What to do when your kiddos keep fighting for the stuff saying that it actually belongs to him / her and not the other sibling?

What to do when you get a call from the Mom of your son’s classmate asking if he wore shoes of the other boy accidentally while coming back home?

What to do when your kids suddenly demand “some nice badge” on their t-shirts?

Simple! You take help of StickerKid’s labels and stickers.


Label everything you love – that’s the motto of StickerKids’ Chris and Doerthe. These two gorgeous people are the Swiss-German couple that takes care of your labels. They are in their early thirties and recently became parents, so it is totally normal that their circle of friends consists of more and more parents and families. The young couple found out very quickly that kids are real champions in loosing and forgetting things and they wanted to prevent lost toys and mixed up shoes. Easy to understand that they fell in love with the StickerKid idea and the products. Unique labels of top quality and just wonderfully handy for parents and kids – a concept you cannot say no to!


What makes StickerKid special?

  1. The company is well-established and trusted. StickerKid was founded in 2004 and they have a count of more than 100 000 satisfied parents as their clients. Over the course of these 10 years StickerKid products have constantly been improved and the company can proudly look back on millions of printed stickers.

  2. The founders are parents themselves so they know how typically kids behave.

  3. StickerKid products are swiss-made! I am a sucker for European products and their illustrious quality.

  4. StickerKid offers stickers and labels for almost everything – for shoes, for stationery, for clothes and so on. Let your imagination run wild…

  5. Not only stickers and labels, StickerKid offers identification bracelets and wristbands too.

  6. The stickers and labels are customizable. My daughter had so much fun customizing them for herself and her bro. Needless to say that they loved these labels and stickers and started using them for EVERY SINGLE THING of theirs!

  7. Can you imagine having stickers and labels that last thiisssss loonnngggg? I means 10 years guarantee? I seriously love this commitment of StickerKid.

  8. You can use them the way you want and they will still go strong. Washing machine, dishwasher, fridge – StickerKid withstands all these appliances.

  9. I am a parent but an IT professional too. So I would look at the interface of the website, ease of e-shopping it offers and so on. I rate StickerKid 10/10 for this.

  10. Last but not the least, you should experience the promptness of their service. Product support staff is so damn helpful. Delivery is smooth and swift.




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