First of all RainbowDiaries wishes all of you a very very Happy Mother’s Day! We are of the opinion that all days are mother’s day and one single day cannot be enough to thank her. Having said that we do feel that Mother’s Day offer us an opportunity to stop n consciously think about what mom really means to us and honor her.

We are bringing you something special this Mother’s Day – No giveaways, No gifts, nothing usual…We are instead having a 2-part treat for you to read, to retrospect and to love your mom. One where real moms in Singapore share about themselves – they are nothing less than celebrities in our eyes – because they are mothers!

and…In this particular post, we bring you what four generations of women think about their moms. Here,

  • My daughter Eeshaa writes about me
  • I write about my Mom
  • My mom writes about her Mom i.e. my Grandma
  • and last but not the least, My Grandma shares about her Mom i.e. my great grandma

We collected this information through whatsapp, traditional letter writing way and conversation mode! Read on.


  • Eeshaa, my 10-year old wrote this for me. Straight from the heart, written in a simple language and hurriedly because exams are on, unedited with a few funny spelling mistakes and in 3 minutes this cute little letter-cum-greeting was ready!


  • This is what I – Shubhada thinks about her mom – Jyoti

Hmmm, never wrote so far for you, Aai. When I sat down to write, I am somewhat at a loss for words.

Now, that I think, you have been always my idol actually. A strong working woman who always had a mind of her own and who didn’t hesitate to speak it up! Unfazed by whatever issues you faced, you surged ahead and achieved success.

You (and Dad) are quite ahead of times and never thought the routine way. You never stopped me from following my own heart and always encouraged a child to do what she really wanted to do – irrespective of what others say! Ha ha, I did take undue advantage of this freedom sometimes and landed myself in troubles many a times but was always 100% sure that can lean back on you to settle the mess. Cannot thank you enough for this one teaching – “Don’t Worry about what others think. Do what you think is right. Always follow the path of honesty.”

After becoming a mother of 2 little goons, am perfectly understanding how many times I must have boiled your blood. But am sure I made you proud also!

Never could express it verbally…yes, I love you so much and want you to be happy, healthy and complete your century of life. Am selfish, need you as long as possible. Happy Mother’s Day!


  • Here is what my mom – in her sixties – whatsapped me from my dad’s phone about her mom and my grandma – Nirmala





  • Now comes the heart-wrenching piece where my beloved grandma Nirmala in her almost nineties shares her opinion about her mom who was a woman born roughly in 1900 or before…Jyoti collected this info by talking to Nirmala and whatsapped me later. This piece is extremely valuable for me because it gives a glimpse of how life was for women was in that era.


glossary of terms to explain for your understanding…

  • Pali Aaji – my great grandma
  • Panjoba – my great grandpa
  • abused – said bad words
  • expired – passed away [you will find Indians from India using this term commonly]


Nothing more to say…just Value your mother, you get only one and only once!