You all must have used Extra Virgin Olive Oil in salads and for cooking, but Extra Virgin Olive Oil in skincare products??!! Hmmm, sounds a bit new. This is what I thought when I got this package delivered to my home.
The first thing that impressed me was the tagline of the company “All things natural”.
Upon opening of the package, look what I found – Shampoo and Conditioner, Body Wash, Body Oil, Soothing balm and soap. There were some leaflets explaining the contents of the products elaborately.
The packaging for each product is simplistic and doesn’t look too jazzy. Pleasant colors and eco-friendly materials are used for the packs. Personally, I liked the logo of the company – a cute little “O” for “Olive”!
Here is a closer look at the hair care products –
Olive Oil Shampoo and Olive Oil Conditioner
Shampoos that I received are in Sample size bottles. So no nozzles to press out the shampoo but for Conditioner, there is one convenient nozzle to take out adequate amount of the liquid.
Both the products are made from 100% Extra Virgin olive oil and also contain “Rose Geranium Oil”. Rose Geranium oil is an essential oil that has calming and soothing properties. 

Olive Oil Conditioner has a smooth texture and easy to apply flow. 
On the other hand, Shampoo is a bit thicker and I used it by adding some water.

Both have mild and pleasant fragrance and suitable for sensitive scalp. My scalp is quite sensitive and cannot accept too harsh chemicals.
I am extremely happy with the results that I got from Olive Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. The conditioner doesn’t make hair look limp and shampoo doesn’t make them dry or frizzy. Hair are manageable, nice lingering fragrance! Happy 🙂 🙂

After hair, time to talk about the body. Olive Oil Skin Care Co. had sent me body wash, handmade soap too. Time to test them!

Pure Castile Body Wash

Once again, made from 100% Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, this body wash comes in 2 varieties – One with Lavender Essential Oil and another with Rose Geranium Essential Oil.

I found the texture is thick and it doesn’t create too much foam because there is no SLS added. The lather was creamy and soft. I tried it first on my hand like you see in below image and then washed it off.

No itchy or dry feeling fortunately. Actually, I found my skin cleansed and taut without dryness. I also let my 10-yr daughter try it and she said “Wow, today I felt like going in the spa. What amazing fragrance”. So I can safely say that this product can be used by kids and adults who have sensitive skin 🙂

Handmade Bar Soaps

Handmade Bar Soaps are made with the same principle based on which Body wash is made. They do not contain palm oil, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), preservatives, colouring agents or additives of any kind. Also, they retain natural glycerine in them and have lower pH than most commercial soaps.

When I tested it, I found it doesn’t dry the skin and still skin feels fresh and firm after bath. I am also wondering how long the soap will last because last 3 weeks am using it every single day still it is going on and on and on. Ha ha.

There are three categories of handmade bar soaps, namely, Traditional (or unscented), Scented and Aboriginal categories. Each bar of soap is made from 100% saponified extra virgin olive oil (i.e. only 3 ingredients – 100% extra virgin olive oil, water & sodium hydroxide) and the respective essential oils and/or aboriginal plants. Thus, the soaps are suitable for people with sensitive skin conditions. I am trying out the Gumby Gumby with Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Soap (under the Aboriginal category). and I found that it contains Gumby Gumby leaves within which doubles up as a gentle scrub when used. 

All handmade soaps are packed in individual Eco-friendly boxes. 
Frankly speaking, am loving these products. 
Next on my review list is the Soothing Balm.
Like I mentioned earlier, I have a sensitive skin. Whenever there is more stress or changes in the weather, skin develops dry patches and rashes. 
While researching about the ingredients of the soothing balms, got to know that these balms are enriched with 100% Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They are unscented, chemical and additive free just like other Olive Oil Skin Care Co. products and have healing and calming ingredients.
So I decided to apply it on my wrist and surrounding area. It had a bit of redness and small rashes. I was keeping my fingers crossed and was hoping that the balm would not cause more irritation. But to my surprise, I found that the rashes were almost gone in 2 days and in another 2 days, they were completely gone!! I applied small quantity of the balm once in a day.

I have also tried it on the face. It does make face look quite oily so avoid it in the morning while going office. My suggestion is – In the night, before sleeping, cleanse your face and apply it to have softer, more moisturized skin. Also, this balm can be an excellent lip balm! Tried that and liked that. 🙂 

Last but not the least, here is the Body Oil that has Rose Geranium essential oil along with 100% Australian Extra virgin olive oil and other pure natural oils. 
I applied body oil on my legs after waxing for calming, refreshing effect. It worked, I must say. Also, massaged my daughter’s legs with it. No harmful impact on kid’s skin was observed.


So here are some quick points based on my experience why you can also go ahead and get Olive Oil Skin Care Co. products – 

1. Completely natural ingredients. No additives, Palm oil, artificial colors and preservatives.
2. Ingredients are 100% Australian Extra Virgin Olive oil, essential oils and other natural oils known traditionally for their rich qualities. The goodness of olive oil and its use for skin care is mentioned even in the meditarranean history.
3. These products don’t rip off the moisture from the skin and hair. In fact, they will have soothing, calming effect on the skin and regular use will nourish the skin.
4. They give SPA-like experience right in your own home. Expect Beautifully mild and lasting fragrance, rich and classy experience when you use Olive Oil Skin Care Co. products.
5. Generally the products are suitable for people with sensitive skin and eczema. Anyone in the family even kids and people with sensitive skin can use them.
So you all excited to try-out Olive Oil Skin Care products and pamper yourselves?
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