My Daughter and now Son are bigg fans of Gumball and his family ๐Ÿ™‚ They love to watch the show regularly and simply adore the young cat and Darwin the fish.

What fun it would be to see Gumball coming to life on stage. Exactly that is happening now in Singapore @ City Square Mall. The amazing world of Gumball: The Takeover Show gives you an opportunity to see naughty Gumball and Darwin live on stage for the first time in SE Asia and Singapore.

This is March term holidays season in Singapore and as a parent, it is always a challenge to keep them engaged. So the moment I came to know about this show, we decided immediately to visit. It was supposed to be Mom and Kids date. Dad was busy in office so couldn’t join ๐Ÿ™

We reached early as kids couldn’t contain their excitement and were behind me to go there ASAP. They grabbed the front seats and were waiting “patiently” for Gumball’s entry.

Drumrolls….here he comes…all the kids were jumping with excitement… 
I am not revealing too much of the story line of the show. It is good that you watch it yourself but my pics will give you a glimpse.

Awww…they look so cute…

 My duo engrossed with their eyes glued on stage..

Dance, music and fun…audience too participated with loads of claps
 This is roughly around 20 minutes show and after the show, we got an opportunity to Meet and Greet Gumball and Darwin on stage.

Awesome experience! Will be a part of  their memories for long time.

Before or after the Gumball show, don’t forget to visit the “Jump of Joy Carnival” which is happening right in the same mall’s outdoor area. You will find bungee jumping, games booths, bouncing castles that kids would totally fall in love with.

Bungee is for slightly bigger kids and Gawd, it is exciting! 

Game booths and bouncy castle is good to try too! The usual Choo Choo train will also add to the whole experience.

Tomorrow is weekend so you guys can still visit City Square Mall and have funtastic time! It is on till 10th April so you can do some repeat visits as well.

Here are the details –  

Enjoy kids and their dad-mom!!