out for” in Singapore”

  1. Congrats on this achievement. Am sure that after more than a year has passed, more good things have coke your way. Keep blogging and may you find even greater success.

  2. You’ve been doing great ever since and I really enjoy reading your posts especially about parenting, it’s definitely helpful. This is a well deserved recognition! Congratulations on being featured!

  3. Keep on blogging ! We shall meet each whenever you are in Singapore or Malaysia ! Maybe next time i will go singapore and you will be tour guide , is it ok?

  4. Congratulations to making the top tier among mommy blogs. You really have a passion for writing and love for your kids that matched perfectly.

  5. Wow, I didn’t know you’re also an IT professional. That makes the two of us. You’re a very inspiring blogger and many readers look forward to more of your stories. 🙂

  6. woohoo! congrats Shub! I love reading your blogs, always able to find new ideas and inspirations. keep up the good work ya!

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