There is no dearth of Indoor playgrounds in Singapore. Kids have abundant options when it comes to indoor play. As a parent, am always looking out for exciting activities for my kids. We have been to many indoor playgrounds and must say kids thoroughly enjoy to play there.
Recently, I visited Fun @ Giggles and I will call it as a “Playground with a Difference”. Am very glad that I found out this cute little playground with activities that are not run-of-the-mill.
Faith, the director of Fun @ Giggles was personally there to meet and greet us. We all loved her passion, hard work and commitment towards her work. After all, anything that is about kids should not be mere business!

Fun @ Giggles is located in the busy Marine Parade Central and it is a bit difficult to find due to the structure of blocks there. ANZ bank is a landmark.
Let me introduce you to Giggles – the bunny which welcomes you lovingly to the playground. It He calls himself as the “Love Ambassador”.
Colorful counter with merchandise of Giggles welcomes you too…
After the mandatory formalities like wearing socks, applying hand sanitizer were over, kids started to explore the playground…They were like – one moment here and another moment don’t know where??!!
One birthday party was just over and hence the playground was relatively less crowded…
Boys will be boys! My boy immediately got one car and started riding. Fun @ Giggles understands this boy stuff and has good collection of rides for them. As a mom, I am quite crazy about the cleanliness and I found these rides pretty spick and span.
Meanwhile, my girl made quick house out of free play pieces. Fun @ Giggles is not just entertainment. Main focus here is “Edutainment” which marks its presence at every nook and corner of the playground. These free play pieces give kids an opportunity to explore and build whatever they want. It can be a boat, can be a house, can be anything – endless possibilities based on kid’s imagination.
A must-have-and-always-favourite Balls play is at Fun @ Giggles too. Mainly for toddlers but bigger kids of course don’t mind too.

This “obstacle river” boosts the sense of balance and overall motor skills. It also challenges kids to complete all the obstacles.

Did you notice that adults can accompany kids inside the playground? Bonding time!!

Rock Climbing for slightly older kids…

Kids can also wear fancy dresses. Ha ha, my girl stuffed herself in a bunny dress and flashed her bunny teeth and boy became roaring tiger!

Fun @ Giggles participates in community projects too. This heart mural is a part of one such project.

You would see a lot of signboards in the playground with loads of important information.

So that’s it?! No, No…There’s much more to experience at Fun @ Giggles. Welcome to the “Water Wonderland”.
Water Wonderland packs the punch with its unique activities to nurture creativity, to develop gross motor skills, to learn scientific concepts like floating and more. 
I personally loved this part of the playground a lot. 
River of Life is a segment where kids will explore life in the water. There are water boats, water animals, waterfall, fish nets, pipes and water pump. While my boy was more interested in navigating the boat through the river, girl was checking how the pump and pipes are functioning, how the water is flowing. 
Check Big Waterplay Watercourse. Here the equipments like cranes, figurines, blocks will teach kids about the movement of the water in a fun way.

Tree of Love is actually a small irrigation system. This idea is simply superb. Kids can use pails, bottles, cans and pour into several bottles and pipes. They can later observe the flow of water and how it moves from one bottle to another. My kids were engrossed in this activity for a long time. 

After a lot of water play, now time to explore Sensory Room.

All minds need some kind of relaxation. Kids are no exception. They study hard, play hard and just like adults, they need to relax and take a deep breath. These colorful bubble tubes in the multi-sensory room create calming atmosphere which is therapeutic. 

The moment we entered this room, my two littles became quiet and started watching the amazing play of colors.


There are some educational toys near the tubes for toddlers and preschoolers to indulge in guess and check activities.
There is a Secret Hideout Igloo made from recyclable milk bottles. Hard to believe because it looks so classy.
There is a room for birthday parties which has gym-like equipments for kids – Trampoline, exercise balls.

Fun @ Giggles has designated one special room for special kids. Under the Joy of Learning enrichment program, special kids aged 3 years to 6 years diagnosed with ADHD, ADD or Autism get to explore specially designed activities and learn to connect socially with others and be independent. Customized programs focused on every special kid’s needs are available too. We all know that early intervention can make a huge difference to the lives of special kids. Be rest assured that trained professionals conduct the Joy of Learning programs.
Fun @ Giggles’ principle is “If they cannot learn the way we teach, we teach them the way they learn.” Now you know why I call this indoor playground as a playground with a difference!! There is much more to it than the usual stuff.

For example: Below you see just a ladder but it is actually used to ease out the fears that kids have of height.

There are special learning equipments in the Joy of Learning room.
There are birthday packages, promotions available as well at Fun @ Giggles. Schools can contact the playground for field trips too.
We all enjoyed our time in Fun @ Giggles to the core. It was a festive CNY time so kids got this cute ang bao and yummy kueh lapis too.

My only suggestion to Fun @ Giggles would be – Expand if possible, get more space and get more such edutainment for kids!!

Also, this playground is more exciting for kids from 1 year to 12 years old. 


Now after reading my review, you want to visit Fun @ Giggles? Why not, there are March Holidays approaching soon. We are going to announce 5 winners. Each will get a pair of tickets to explore Fun @ Giggles.

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