Yummy starter – Cheesy Garlicky mushrooms

Looking for a yummy starter that’s quick and easy to prepare? Try this recipe for cheesy and garlicky shiitake mushrooms.

As a mom, I am always looking for different options of food to be given to my kids because there is no guarantee that they will approve whatever I cook! Generally, I think kids and adults love to have some crispy, crunchy, delicious snacks and starters any time of the day.
My kids love cheese and I have combined that with Mushrooms in this recipe. In fact, this recipe is pretty simple to try and kids can help you in making it. Ensure that they work under your supervision strictly for safety purposes.

Off to the recipe!

So here goes my recipe of making Cheesy Garlicky Mushrooms. For flavor, I have added garlic.
  1. Take required quantity of shiitake mushrooms.
  2. Wash them thoroughly and pat dry.
  3. Cut their stems and open mushrooms without tearing.
  4. Now chop the cut stems, garlic. Add your choice of herbs, salt as per taste to it. Also add grated mozzarella. Alternatively, you can add any other grated veggies, cottage cheese, boiled egg too.
  5. Mix all the above ingredients well using some butter.
  6. Fill in the mixture in the mushrooms
  7. Make thick batter of corn flour and plain flour, add salt as per taste. Instead of plain flour and corn flour, you can also use   wheat flour / rice flour.
  8. Roll the stuffed mushrooms in the thick batter and coat them with Oats / any cereal.
  9. Deep fry / Air Fry / Bake them. For air fryer, use 180 degrees’ temperature for 18-20 minutes.
  10. Done! Crunchy, tasty mushrooms ready. Serve them with ketchup / chili sauce / mayo / coleslaw.
  11. Mushrooms are low in calories and sodium and they provide important nutrients like potassium, Vitamin D and so on. Same goes for Cheese. It is full of calcium, protein, zinc and Vitamin A and B12.


Simple as that!

So do try Cheesy Garlicky Mushrooms and am sure it would be an instant hit with all in the family.

 PS: I wrote this article first for theAsianparent – the leading Parenting Magazine in Asia. Here is a link to the original post – http://sg.theasianparent.com/shiitake-mushrooms-cheesy-garlicky-recipe/

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30 comments on “Yummy starter – Cheesy Garlicky mushrooms”

  1. Danessa Foo Reply

    Interesting combination and I am very tempted to try that recipe. Alas, my girl decided that she doesn't like mushrooms anymore! I will prolly cook these for my bible studies fellowship ladies 😉

  2. Mike Yip Reply

    Argh! 2 combination that can absolutely kill me.. cheese and mushroom, one smell like decomposing corpse and the other smells like rotting trees. urgh… crazy.

  3. Emily Reply

    Thanks for this awesome recipe. As a busy working person, I try to prepare my own food but have not been very successful.

  4. 仙妮 Reply

    wow! wow! so yummy & tempting to me 😛 because I love mushroom very much 🙂 Just that I may change away the garlics as I scard of the smell of garlic 😛 cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  5. Miera Nadhirah Tan Reply

    I am soooooo gonna try this out… I love all that ingredients so I can imagine the taste… I love mushrooms, cheese and garlic…. thanks a million, no a zillion for this….

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