I was looking for some good phonics books for my 4-year old boy when I came across LearningTech Program. It is a complete educational program for children to achieve success and happiness.

LearningTech Program is all about enabling parents to be facilitators of the child’s learning process. It provides parents with the tools to make learning fun. I think this is a very important part that parents like me should note. When we try to enforce learning as “mandatory, must-do thing”, kids might lose interest but when learning is seen to be enjoyable and less of a chore, the desire to learn would be greatly enhanced.

LearningTech has designed three different educational programs to develop the child’s potential right from the early formative years. These programs are meant to be used at home.

Complete Educational ( A+) Program (CEP)
Holistic Bilingual Program (HBP)
Magic Phonics Program (MPP)

I was invited by Jay of Learning Tech Program to try-out and review some of their materials and since I was looking for phonics education for my boy, I chose to review some contents of its Magic Phonics Program. This program provides fun way to teach phonics and grammar to kids in order to make them fluent readers before they start formal schooling.

LearningTech’s Bilingual program:


I also got one bilingual material from Holistic Bilingual Program to review. Since, my boy will soon start learning mandarin in his pre-school, I wanted to check his reaction and receptiveness towards the new language other than English.

These books come with a smart pen and I found the smart pen to be really smart! It brings books to life. My boy boy and his elder sister both loved the smart pen concept. It is interactive and very easy to use. Very young kids also can comfortably use it.

Clicked some pics when the kids were getting familiar with the Bilingual book. The smart pen comes in vibrant, cheerful colors and has a shape that is easy to hold.


The boy first thought that the pen is like a normal writing tool but when it started “talking”, it was so much fun!


I personally tried the bilingual book and found it quite interesting. It is like reading comics. The graphics is catchy, the dialogs are cute. You can either read the book just like that or use smart pen for the voiceover. The voiceover is funny and kids would love it. The book has loads of animal sounds, songs and all such things that are always sure-fire hit with kids. In fact, learning Mandarin becomes quite easy this way. Listen to English words and then listen the same in Mandarin. Good!!

As a parent, just ensure that the smart pen is not used in over-smart way by kiddos. Initially, they tend to try out various tricks of using the smart pen. After initial excitement is over, show them the right way to use it for the maximum benefit.

Watch this short video that summarizes kid’s reaction when introduced to the book and the pen.


Now coming to LearningTech’s Magic Phonics program:

Magic Phonics program is a wonderfully illustrated interactive pictorial phonics and grammar program for children.

Children learn to associate printed letters with the speech sound each word represents. Mastering phonics will enable children to read quickly in confidence. Once a child knows how to read , he/she can become an independent reader. This phonics program comes with a reading pen to hear the sound of the phonics pronunciation.


I found the Magic Phonics books quite impressive. Kids get instantly attached to the books and its characters, situations and thereby start showing interest in the words, sounds and grammar of the contents.

For my boy, I had to sit down with him and help him to read the words since he is still in very early stages of reading. But he seemed to be interested and was focusing well on the materials.




Magic Phonics is a complete program for all stages of readers.


Want to know more about LearningTech Program?

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