Warning!! This post is going to make you super-hungry immediately. So it is better not to read it on empty tummy. Also, it is going to be a long post with lot of detailing. So grab some fruit / healthy snack and read on!


I mean seriously, what happens when you visit a fine dining restaurant with a quaint setup and you are presented with ultimate culinary delights?!… where the taste is pleasantly differently delicious and where the service is absolutely perrrffeect! Want to get that experience? Go reserve your place for this weekend’s Family Day Lunch @ the Song of India.

I am in Singapore for quite long time and have visited an array of restaurants providing Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Italian varieties. Surprisingly, when it comes to Indian Food, I keep on frequenting (and sometimes complaining) the same set of restaurants found around Little India.

I am expecting some guests coming soon from India and hence I was hunting for a place where Indian food is served with a twist – not the usual gravies, not the same type of starters…Very boring it gets for me and my family! Not to mention, I can cook that at home too.

And…just in time Chef Mural invited my hubby and me to visit the Song of India to try-out Family Day Lunch. Frankly speaking, I had heard about the Song of India a lot but somehow I always had an impression that it is expensive since it’s fine dining and the location is not around the usual Little India.

For the purpose of this review, it was a great opportunity to shatter all my beliefs and am so glad that I visited the Song of India / SOI.

Generally, Indian restaurants in Singapore are either in and around Little India or they are situated in some hotels. Here, Song of India stands out. When we were parking the car, the first “WOW” came out of my mouth. Didn’t know that Song of India is actually a colonial-style bungalow.

Look at my pictures below and you will know what I mean.

Surrounded by lush greenery, this place instantly relaxes you and raises your expectations about the food and service. Here I enter the restaurant…

Another “WOW” for the classiest décor. Song of India scores very high on ambience. It offers relaxing, calming, cozy setting.

I loved the seating arrangement – it is not monotonous. It kind-of ensures that people get the desired privacy. Not cramped. They have very optimally utilized the place available. I guess around 80-90 pax can comfortably accommodate. Chef mentioned that this venue is very popular for ROM parties, birthdays and so on.

After exchanging greetings with Chef and other staff, we sat down for our lunch. Spotlessly clean and well-arranged crockery!

After we sat down, one very experienced and humble attendant greeted us and asked for the choice of drinks. I preferred warm water and hubby dear got this golden spirit. By the way, please note that SOI is launching “The song of India Sapporo Beer Brunch” – Uniquely Japanese Beer Sapporo Premium Paired with delicious Indian Cuisine. Indian + Japanese looks one exciting combo!

Lets Start(ers)

Attendant informed that SOI serves starters on the table and later we can go ahead and have buffet. Starters were getting hot and ready in the kitchen. Here they come…

Look damn interesting? Yes, indeed they are. Lemme give you some brief about them –

  • Vegetable Seekh Kabaab – made with assorted veggies and American corn. They are a bit spicy but very tasty.
  • Paneer Tikka – truly silky cottage cheese. They were melting in the mouth
  • Fish Ajwain Tikka – well marinated and soft and tender
  • Chicken Malai Tikka – well marinated and soft and tender

I was wondering where are the usual chutneys? Staff told us that the beautiful patterns design that you see is completely edible – made from mayonnaise, blueberry and pickles. Jaw dropping!

Starters were accompanied by Raw Papaya Salsa. At least, I have not heard of anything of this sort. It was delish! Hubby loved this salsa a lot and he challenged me to make the same at home. I conceded my defeat even before trying.

While we were having starters, appetiser was served. It looked like a humble tomato soup. Chef informed that it is “Tomato Coriander Soup”. What I liked the most was the zing that ginger added to it. The texture was not too thick and creamy. That is good in a way since many times I feel full already after the starters and the soup and cannot give justice to the main course.

It was Sunday Lunch time and I saw many people @ SOI. All were happily chatting, eating. Service was prompt and friendly. Looked like they go an extra mile to make customers satisfied.

After starters and soup, time for the main course. Choicest of dishes were waiting for us.

