[Media Release] Aviva Superfundae 2016 – the Largest, the Wildest and Imaginative Playdate in town!

June Holidays are not too far. Have you started planning for it with your kids? By the way, Whoever said play time is only for kids, hold that thought, because parents, you are in for a ride!

Book the date – 4th June 2016! You and your family are invited to Aviva Superfundae 2016, the largest Playdate in town where imaginative and wild activities come into play.

Designed to encapsulate three play elements, Connective Play, Active Play, and Creative Play, the games and activities effortlessly fuse structured play with free play to enrich a child’s physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing.

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Creative Minds behind Aviva Superfundae 2016

Organized by local events management company IMAGINE+, and sponsored by insurer Aviva, it’s all about ‘Sunshine and Happiness’ this year at Aviva Superfundae, where families come together for some sun-loving, quality play time.

“We set ourselves apart from other family-friendly events in Singapore by carefully curating interactive activities that bring family and friends together. We want original and quirky activities that allow everyone – young and old – to be silly, let loose and have fun,” said Mr Benjamin Wee, co-founder of IMAGINE+, a father of three and the organizer of the Aviva Superfundae.

“Over and above enjoyment and play, we want to also encourage event-goers to ‘Disconnect to Connect’. In this day and age, we are often distracted by work and our many mobile devices. We forget to slow down and enjoy time with our children so we want to remind families to do exactly that,” he added.

Mr Nishit Majmudar, CEO of Aviva Singapore, said, “We are thrilled to be the title sponsor of this unique family event for the second year. At Aviva, we value relationships. We want to play a part in helping families spend more quality time together to tighten those family bonds with some good old-fashioned fun. Having joined more than 8,000 participants in the fun last year, we are excited to be back to bring Singapore a bigger and better Aviva Superfundae this June holidays.”

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What’s in it?

Loads of fun for sure!!

  • If you have always dreamt about candies falling from the sky, Superfundae will make that dream come true with the Mega Candy Cannon! We kid you not, free Haribo gummies will be blasted out of a candy cannon every hour! Sugar rush guaranteed!
  • Relax on the meadows with your loved ones and enjoy a movie under the stars as we wind down in the evening.
  • Channel your inner hero at the Ninja Quest obstacle course, a giant inflatable obstacle course at The Meadow.
  • Kids get to zip around in the Speedy Zone on skate scooters, squiggly cars and push bikes.
  • Mums and Dads, challenge yourself with the kids in tow! Daddy may be strong, but can he handle two kids at the same time at Double Daddy Dash? Daddy can also opt to drag the kids around in Daddy Donut Dash. If Dad is still up for it, he can swoop Mum off her feet and dash through the Daddy Mommy Piggyback.
  • Adults, treat yourself to a beer at the Beer Dash once you’ve made a run for it. Kids, fret not, a 60m Milk Dash is just round the corner steady hands and fast feet required.
  • Put the right brain to work at Kaboodle Play where your imagination runs wild as you build larger than life creations with blue foam blocks.
  • Budding artists should not miss fun art and craft activities led by Mosaic Workshop, JayJayJolly and Da Little Arts School.
  • Let loose and get ready to get wet and wild! Battle it out with your Nerf Super Soakers at Craycrayspray Water Play. Adults and kids are welcome. Caution: Endless laughter and enjoyment involved.
  • Come by the Pirate Island and make your own Treasure Boat using origami paper, float it down the winding river and see if it survives the rapids!
  • Lil’ kiddos, learn to swing like squirrels at Squirrels & Acorns and make your way across balancing beams and swing from vine to vine while transporting goodies back to your nest.
  • Bring on the Numakiki Jungle Obstacle! Form a parent-child team and navigate through a super fun circuit that puts your brains and motor skills to the test. It’s all about teamwork!
  • Hop onto a 14-ft trampoline, then Jump ‘n Grab yummy goodies hung from above.
  • Mummies and daddies, worry not, there will be a Johnson’s Baby diaper change area and nursing room to keep your little tots comfortable and happy.
  • Let your toddlers explore and engage in interactive group-play at the Johnson’s Baby Toddler Play Room while you parents take a break.

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Where’s the location?

Held at The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay on 4 June 2016, more than 30 non-stop games and activities await you!!

Ticketing Information

Priced at $19.90 each, the one-price-for-all tickets are now on sale through all SISTIC outlets and official SISTIC website. Each ticket comes with a Superfundae pack for children, and a free beer or juice for adults.

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So see you all @ Aviva Superfundae 2016! 🙂 🙂


***Photo Credits: IMAGINE+

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38 comments on “[Media Release] Aviva Superfundae 2016 – the Largest, the Wildest and Imaginative Playdate in town!”

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  3. Rawlins GLAM Reply

    Wow! Loving the pictures where parents and kids are enjoying themselves. A great bonding session.
    Could it be that the parents are enjoying the session more than the kids? Hahaha

  4. shin may Reply

    This activity is good for family bonding. Its looks damn fun ~children must be happy with all the activity and have a good sleep …ahaha

  5. Syafiera Yamin Reply

    wow looks like so happening and fun event ! Kids sure will have a great time with this kind of activity. Your country always come with a great event for kids to spend their time.

  6. Mike Yip Reply

    Definitely look like a funday out for the family. Too bad it’s school day and not a public holiday or I’ll bring my children down from KL.

  7. Arisa Chow Reply

    Great way to beat the heat with a water gun fight, families should bring their kids to these kind of bonding events more often

  8. Betty Liew Reply

    A lot of fun activities whereby parent can spend more time with their children. Meaningful event and thank you for sharing.

  9. nicol Reply

    go wow, this sounds amazing and so fun! this would be a great family day out

  10. jared's mum Reply

    This looks like a superfun summer activity with the kiddos! Kudos to the organizer, I am sure it will be a success as a lot of people will most likely want to participate. I hope they can organize a similar event where we live!

  11. Elizabeth O. Reply

    That sure is a lot of fun! There’s so many activities and I love that there are certain activities that allow the parents to be involved, not just the kids, that’s good quality time! It’s good that this event helps promote being physically active through play. That will exercise their minds too.

  12. Fred Reply

    I have to agree that this one looks like a lot of fun. Too bad they did not have events like this when my kids were still growing up. They are very active and I think they will really enjoy these events with us parents.

  13. Franc Ramon Reply

    They have so many attractions that kids would enjoy. It’s nice to bring kids here as they get to socialize and at the same time enjoy the outdoors.

  14. Leona Reply

    your kids are super blessed, another fun family activity for them over a weekend really builds them up

  15. Amanda Love Reply

    What a great event this is going to be and I hope a lot of families take their kids to it. I know if I was there that I certainly would. My daughter and even my son would love it.

  16. Claire Marie Algarme Reply

    Wow, this sounds fun! If only we have something like this here in our city. 🙂 Kids will surely have a great time. And parents, too! It’s a good opportunity to bond as a family and have a wonderful time together. I look forward to your post-event story. 🙂

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