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Let’s admit it, ladies! We all are multi-taskers by default, we all can single-handedly manage office and house work, kids, hubby, cleaning home, cooking and have the capability to work 24X7 all 365 days. But…are we over-exerting ourselves? Are we donning too many caps at the same time?
Don’t we all need a little bit of help to maintain the sane state of mind and clean state of home? Let’s admit it, ladies!
As far as I am concerned, I get this feeling many times. Especially just two weeks back, when my helper had to go back to her hometown owing to an unfortunate emergency and there was no chance of getting a new helper immediately, I had to manage EVERYTHING – mopping, sweeping, cleaning toilets, doing dishes, cleaning and maintaining every nook and corner of my home – Whoa!! I am sure I scored super low in this test. How about refrigerator, oven, ironing??? – I don’t even want to speak about it. 🙁 🙁
Most of time went into running around kids, their schools, studies, and my own office work so I had to royally ignore the cleanliness of the home. Hubby supported in all ways possible but even he had his busy schedule on…this whole period left us drained.
I wish I had known about “HELPLING” that time…as their tagline goes – “No time to clean? Book a cleaning!

Helpling is not a conventional cleaning company but an online marketplace that bridges the gap between people who need help and independent cleaners. It is basically a very convenient online platform that ensures you get professional cleaners.

How to book:
Simple! Visit Helpling website and complete 3 easy steps. Help is already on your way to a sparklingly clean home –
1. Enter your location
2. Make an appointment
3. Pay securely online
When I visited their website for the purpose of this post, I found it extremely precise. The FAQ section of the website is so elaborate! Rates, types of services are mentioned in absolutely clear format.
What’s more, Helpling is available as an App too – for iOS and Android both. When I tested booking for help through the app, it was straightforward.
Helpling website nicely suggests cleaning duration and allows you to tweak the options.
In short, help is just a few clicks or finger presses away. 🙂

Look at the way Helpling’s website is designed – no beating around the bush, no confusing terms about its services at all. That puts the customer completely at ease.
You can pay for Helpling’s services by secure online payment mode and all the major credit and debit cards are accepted.
What kind of cleaning services you can book through Helpling:
 – Wiping/dusting of surfaces
 – Vacuuming/mopping of floors
 – Cleaning of toilets
 – Making the bed
 – Doing dishes
You can always mention if you need a few more additional services. I personally love this feature since ironing can be a huge task for anyone. Also, the ironing that we do might not be really perfect! Also, thorough cleaning inside oven and refrigerator is crucial since it concerns food and hence health of the loved ones.
Also, check out Helpling’s standard cleaning package which covers an array of typically essential services for maintaining a clean home.

About the cleaners who help you to maintain your home:
Now for any law-abiding citizen, it is of paramount importance that the cleaners who visit you are legal. We cannot take any chances here.

As per Singapore laws, only Singaporeans and PRs are allowed to take up part-time cleaning assignments. Maids or tourists etc. are prohibited to work as cleaning freelancers. There are heavy penalties imposed in case any meddling with the law happens. Sometimes, illegal cleaners offer lesser cleaning costs but we should not fall prey to such tactics just to save a few bucks!

Helpling evaluates its cleaners via multi-stage processing, interviews and background checks. So as a customer, I don’t have to worry about legality of the cleaners.

Prices of Helpling services are upfront and absolutely no hidden costs involved. Cleaners of Helpling have clear police records, they are experienced and definitely deserve the prices they charge.
Why I will choose Helpling when I need cleaning help:
  • Comprehensive home cleaning services covered – right from mopping, sweeping, ironing to doing dishes, refrigerator cleaning.
  • Cleaners with verified profiles and legal status
  • Transparent pricing with NO hidden costs.
  • Customer Service available for all 7 days a week.
  • Awesome website and app which makes the whole experience smoother.
  • Secure Online Payment
  • Constant Review of Cleaning services and acting on the feedback for continued improvement
  • Wealth of information available on Helpling’s blog – very useful for all homeowners.
  • Helpling operates not only in Singapore but as many as 8 other countries!!
  • Last but not the least, as a woman, I need some precious time to spend with my loved ones or simply to pamper myself

Helpling perfectly understands and addresses the stress of today’s life and gives us a great solution for a hassle-free home cleaning! Go, book your Helpling cleaning today!!


For RainbowDiaries readers, we have a special giveaway. Complete the steps and 5 lucky winners will redeem SGD 20 on Helpling’s cleaning services.

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T&C’s for the giveaway –
1- The offer cannot be used in conjunction with an other promotion

2- Valid only to new customers
3- Helpling T&C’s applied
4- Only for weekly and fortnightly bookings
5- RainbowDiaries’ decision will be final about the giveaway.

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34 comments on “[Sponsored Post and Giveaway] Helpling: Helping to Keep Homes Clean like a Dream”

  1. Franc Reply

    I always lose track on the cleaning part. Companies like helping can really aid in connecting with people who can do the cleaning faster.

  2. Fred Hawson Reply

    The issues of this type of service will be security since strangers will be entering your house, and maybe even your rooms. Because of this concern, this business may not work in all societies.

  3. Rodger Reply

    This is what I am looking for. Very useful especially during festive season. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Elizabeth O. Reply

    That's an awesome app, I didn't even know something like that existed until now! This definitely helps a lot of people, especially moms that are stumped with work!

  5. Rochkirstin Santos Reply

    Wow, this will be extra helpful for those busy households who don't know where to get help (hiring professional services for cleaning the house). I think we can use that soon.

  6. Emily Reply

    I am always looking out for such service. I mean, who has the time for cleaning these days? I'd rather pay someone and handover my frustrations to her.

  7. PJ Zafra Reply

    What a great website. Thank you for sharing this. I sometimes feel like going crazy after the storm that passes: my 2 younger brothers. lol

  8. FiSh. ohFISHiee Reply

    wow cleaning service can be so easy and detailed nowadays. i like the feature that allows me to choose whether i need someone to clean my fridge etc

  9. farena Reply

    It's always nice to have a sparkling and clean home. I couldn't manage without my helper to keep things tidy but yes it is great to have an option for cleaning when the helper is not available.

  10. Johor Kaki Reply

    hmm Helping looks like a great idea! I am sure it would come in handy when we need extra help around the house for spring cleaning and during housework emergencies.

  11. Piya Ramnani Reply

    I love this Helping website first this is safe and we are ensure about this. This website is very convenient and easy. Thanks 84844928

  12. Shingzz Lss Reply

    This is really convenient especially if the family are all working during daytime. It will be such a relief to have someone trustworthy to help clean our houses while we are at work.

  13. cindyrina Reply

    This sounds like a great help for busy woman. I always wanted to try outsourced service but totally afraid to let stranger enter my house since I live alone.

  14. wfc Reply

    wow… never thought house cleaning can be so convenience. must try it ! But i think it's only at Sg rite.

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