Blu-200 – the cool new Bluetooth 4.0 Earphones

I reviewed Brainwavz’s S1 Ear Noise Isolating Headphones somewhere last year.
In fact, I still use that same headphone and am very happy with its quality and durability.
Just a few days back, Brainwavz folks shipped their latest model BLU-200 for me to try-out and review. Somehow, I personally have never used any Bluetooth headset before so was quite curious to try BLU-200. 
About the product
The Brainwavz BLU-200 wireless Bluetooth earphones designed in a stylish matt black aluminium body with an in-line remote takes audio listening to a whole new exciting level. Designed for easy mobility and tangle free hassle, the BLU-200 houses a micro 60mAh battery that will deliver 4 hours of continuous audio playback, 100 hours of standby and can be fully charged in under 2hrs. With a range of 30ft (10m), you can comfortably be away from your audio source with no disruption to audio quality or performance.
These are the contents of the package
Neat and nice package with bright “blu”, white and black colors..

Contents are listed elaborately on the pack which I really appreciate.

Each set comes with a classy and durable hard case and warranty card. I can surely say Brainwavz take their products seriously and include all the possible convenience for the users.
Here is a closer look at the earphone and buttons.
Manual has clear instructions on the use of the buttons.
I charged the earphone before using it.
Blinking shining light while the earphone is charging.
Now time to pair with my phone. I off the earphones and on them again.
My iPhone 6 Plus immediately detected it and pairing done smoothly.
Time to test Multi-Point connection with 2 mobile phones…Here I got a few hiccups…But I re-read and followed the instructions in the manual properly, Bingo!! Managed to connect dear Hubby’s phone and my phone simultaneously to the BLU-200 earphone.
The voice quality is super clear and isolates any unwanted noise. Beats of the song become cleaner and it lets you appreciate music more dearly. It is hands free, phone free means not attached to your phone…Naturally it is more comfortable and easy to use.
My daughter happily listening to “Roar” on my handphone using BLU-200 earphones while I took her photo with the same handphone.
BLU-200 provides functionality to answer, reject, end phone calls and also to redial last number.
Battery indicator for BLU-200 in iPhone 6 Plus looks like this –
The only suggestion I can give Brainwavz is to change the color of the hard case…May be something in “Blu” shade…
Where to get it?

The BLU-200 will retail for US$54.50 and will be available on,, and other authorized Brainwavz resellers around the globe.

My Ratings for BLU-200
Style – * * * *
Comfort – * * * *.5
Sound Quality – * * * * *

Happy Hands Free Music 🙂 🙂

Disclaimer: Brainwavz sent BLU-200 for the review purposes of RainbowDiaries blog and website. No monetary benefit / compensation is involved. Know more about RainbowDiaries and our work, visit

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47 comments on “Blu-200 – the cool new Bluetooth 4.0 Earphones”

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  3. Selina Ooi Reply

    First time I heard it. Not many people use this earphone. I think that it suitable for kids and teenagers who can use it if they love to listen the music. 🙂

  4. Amanda Love Reply

    Those are some cool earphones. I don't usually wear them because I developed hearing loss while in the military so I try and keep everything out of my ears.

  5. Fred Hawson Reply

    I never understood how bluetooth worked as a phone aid, I have never used this bluetooth earphones despite seeing other people do it. I just put the phone to my ear and talk. Hehe.

  6. George Felix Reply

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us!
    This was a good review. I always wanted to try Bluetooth earphones. But I ended up buying Seinnheiser. There weren't any good options!

  7. Franc Reply

    At $54.50, this is reasonably priced for a bluetooth headset. It's really more comfortable using bluetooth earphones since the wires can be annoying.

  8. Danessa Foo Reply

    Never heard of this brand… pretty new I guess?
    I like my JBL bluetooth earphones. I find that bluetooth is awesome for running with music in your ears 🙂

  9. fred erick Reply

    I have never tried using bluetooth headphones yet. Maybe I will try this one. I am going to remember the brand and see if they have these in malls nearby. It looks chic and durable.

  10. Sil Silvestre Reply

    What?!!!! $55 dollars for an earphone? Gosh that's a lot of money! But on second thought, I heard there is even a 500 dollar earphones. Gosh these prices!

  11. Bumble Bee Mum Reply

    Interestingly… I don't think think I have ever bought a pair of earphones in my life? I always use whatever earphone is given to me with the device I need it for.

  12. mAy Reply

    Never heard of the brand though so thanks for sharing. I wonder when I'll start using headphones again. With the children so young, I cannot possibly shut myself out with headphones because they may call for me anytime! hahaha

  13. Elizabeth O. Reply

    Brainwavz is a pretty awesome brand, I have another one of their ear phones and it's really awesome. Thanks for sharing this review! I'd love to give it a go!

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