I am in Singapore for last 9-10 years and have tried different types of SPA treatments, Salons and so on. Surprisingly, Foot Reflexology is something that I wanted to try but somehow always missed, may be I thought it was more for elderly customers.

When I got the Media Invite to visit Feet Haven, I thought – that is great, one tick off my bucket list!

Established in 2011, Feet Haven is a boutique Foot Reflex Spa that offers foot reflexology and body massage services. It aims at making Foot Reflexology popular among everyone – young or elderly. After all, this ancient treatment is beneficial for all age groups. Foot Reflexology needs to be preserved and nurtured for generations to come. Feet Haven is doing just that!

This boutique Spa has two branches in the beautiful enclaves of Katong and Serangoon Gardens. The Cashier aunty informed me that Katong branch has started offering services 24X7. Wow! means any time you can afford to pamper your tired feet and body.

Feet Haven offers various types of treatments. Its Signature bouquet includes:

  • 60-minute Shiok Feet Indulgence; 
  • 60-minute Shiok Basic Body 
  • 45-minute Shiok Basic Blend of a shoulder- and neck massage coupled with foot reflexology

I visited Feet Haven’s Serangoon Gardens branch. This Media Invite was to review their Signature Combination of Foot Reflexology and Shoulder-and-back massage.    

Feet Haven Serangoon Gardens is located on the second level of a quaint shop house. It is very near from the famous Chomp Chomp Food Centre and just opposite to myVillage Shopping Center. It is easy to locate Feet Haven thanks to the giant signboards.

After climbing this wonderful staircase where plants and artifacts greet you…

here is the cozy, comfortable and dimly lit Feet Haven Boutique Feet Reflex Spa.

There were some customers happily chatting while one uncle was giving one of them Foot Reflexology massage. They looked at ease and were feeling homely at this place.
Feet Haven has this fun cards that let the customers communicate with the masseurs just by flashing them.

Now my turn…One elderly aunty greeted me warmly and asked me to take a seat. She came back with warm water pan and asked me to soak my feet for some time. The moment warm water touched my feet, I already started to feel relaxed. 

After drying the feet, aunty took therapeutic oil and started the foot reflex massage. 

Foot Reflexology has its origins in ancient Egyptian and Chinese culture and it works on the pressure points of the feet for the general well being of the entire body. Foot Reflexology offers a number of health benefits. Some of them are:
  • Relief from Stress
  • Lifted up Energy levels
  • Improved Blood circulation and Immune System

It can also assist in certain conditions of allergies, back pain, frozen shoulder and so on. 

Aunty’s experienced hands were massaging the pressure points of my feet and initially I experienced a bit of tickle and a bit of pain. But after that, it was “haven”ly…I was almost dozing off 15-20 minutes into the massage.

We all use feet so many hours in a day, because of them we walk…These ignored feet surely deserve some soothening massage..
After 45-minutes of blissful Foot Reflex, it was now time for shoulder-and-back massage. Again, I must say that aunty is the master of her art. Very mild-mannered and super-confident.
This massage helped me to alleviate knots, tight muscles of neck and back. Felt very light after this.
After my treatment, had a chat with another friendly and smart aunty. She is the cashier and in-charge of the branch. Over a hot cup of herbal tea, she asked my feedback about Feet Haven, whether am a blogger and so on.
One content-face-selfie is a must!

Mr. and Ms. Feet Haven Footie said bye bye, see you again to me. 🙂 🙂 Surely, I would love to see them again.

Feet Haven’s rates are apt and total value of money is what you get!

It is but natural that Feet Haven has received so many awards from Her World Singapore, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and many more for excellence of its services.

Locations of Feet Haven Boutique Foot Reflex Spa –
1. Feet Haven East Coast (Katong Branch)
#01-01, 136 East Coast Road S428821 
( opposite Bee Cheng Hiang and Glory Catering; Along same stretch of shophouses as Brotzeil Restaurant)
2. Feet Haven Serangoon Gardens
4A Maju Ave S556682 
( Above Cedele and opposite MyVillage Shopping Centre) 
Contact numbers:  +65 6344 7311 / +65 62882314
My ratings –
Ambiance – *****
Service – *****
Value for money – *****

So don’t forget to give your Tired Feet what they deserve…truly rejuvenating Feet Haven Reflexology massage.

Note: I visited Feet Haven as a part of the Media Invite and for review purposes. No monetary compensation involved. Opinions expressed are solely mine. To know more about RainbowDiaries and its work, please visit www.rainbowdiaries.com