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The reason why I put this disclaimer first is because the post involves my experience which is still on-going and will involve writing a few more follow-up posts about Laser Skin treatment. It is a scientific, medical aesthetics treatment and involves careful consideration and expert guidance.

Ok, ok, now enough of serious tone of mine! Now the fun part and details for all of you, my dear readers…


When yours truly got invited to be a Blogger Ambassador of Only – Singapore’s Largest Medical Aesthetics, frankly speaking, I was a bit apprehensive. Facials, waxing, massage etc. I have tried many times before and quite a pro. But Aesthetics treatments? Hmmm…will it involve stuff like Botox, surgical procedure etc.?? which I just DON’T WANT under any case.

So I headed straight to Only’s website and wow, got enlightened about new trends in beauty treatments. Science and Technology has changed the way beauty treatments are rendered now – be it for skin, hair or entire body. Many of these procedures are non-invasive for people like me who freak out at the thought of needles and surgical procedures. Non-invasive procedures don’t introduce any needles or other equipment into the body.


So last week, in the evening after my work, I visited Only’s Wheelock Place clinic which is an award winner. Only has seven stores island wide. The clinic is swanky and spotlessly clean. Absolutely great ambiance, conducive for beauty treatments, I must say!



Medical aesthetics treatments need proper skin analysis and consultation. So the Group Director checked my skin and said that my skin actually not that bad! But of course, I know that it is not that good either…there are ugly open pores on the cheek area, drier patches and dehydrated-looking zones.. Also, I have uneven skin tone and it does look dull. There are some acne marks, sun spots, pigmentation as well.


After talking to her, she suggested that I should go for the customized Luminosity treatment. Only has many options and it customizes the treatments to suit the client’s skin condition.

So what is Laser Skin Treatment?

Touted as modern day cure-all skin treatment for Pimples, pores or pigmentation, Only’s patented Laser Skin treatment will do good to the skin.


  • Rebuilds and Rejuvenates The Skin

  • Improves Skin’s Texture

  • Reduces Appearance Of Large Pores

    It is a painless and quick treatment which is non-invasive and requires no downtime means you can resume your daily activities without any hindrance. Don’t opt for this treatment if you are pregnant / suffer from dermatitis or severe eczema.

How is it conducted?

Only Aesthetics ensure that well-qualified doctors and consultants perform Laser Skin treatments. Here is the Laser Room where I got my treatment done after signing routine forms asking for my details, medical history / allergies if any. I was a bit nervous looking at this equipment. This is what I feel when sitting on the dentist’s chair too! It is not the actual pain but anticipation of it that makes you scared. Lol.



Doctor came in, explained me the treatment and started the treatment. Slightly hot, tingling sensation was felt on the face which was natural and expected. Please note that you have to let the doctor know about any piercings or other pain spots on the face. These areas can be quite sensitive and can cause unnecessary pain during the treatment.

Maximum 10 minutes and it was done! During the treatment, there was a slight burning smell of tiny facial hair and bacteria accumulated on the skin surface. For me, I found it pretty fast, painless and professionally conducted. Doctor at every point was explaining me details about the treatment and what it actually does. What to expect and not to expect after the treatment and so on. Personally, I prefer these kind of doctors – who explain everything in clear terms.

One quick selfie! Skin felt a bit hot, a bit oily probably due to activation of cells…Pores look lesser…


Note: Photo is taken in bright light so the face is appearing fairer.

After the first round of the treatment, now its time for another round of the Customized Luminosity Laser Skin Treatment. I had heard of luminosity filter in Adobe Photoshop but the one I tried works on actual skin.

It’s kind of IPL + Omega Light + mask combo for the skin that enhances the benefit of the first round conducted by the doctor. Consultant who did it for me is a young lady from Korea and is confident and well-experienced.


Aha, the photo below is not a scene from sci-fi movie but the Omega light that is penetrating the skin. Ensure your eyes are properly covered since the light can be a bit bright. This treatment is called “Omega Light Laser Skin Rejuvenation” aiming at brightening and making the skin luminous.


One immediate photo after Session 1 of the Laser Skin Quickie is over. You can see that the skin is a bit reddish. The doctor had told me this already. The redness was gone by the time I reached home. A bit of itch was experienced for a day. No other side effects!


In the night, I applied the Post-Laser 3D Brightening Mask which is for healing, soothing the skin and it did that. 🙂


After 5 days of the treatment

So far, this is what I see and feel…verified by hubby also…:

  • Skin texture is improved especially the roughness of cheeks is reduced – upper part of the cheeks is smoother and pores are reduced. I am looking forward to the second session to see whether the lower part of the cheeks also show the similar positive difference.
  • Dry skin is getting better. Skin looks less dehydrated.
  • Overall softness of the skin can be experienced.


Note: No filter / No makeup photo.

I will continue to update you what happens in the next few sessions. Till that time, check your options for rejuvenating your skin and correcting the imperfections. We as women 1000% deserve all this pampering!! Check Only’s website for FAQs, videos of treatment, reviews and more details.

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