RainbowDiaries is so happy to bring something special for kids!! We all watch usual kids’ films that release in theatres. But how about watching films directly @  Singapore International Children’s Film Festival? You will be the one of the firsts to watch the exclusive showcase of the best short films from different countries. This opportunity is definitely unique and enriching for kids.

The 2016 Singapore International Children’s Film Festival is opening on May 22 at the National Gallery and will run screenings for the public for 4 days only. This exciting, annual family event features the best short films from different countries, made for kids, about kids and sometimes, by kids too.

Rice Ball's Little Mallet

What’s Big Eyes, Big Minds?

Dedicated to kids aged 2 to 18 years old, Big Eyes, Big Minds – Singapore International Children’s Film Festival showcases the best new films for kids from around the world. It aims to showcase high-quality, culturally-diverse and value-affirming films that kids will connect with. The mission is to educate, enrich and inspire!

Big Eyes, Big Minds increase media literacy by cultivating film appreciation, increasing knowledge of the craft of film-making and providing a platform for kids to screen their own films.

Each year, Big Eyes, Big Minds screens to more than 3000 children, parents and teachers in Singapore.

Here’s what some good folks have to say about Big Eyes, Big Minds:

“When you think of childrenʼs films, think of the unsurpassed learning value of reading with your child, telling stories, and spending time just chatting with your child. Films add variety, color and excitement to your good times together. Attend the Singapore International Childrenʼs Film Festival to see some of the wonderful, imaginative new films available, and get going watching and talking with your child”.
– Dr. Susan Fedo
Faculty Member, Wheelock College,
Bachelor in Early Childhood Education

“The best children’s films and books have one thing in common – the ability to capture a child’s imagination through good storytelling. My children loved the films at Big Eyes, Big Minds, especially watching characters from their favorite books come alive on screen.”
– Eliza Teoh
Author of the Ellie Bellie series

“The short films shown in each age-appropriate programme were unique in the style of story-telling and in the values and ideas they convey. You don’t find such qualities in mainstream films for children. Exposing my son to such films will help him to express himself in his own writings.”
– Irene Low

Big Eyes, Big Minds was founded in 2010 by Mabel Gan of Paperbear Productions. Mabel is a film/television writer and director who earned her MFA in Motion Pictures at Florida State University. As a mother, she discovered the enormous potential of films to encourage critical thinking and creative expression in kids. There is little she enjoys more than watching a great film with her son and discussing it with him afterwards. This was the inspiration behind Big Eyes, Big Minds – Singapore International Children’s Film Festival.

What’s happening this year in Big Eyes, Big Minds?

This year, the festival is proud to have the Asian premiere of Stick Man, a film adaptation of another Julia Donaldson favorite. Stick Man is made by the producers of the Oscar-nominated animated film, The Gruffalo.


Bear Story, which won the Best Animated Film Award at our festival last year, has won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film this year.

These are the following 5 film collections for 4 different age groups, on May 22, 28, 29 and June 4:

1. Perfect Adventures (a collection of 11 short films) for ages 2 to 6.

2. One, Two, Achoo! (a collection of 11 short films) for ages 2 to 6.

3. Home Sweet Home (a collection of 7 short films) for ages 5 to 10. The highlight of this programme is BBC’s Stick Man, an adaptation of the children’s book of the same name by Julia Donaldson, author of The Gruffalo.

4. Treasures Untold ( a collection of 10 short films) for ages 7 to 13.

5. Make A Difference (a collection of 8 films) for ages 10 to 18.

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Rita & The Croc

Now, our big giveaway for small ones:

We have as many as 8 tickets to be given away to 4 lucky parents. So one parent gets a pair of tickets.

These 4 pairs of tickets are for My Perfect Adventures (recommended for ages 2 to 6) on Sunday 22 May at 11.15am.

How to participate? Pretty simple…

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Question: Stickman is based on which famous author’s book?

Winners just have to bring their IC or driver’s license to check in with us at the theatre on the day of the screening.

So quickly complete the steps and get a chance to catch award-winning films…Enrich your kids’ world!