I had heard some real nice words of praise about The Future of Us exhibition happening at 30 Marina Boulevard near Bayfront MRT station. Finally visited it yesterday and would definitely recommend it to you all to visit. 🙂

What’s the exhibition all about?
The Future of Us presents multi-sensory views of how Singapore will be tomorrow. This tomorrow lies somewhere in the Year 2030. How people of Singapore will live, work, learn in the future is the crux of the exhibition.

So what we did in the exhibition?
After parking, we started walking towards the exhibition. Lots of enthusiastic volunteers, booths and signage lead you the actual exhibition. BTW, tickets are absolutely FREE!
Remember to be there on time because the show starts on dot. 
We entered dome kind of a hall and the show introduced us about the whole concept of the exhibition. We felt like sitting in a time machine that gave us a tour of the past, present and future Singapore –  Right from the Kampong era to the country which will be ultra-advanced in the technology. Wow! Kids were watching the show with very big eyes filled with amazement. We too!
After this show, we entered another hall where on a big screen, they gave is a glimpse of how future transportation will look like. Cars without steering wheels, multiple levels of roads, Super MRTs and so on. Nothing less than the Sci-fi movie!!
Next, we entered the gallery that has some out-of-this-world exhibits. They are actually the ideas of common people. Extremely innovative!!
Volunteers explained in detail about each exhibit. While talking to them, we got to know that these are not mere designs but many of them are currently in the pilot stage and soon will become reality. 🙂 🙂 Kudos!
In below picture, shown is the home with sensors. If there is an elderly person at home and needs urgent medical attention, holographic nurse can quickly appear and give necessary instructions. Caregiver network will be activated and medical help would arrive fast. All the elderly has to do is press the button on a watch-like device. Am sure this fantasy will soon become reality!

This is an idea of a young girl who envisions “floating HDBs in future Singapore”. May be a bit too difficult but who knows?! Today’s kids will build this kind of housing one day.

One more idea was to collaboration of all the forces when Hit and Run cases happen. Alongwith helping the victim immediately, send alerts to the traffic police, SDF and even ICA to ensure that the guilty gets caught and punished.

What my Daughter liked the most was the immersive learning experience future classrooms will offer. How easy it will be to have a multi-national classroom where students share knowledge with their peers who are sitting in the other part of the world.

Next exhibit showcased how future Singapore will be powered up. Once again, awesome idea. 

Here we entered another room which had a huge console with message stations. All can write their wishes for future Singapore…

…And watch them fly into the infinities of the space…heartwarming to see all penning down their thoughts…

Last but not the least, there was a gallery for kids – where they can complete a set of activities, get stamps and collect their badge, postcards and bag. A small playground for pre-schoolers was also set up.

Every mom’s dream – ready-to-eat food…wait, did you notice? Edible Soup Bag? Means we can eat up each and everything of the contents!! 

Volunteer demonstrating how an electronic chair will help kids to correct their posture..

We got this cute little plant as a momento…
Friendly volunteers talked to us, gathered some feedback about the exhibition and featured us on their Facebook page. 🙂 Glad to see the name of my Facebook group appearing on The Future of Us page.


Thank you, The Future of Us for this wonderful morning that we spent at the exhibition.
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