Hanuman – The Superhero Monkey…Go watch now with your cuties!

In this digital world, our kids are familiar expert in watching movies, playing games and other forms of entertainment. But Live Stage Shows win hands down when it comes to making kids truly deliriously happy!

Singapore Repertory Theatre’s (SRT) Hanuman – The Superhero Monkey gives kids one such super fun experience!

We all know Hanuman as the monkey God. He is the one who didn’t leave any stone unturned to unite Sita with Lord Ram. Ramayana could never be complete without Hanuman.

SRT’s The Little Company brings Hanuman – The Superhero Monkey in a refreshingly new form. The show is created in collaboration with the UK’s  Imitating the Dog, who bring their unique theatre style to this epic tale adapted from the Ramayana, and featuring music by Soumik Datta, one of the biggest new music talents in UK.

When Parveen of SRT invited us to watch and review the show, Kids were so excited. They knew the story of Ramayana and were eager to see their favorite characters on the stage!

On a part windy, part sunny, part rainy afternoon, We reached SRT. Hanuman is a similar experience – a refreshing new take on Ramayana that is partly musical, partly theatre with a generous dose of film, cartoon and multimedia.


The theatre was full of kids, parents, grandparents…Wow! indeed this show is for all age groups.

The attention of the audience was captivated right from the start. Quite an unique way of introducing characters and in the blink of an eye the stage was changing its forms… Hanuman and his lovable gang of monkey friends took us along with them on the journey to rescue Sita, defeat Ravana and we all keep our eyes glued on the stage, clap and sing with them and for them.

Zachary Ibrahim as Hanuman in Hanuman - The Superhero Monkey
Here comes Hanuman – the Superhero Monkey


and this is the lovable band of friends who can make anything possible!

Hanuman and his friends are good hearted, they are naughty, they are a bit scaredy and very humane. But when time comes…they evolve, recognize their superhero powers, show extraordinary courage, display the true spirit of friendship and emerge as winners by destroying evil Ravana! Now this is what as a parent, I would like my kids to do. 🙂 🙂

Sean Lai, Millicent Wong, Zachary Ibrahim and Jo Tan in Hanuman - The Superhero Monkey
They can be fierce too…

The show duration is around 55 minutes. It was great to see kids laughing, responding, singing and dancing with Hanuman and his friends. Two thumbs to the actors! It’s not that easy to win over kids and engage them.

After the show, we got an opportunity to click photo with the cast. Oh yeah, please note that during the show, no photos are allowed! Anyways, it is best to focus and enjoy the show without any interruptions.


Happy, happy kids and we came back with this cute momento of the show that will be long remembered…My elder daughter was reading the booklet that gives information about the actors and other creative minds again and again!!


Suitable for children and adults, this multi-sensory theatre experience is a superhero journey unlike anything seen before in Singapore.

The show is on only till 30th April. You only have a few days to catch it up! RainbowDiaries provides you all the details right below…Book your tickets now!

Hanuman – The Superhero Monkey
Presented by SRT’s The Little Company
Showing on 1 – 30 Apr 2016

More about SRT:

Singapore Repertory Theatre’s (SRT) goal is to provide a platform for Asian artists both on and off stage and to give Singaporeans and visitors the opportunity to experience Broadway, the West End and the richness of Singaporean culture.

SRT has established itself as one of Asia’s leading English-language theatres. In addition to its repertoire of original work, the company has produced a number of highly popular and critically acclaimed productions of western classics starring Asian performers. These include Kiss of the Spider Woman, Little Shop of Horrors, Art, The Woman in Black, The Pillowman, Blackbird, Avenue Q, God of Carnage, Venus in Fur and many others.


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  1. Eventhough im not a kid myself, i find the show interesing. Hope they have it quarterly next time, so that i can plan the seasons to go T.T

  2. it looks like a really funny and interesting show, i love to bring my kids for theatre, plays and whatever pique their interest that can away from just the academic world too

  3. That sure sounds interesting. I would love to watch this with my 2 younger brothers. They’ll be entertained for sure. I mean who wouldn’t want to watch a superhero monkey do its thing? lol Thanks for sharing!

  4. This sure does look like a lot of fun. I would even want to see this. I love going to the theatre and so does my daughter now as well. This is such a great family affair.

  5. You are correct! It takes more skill to be able to keep kids engaged and reacting positively to a play almost an hour long. I don’t think I know this story, so I hope they also stage something like this here in our country.

  6. I’ve always loved the theater and would love my kids to feel the same way about it. I would love to watch Hanuman too one day. I wonder if the local theater companies here would franchise it.

  7. It looks like a great show, with the way the stage and actors are seen through your photos. I have heard of this story before but I seem to have forgotten all about it. I need to refresh myself. 🙂

  8. That’s an amazing experience not only for the kids but for the parents as well. I am not familiar with the tale but it’s a great way to encourage kids to reach their goals and overcome the challenges they face!

  9. Looks like a great show to watch both for kids and adults alike. I love the theatre and make it a point to watch regularly. The Superhero Monkey is one show that would be good for kids as it depicts the triumph of good over evil and the value of true friendships, something that kids can emulate. Thanks for sharing this!

  10. This sounds like an amazing show for kids – and a good refresher for my own Ramayana knowledge. Turning Hanuman into a superhero is a great way to keep the story relevant. From what I can tell from your photos, it’s been an amazing experience!

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