First of all, many thanks to Singapore Parent Bloggers for this wonderful idea of a blog train that too on a topic which is near and dear to all the parenting bloggers!! So far many of us have written and must say I could totally relate in some or the other way with all of them.

I am not going to elaborate too much on my daily routine like at what time my family does what because it is much similar to many others who have written earlier. E.g.. Morning 6 O’clock die-die must get up, get kiddos ready for school and drop them and the cycle continues for the remaining day, week, month and year…with a few exceptions like weekends and school holidays.

Let me share with you what are the exciting challenges that I face as a mom, as a FTWM, as a FTWM blogger mom throughout the week in general and how I try my best to cope up. While I do this, will give you the glimpses of my little world!



  • Actually, I am an incidental blogger. RainbowDiaries is a natural but unplanned progression of my other social media adventures. A few years ago, I founded two pretty large Facebook Groups having more than 13500 members and a Facebook page that now boasts of more than 1700 likes. Never thought till end 2014 that I would seriously write a blog. I had created a blog and left it there with one odd post. I was reluctant, clueless about the blog for much part of 2014 and then suddenly something just struck in the mind and I started writing regularly. Got some great comments, encouragement from hubby, parents and friends so continued writing. Now, it is a hobby-turned-passion-hopefully-doesn’t-become-obsession stage of my blog-life!
  • Well, as a mom or dad, we all anyways struggle and juggle. Office work and /or house work, Kids schools, studies, their illness, our duties as a spouse and hundred other things. Kudos, to all of us! I too have to handle many fronts and have to don many hats at the same time.In the morning, am like a zombie who cooks and gets kids ready for school. Having a full timer helper is a boon but kids would always want “MOM”. They don’t find pencil cases, their hand phone, hair clips every single morning!! I have no clue who vanishes this stuff even if everything is kept ready the night before. Phew… Then finally dear hubby drops them to school and I ruuuunnnnn to take bath and get ready for office. I am sure we moms have the art to take bath and get ready in lesser time than Maggi mee takes to cook.

finally ready to go to school…

  • Time on the way to office is the most valuable time. What all things I can do in those precious 50 minutes? have a power nap, do some thinking, draft blog posts, put on some moisturizer and foundation, comment on other fellow bloggers’ blogs, take some photos and post on Instagram, publish latest news or interesting pieces of info on my Facebook page n groups, have a look at the PowerPoint I have to present in the office.11143731_10153160449423936_1717583995703923962_n
  • I am an IT professional in the field of training and consultancy. The job is public facing and involves corporate training, conducting seminars, designing course materials, meeting clients and so on. It also demands that I am updated with the latest software in the industry be it Microsoft, SAP or SAS. I love to talk so love this job! When in office, I am totally into my work. So blogging and other social media have to wait. Only occasional updates, a few posts here and there in the break times, check emails…


  • Again while coming back from office, I optimally utilize travelling time. When MRT gives proper network then do stuff online and when it goes underground with dim or no network then I continue drafting my posts or enhance photos. Writing a blog post really takes considerable time. I also let my helper know which veggies to chop and keep ready.


  • Back to home and mad rush begins again…cooking dinner – I prefer home-cooked food for the family as much as possible. Evening is also the time to help the kids to do the “blood boiler homework”…
    • It is a different story that most of the times, I have no clue of solving P5 Maths sums 🙁 So instead of teaching my daughter, I myself start learning…:D!! Frankly speaking, why I really should be “kaypoh”ing in how much Andy, Nadia, Si Quan and Devi are saving???IMG_0925
    • Younger one generally comes up with the excuses that he is tired or he has already written alphabets etc. etc.
    • After a mild dose of nagging / yelling, finally this ordeal gets over for me!at least till tomorrow evening…
  • Then dinner time, hubby is back from office, some family chit-chat, fun and Zzzzzzz…



  • Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I wake up…some kind of creative urge makes me write blog at odd hours. Eg. it’s 3 AM now…and am drafting this this is a bit worrying! Need to do something about it…


  • Done, 5 days gone of the week…
  • We all know that it is never a smooth ride being a parent so whatever routine I wrote above is always subject to change! Sudden fevers, stomach pains and all such stuff can derail the whole schedule. Rushing to Paed / KKH at odd hours of the night, feeling sad to see the poor little things not well and meeting professional deadlines at the same time can really test us as a parent! 🙁

How blogging has made my weekends more exciting and fruitful?

Before, I started blogging my weekends were very lazy…We did the same same things every weekend. Go for Grocery shopping, take kids to the beach / mall, giving them long drives, play on downstairs playground, Swimming…

After I have started blogging, thanks to media invites and other events, we have exciting activities lined up for kids. Eg. Visiting indoor playgrounds or latest exhibitions / movies and so on.

So along with our old laze-around weekend routine, we now have exclusive and specific activities to look forward to. Say cheers to Family Bonding!

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Has Blogging made me a better parent? perhaps, Yes!!

It is somewhat difficult to confirm this fact at this stage but yes, to an extent, I have improved as a parent.

Parenting is an ongoing journey and there are always new lessons to learn. As a Mom blogger, thanks to all product reviews, kids activities and writing freelance parenting articles, I have become more aware of the current trends. Blogging is also helping me hubby and me to do things for the kids more consciously and with more focus.

Needless to mention that blogging is a great tool to jot down my experiences as a parent. These experiences would serve as invaluable memories and a guide for our kids once they grow up and become adults.

So, that’s my take on “Week in Life – A blogging Mum” – Exhausting but rewarding, Somewhat overwhelming but fulfilling 🙂 🙂


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