Now, this came as a total surprise to me. I had not imagined that a team of 50 balloon artists from as many as 9 countries would change the look of Marina Square Atrium into something this fabulous, something that looks exactly like a fairytale garden!! What a fantasy! Nah, this is reality. 🙂 🙂

Am so glad that my family and me got to witness this wonder. When I got invite from Marina Square Mall to be there to feature –  “the Marina Square presents ‘A Fairytale Garden’ at the 6th instalment of our epic Balloon Festival this March school holidays!”, kids were overjoyed.

I had seen a few pics of the balloon exhibition but was not very clear about its exact nature. Balloons we all love, we call balloon artists for birthday parties but that was it. What more can be done with balloons?!

So when we entered the atrium, our jaws simply dropped. a big WOW escaped our mouths.So what do you think will happen to you when you see this?

Kids jumped with joy and vanished into the Fairytale Garden…my 4-yr old boy was a bit scared initially but when he spotted his favorite characters, off he went to meet them. It was a bright Sunday afternoon and there were many visitors. All equally mesmerized.

What an intricate work and how much sweat and long hours must have gone to make this happen? A team of 50 balloon artists from 9 different countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia and Spain), including champions of the World Balloon Convention, winners of Taiwan International Balloon Art Championships and overseas record-breakers, transformed Marina Square’s atrium into a fantasy garden and Singapore’s Largest Balloon Landscape!


Sprawling across the 5,000 sqft atrium space, the picturesque garden was filled with different themed balloon sculptures and mythical creatures, including fairies and pixies, oversize bunnies and ants, a huge boot house and a multitude of flowers. A gigantic mushroom house, towering at 6 metres tall, was the key highlight of the exhibition, and visitors could step inside the oversize mushroom house. The entrance arches, constructed in fairytale themes welcomed both the young and old into the amazing and joyful world of balloons!


Where were my kids meanwhile? Oho, they were with their fairytale balloony friends…

IMG_9968 (1)

Hubby and me too joined the big FUN…



My Favorite – the one and only….Puuussss in the booots…


Every character came alive in the balloon exhibition with the ditto looks, expressions, clothes and accessories as we find them in storybooks and films.

IMG_9927When you look at the detailing of the fairytale and mythical characters, you can’t help but salute the artists who made this balloon Fairytale Garden possible.

One look at this lazy Grasshopper will melt your heart…


and Pinkie Pie…


I would say that each sculpture is a master-piece. Example this Flower Princess.


All Brides-to-be, do you want this beautiful wedding gown?


While we were capturing all these beautiful moments on our cam and in our memories, it was 2 PM and a special Balloon Act began for kids and parents. It was very entertaining and audience were happily playing the roles of Three Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolf.

IMG_9971 IMG_9977

Next was the Kids Balloon Making Workshop. My daughter got an opportunity to be a part of the Workshop and as a parent I accompanied her.



Wow! This workshop was really very good and challenging. I was getting lost many times while following the Master’s instructions. But the kids were very fast learners and they matched the steps so quickly.


Now the creation Bunny-cum-Squirrel was almost on the finishing stage. Good 1.5 hours was the duration of this workshop.


The Balloon Master was a friendly lady who was really the master of her craft.


Bingo!! All kids completed the workshop successfully and time for group photo.


While Sister was busy in workshop, bro was roaming around with his dad and collecting some goodies…


In just one sentence if I have to describe the whole experience then I would say – “Amazing Sunday afternoon so well spent with eyes filled with the balloon beauty @Marina Square Shopping Mall”

Heartfelt Thanks to the Marina Square Shopping Mall for the fantasy garden and Singapore’s Largest Balloon Landscape! We enjoyed to the core. Waiting for the next Balloon Exhibition already!


Note: RainbowDiaries was there to cover the balloon exhibition and was given an opportunity to attend balloon workshop. No monetary compensation / benefits are involved.