What’s your idea of kids hair care? Hmmm, generally when I buy shampoo for my kids, I don’t have too much choice. Go to the grocery store, randomly choose from the routine brands and come home! Many times, I don’t even buy conditioner for them 🙁

While bath time, kids feel bored with the same bottle, same old fragrance and keep on asking me, “Mom, you have so many different and attractive varieties of shampoos, conditioners, hair gels but WHY NOT FOR US???”

So, when they received this boxful of pout Care Range, they were very happy and curiously helped me to unbox and willingly posed as model as I wrote this review.


So what’s in the box?


There are 2 natural shampoos, 1 hydrating conditioner, 1 natural detangler and 1 natural hair wax. BTW, what yummylicious names they got – Peaches and Cream, Green Apple, Strawberry, Blueberry…all fruity goodness!!♥♥♥

Something special about the packaging…I can see the entire world of adventure and fantasy – Knight, Fairy, Witch, Mad Scientist, Pirate, Princess. Wow! Interesting indeed.♥♥♥














You know how kids are!! The moment they spotted all these characters, they went bonkers and started deciding who gets which product. They also discovered that there are boys and girls categories available in pout care. I would like to state that if you want, all in the family can use all the products also.♥♥♥

All these amazing characters transported us to the wonderland and we started to explore more about pout care range’s Carousel theme. We found that each character be it fairy or princess narrate a beautiful story snippet. Frankly speaking, I have not seen any hair care range for kids paying attention to so much detailing on the packaging. pout care definitely gets a nod of approval from kids!♥♥♥ My kids spent quite a lot of time in just exploring the contents on the package…


But as a parent, I was more cautious. We at RainbowDiaries just like that don’t appreciate the product. We use the product for some time personally, our kids use it and then only this review is complete! So, while kids were busy with carousel characters, I started checking the ingredients and other info about pout care.

Okay, great to know that pout care range is free of sulphate, parabens and is completely cruelty-free. Yes, the bottles are recyclable. Kids must get the best and pout care is taking care of that. ♥♥♥

One more thing about pout. They began as a child-specialty hair salon and then as a distributor of quality hair brand before launching pout. So obviously they know all about kids hair. ♥♥♥

Pout chose Australia for its high standards of manufacturing and its emphasis on sustaining the environment. Children have sensitive skin and scalp, so they ensure that pout’s gentle formulations are suitable for children of all ages. pout uses natural ingredients without any harmful sulphates and parabens to clean and hydrate. They also add a variety of organic plant and flower extracts sourced in Australia, such as Alfafa, Sage and Rosemary, to help enrich and strengthen children’s hair. Every product is formulated and tested in an ISO certified laboratory, with no animal products or testing. Good for kids and good for environment!  ♥♥♥


As a mom, I prefer simple opening for bottles – it should be slick and non-messy. Yes, I liked this bottle. Kids cannot pour too much of quantity. Only required will come out at a time. ♥♥♥


Lets see more details about pout care range:

  • pout Care Peaches and Cream Natural Detangler
    pout’s Peaches & Cream Natural Detangler is the only ‘treat’ you’ll need for your child’s hair! This treatment detangler contains beneficial Argan oil high in antioxidants, which promotes healthy hair growth and helps treat split ends. This product has really exotic fragrance! I personally would love to see it as a dessert too. ♥♥♥
  • pout Care Huckleberry Sorbet Natural Hair Wax
    Looking for a natural hair wax to hold styles in place? pout’s Huckleberry Sorbet Natural Hair Wax is your ‘huckleberry’! It provides a medium to firm hold that keeps hair styles in place with a matte finish. We all loved this one! Hold that this wax provides is very good. Look at my kids’ pics…Spiky look for those special occasions is so easy to get. My girl used it on her unruly bangs. ♥♥♥



  • pout Care Strawberry Magic Natural Shampoo
    Bursting with the yummy scent of Strawberries and a delightful hint of vanilla caramel, pout’s Strawberry Magic Natural Shampoo not only makes hair feel good, it smells good too! Made just for children, this product contains no sulphates or parabens. It gently and effectively cleanses and moisturizes, leaving hair soft and manageable. Actually, it is for kids but even I tempted to use it. Nicely refreshed hair was the result!


  • pout Care Green Apple Whoosh Hydrating Conditioner
    A green apple a day, keeps dry hair away. pout’s Green Apple Whoosh Hydrating Conditioner is formulated with natural emollients and rich protein that penetrate deeply into the hair shaft to effectively condition and hydrate. Generally we all shampoo kids’ hair regularly but don’t really pay more attention to condition them. Good to use this conditioner.
  • pout Care Blueberry Potion Natural Shampoo
    Bursting with the yummy scent of Blueberries, pout’s Blueberry Potion Natural Shampoo not only makes hair feel good, it smells good too! Made just for children, this product contains no sulphates or parabens. It gently and effectively cleanses and moisturizes, leaving hair soft and manageable.



Wanna browse and shop pout’s complete range? Click here. They have exclusive products for men and women too.

For all other information: visit pout web site


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