Exploring Family Funtainment with TheSmartLocal

I remember visiting TheSmartLocal website some time ago while googling info on local food. I have also watched and appreciated the witty videos of Keiji Umehara without actively realizing that some of them are also the creations of the same portal.

All these threads joined together when a few days ago, I again visited TheSmartLocal.com while searching for things to do in Singapore.  I am going to have relatives visiting Singapore during June holidays and am planning to make their vacation as memorable as possible.

Let me showcase the interface, articles and overall site look and feel of TheSmartLocal and how it turned out to be an eye-opener in a good sense! I managed to bookmark lots of things to do and am sure what I found on TheSmartLocal will turn out to be complete family fun experiences.


Interface, Look and Feel

TheSmartLocal AKA TSL has quite a simple design. I didn’t find jazzy and glossy effects on the site. The site structure is straightforward to follow.

Home page has all the latest posts, category of articles, search and share buttons. It also has a top menu with options like Travel, Things to Do, Food and so on. Even a layman can easily navigate TheSmartLocal.


At the bottom of the page, I found some more options / initiatives of TSL like advertising, internship opportunities and their office address. Good enough already! Interested parties who wish to collaborate with TSL can use this area well.


By the way, TheSmartLocal site allows membership and contributions of members on the site. This is a must-have for any popular site. Do you know that TSL currently reaches over 2 million Singaporeans monthly means 2 out of every 5 Singaporeans know about this site…TheSmartLocal also has its own video channel – TheSmartLocalTV. The company has launched its own mobile discount app SNATCH – that brings you the best deals, and latest discounts in real time. TSL has expanded their online publication into Malaysia and Australia. Highly impressive statistics!


Coming to Speed and Overall performance, I found it was pretty smooth and fast. I didn’t face any hiccups while browsing.

My guess is that the minds behind TheSmartLocal want to keep the site no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point and the most useful to the readers. As a reader, I would love to see TSL continue this trait. But at the same time, I do feel that the team can consider revamping the site a bit. May be more vibrant colors and theme can be introduced? Something that won’t take away the ease of navigation but enhance it in fact.

Wealth of Information

I would call this site a data-centric site. TSL has loads of good and relevant content and I am a firm believer of the quote “Content is the King” so yes, I love TSL for the content.

Content comes from two places – one is editorial features, articles etc. and another from members’ contribution. BTW, just to mention, anyone can become a member of TSL by filling a simple form. I became already and they quickly sent me a cute newbie badge as well. As a member, you can chat in the forums, can send in your contributions and reviews.


I love such community sites where you get the info right from the real people. Honest reviews and experiences are always very valuable.

Look What I found on TheSmartLocal?

Like I told you at the beginning of this post, I landed up at this cool site in search of places that my relatives can visit and enjoy during their stay. Frankly speaking, even if am in SG for last 10 years, I have not visited quite a few still…Have a look at this article on TSL and you will agree with me!! There is so much to see, so much to do on this beautiful red dot.

This link called “Top 50 Rated Attractions” gave me a comprehensive list of attractions ranging from arts, culture and history to nightlife and entertainment. There are many other articles on the site that will suggest you places to go for a long drive, staycation ideas too. Now, I don’t have to worry about where to take my relatives to. I have so many choices.


Food is another category which you must visit on TSL site. Be it buffets, cafes, desserts, cheaper alternatives or atas restaurants…it’s all there! Yum yum yum J

For shopaholics, there is a separate category called Shop. Again, it has editorial as well members stuff.

So I had originally visited the site to find more about attractions to visit but ended up finding countless other happening things! For food, travel in and around SG, shop and other lifestyle items, I highly recommend TSL to you all.

I would be delighted to see exclusive parenting stuff on TSL. Can we have that category too, TSL?

Thank you TSL!

For helping me to freeze my to-do-list for Family Funtainment this June holidays…

  • Going to take my relatives to the places recommended on the site.
  • Planning to take my kids too along with us since many places mentioned here are kids-friendly.
  • Going to ulu places on a long drive with hubby dear
  • Trying out delish food
  • Exploring some shop till you drop places


PS: This is a sponsored post. All opinions, views expressed here are solely mine.

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34 comments on “Exploring Family Funtainment with TheSmartLocal”

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  2. hannah gee Reply

    I love the side bars, where you can quickly go to your favourite categories. Thanks for sharing, I havent seen this before.

  3. Tiffany Yong Reply

    Interesting, I do know the smart local because I’m a Singaporean too, but I’m surprised that you actually wrote about them to introduce them!

  4. Sayantini Bhattacharya Reply

    Wow, this website is so useful for tourists like us! Everybody wants authentic guides when they visit any unknown city or province. The Smart Local can be a saviour to them. Thanks for sharing your views 🙂

  5. Bhushavali Reply

    This is interesting. Just had a look at the site. Really like the way they’ve segregated everything like best place to eat each cuisine, cheapest, costliest etc.

  6. Fred Reply

    This will be very useful to tourists there. This is especially true for tourists who have been to Singapore before and want to do other activities aside from the usual ones.

  7. Elizabeth O. Reply

    This is the first time I’ve heard of the website, it’s a very good reference for a lot of things. I love websites that provide more than just information, it makes researching a lot more exciting especially for people who are interested in going to a specific place. This is definitely worth bookmarking, love it!

  8. roch Reply

    This is a great go-to site for tourists who want to have a golden piece of advice from locals without having to ask everyone in the streets casually. It contains a whole lot of articles which can be helpful for us to know the latest trends and some interesting news as well.

  9. Kathy Lacuna Reply

    Looks like a really cood site. I just visited this lifestyle and travel portal and found out that it offers a lot by way of information about a lot of things. I have bookmarked the page and I will definitely go back to the site.

  10. Zwitsy Reply

    This is really interesting. For travelers who would like to visit your place surely can use TSL as their guide. They should expand their services around Asia. this would be a big advantage on their part.

  11. Amanda Love Reply

    Don’t you just love apps that can help you in your search for something perfect? If I’m ever in that part of the world, I now know what I’ll be using to get around.

  12. Suzanne Rudge Reply

    Having a site such as The Smart Local is a great idea! It will certainly help tourists out, but even as locals you will benefit. This is going to be very popular.

  13. Emily Reply

    I use The Smart Local as well especially when I am planning a trip. Sometimes, I just go to browse the photos. LOL

  14. Betty Liew Reply

    This is useful website as sometime I need it to guide me where to go if I travel to Singapore.

  15. sayaiday Reply

    i love to check timeout because it will shown every best place in malaysia. nice website btw, i will check if i’m visiting singapore in future. thanks!

  16. Sharon Lee Reply

    The layout was quite easy to understand and easy to use! Now we can use smartlocal for family entertainment during weekend =D

  17. TheMizzEve Reply

    This is my first time hearing about The Smart Local. Will definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing such useful information.

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