Salads, Chats –

Loads of choices again here. I particularly loved three-beans salad – very healthy. Fried bitter gourd was another variety. Hubby liked it but I didn’t taste it because of the bitter gourd phobia 😀

Chat with a slight tweak in the form of Crispy Yam Corn Chat. I found it tasty but a bit dry probably because of Yam’s natural texture.

Vegetarian delights in the Main Course –
  • Achari Baigan (Pickled Brinjal) – Just like bitter gourd, I hate Brinjals. But I tasted this mainly for its gravy. Another WOW! I have lost count of WOWs by the way. Well, the gravy here has Indian Pickle flavour to it and that makes it so so good. Must try!

  • Palak Paneer (Spinach and Cottage Cheese) – I am sure that this is all-time-favorite for many of us. Rich creamy spinach and cottage cheese – mildly flavoured!

  • Herbed Vegetables – baby potatoes, broccoli, carrots, baby corns lightly tossed with Indian herbs in minimal oil. I loved this too because it is healthier and the use of cumin seeds was adding fuller taste to it.

Non-Vegetarian delicacies in the Main Course –
  • Ginger Lamb Masala – Ginger makes the difference.

  • Goan Fish Curry – with that typical Goan taste – coconut and all…a bit like Thai curry. For readers who don’t know Goa – it is a beautiful city in India famous for food, fun and beaches.

  • Murg Labaabdaar – for Chicken lovers.

Rice and Breads –

  • Dal Makhani – Lip smacking lentil preparation. Must-Have!!!

There were 2 types of Biryani or Briyani?! – I have heard both spellings. Meaning is the same 🙂

  • Vegetarian
  • Non-vegetarian Chicken Dum

Rice was basmati, soft and grains were long. By now, I was realizing that the SOI food is good on tummy. No bloated or full feeling so far!

  • Breads were served piping hot n fresh on the table. We chose butter rotis. They were soft and I guess made from whole wheat flour which is again very healthy. (Maida / Plain flour makes rotis that become leathery after a while.)


After such an awesome starters, soup, salads and main course, I was keeping my fingers crossed. Hope the desserts don’t disappoint. Yesss!!! They proved to be an icing on the cake, the crescendo to this beautiful meal…

Let me show you the variety…

  • Wheat Kheer – Kheer is an Indian pudding which is generally made from rice. Here SOI used wheat. Welcome change for sure.

  • Blueberry Panna Cotta – originally an Italian dessert, in SOI it appeared with Blueberry and garnished with pistachios and dried rose petals. It came filled into these cute little glasses. Each can have exactly how much one wants.


  • Gulab Jamun – Give a big round applause to the most famous Gulab Jamun. I would specially mention that they were not too sweet. Too much sweetness mars the flavour which didn’t happen here. They were soft and silky.

  • Mango Barfi – Welcome the King of fruits – Alphanso mango in the traditional barfi format. Again, this was perfectly sweet – not overloaded with saccharine.

  • Fresh cut fruits – For the people who were too full, there were freshly cut fruits.


 Live Appam making station –

Appam is an Indian variety of a pancake made from rice flour and coconut milk. It is very thin and very tasty. SOI brought some old memories back with the Live Station. Making appam is a skilful job!

So liked the virtual culinary tour I just gave you to the Song of India Fine Dining Restaurant? I too truly enjoyed writing about it. A pic of us with the Chef below:


and yours truly sitting nicely…

 The Song of India is conveniently located on Scotts Rd. walkable from Orchard MRT. If you are driving, there is a free parking space inside the restaurant.


To know about the latest promotions, visit this link. Please note it is not all “expensive” like some of us thought. So I would say that the Song of India gives the best fine dining experience at a very reasonable price.

SOI also has an event room for parties, get-togethers.

So when are you going to the Song of India…to experience the zen of journey to India cuisine?! Do quote “RainbowDiaries” when you visit them. 🙂 :)’


Note: RainbowDiaries was invited for food tasting and review in the Song of India. No monetary benefits were involved.