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We women are always looking for quick cooking recipes that are ready in maximum 20-30 minutes. That gives us more time to spend with our loved ones. One dish meals that are healthy and tasty are everyone’s favorite!
But how to finish cooking in 20-30 minutes? We need to gather ingredients, chop the veggies and then start cooking. How to do this so fast? Impossible. 🙁
Smile, Yamie Rice makes it POSSIBLE. Now cook authentic Asian Rice Meals in a jiffy – convenient and delicious. Just 3 steps and it’s ready.
When Singapore Desi received this hamper from Yamie Rice for review and giveaway, we were thrilled to know that it came from the Rice Specialist – Gan Hup Lee (1999) Pte Ltd. GHL is trusted rice supplier to many food establishments for more than 66 years. 
Website of Yamie – http://www.yamierice.com/

Look what we found in the bag – complete range of flavors offered by Yamie Rice i.e. Yam Rice, Chicken Rice, Sambal Rice, Nasi Briyani, Black Pepper Rice, Claypot Rice and Chicken Porridge.

If we have to cook all these rice delicacies at home, whoa! it needs a lot of preparation. With Yamie Rice, it is only a 3-step process!

Yamie Rice is a Ready-To-Cook meal that needs 3 steps to get Authentic Asian Rice Meal in flat 25 minutes. What’s more, the quantity is enough for at least 2 pax.
You can use Rice Cooker for making Yamie Rice or Microwave Oven as well.
Chinese New Year is just around the corner and Yam is considered as an auspicious food to eat during this period. So we decided to cook Yam Rice 🙂 🙂
Yamie Rice products contain NO Trans-fat, NO added MSG and also NO artificial colors and preservatives. That is quite healthy then!
Yamie products are Halal certified too. It also holds Tasty Singapore and Product of Singapore credits.
When we opened the pack, we found this nicely packed and sealed pouch.
It has premix rice – ready-to-cook with all necessary spice powders, yam chips and mushrooms. High quality Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice is used in Yamie Rice.
Step 1: Pour it in a bowl.

Add water. I added around 350 ml. Pour premix rice and water in the Rice Cooker or use Microwave if you desire. REMEMBER that you do NOT wash or rinse the premix rice. It would cause the flavors to wash away. Premix rice is already clean and ready to cook.

Ready to cook now!


Step 2: On the Rice Cooker, First on COOK setting and later WARM for 10-15 minutes so that the rice will be set properly.

Step 3: Done! Ready to Serve now. Each grain is cooked thoroughly and the aroma fills the kitchen.
We garnished it with chopped spring onion.

Our Verdict:

  • Yamie’s Yam Rice is one helluva convenient meal. Ready in a few minutes, it gives women a breather from cooking. It is a one-dish meal with all the ingredients pre-added.
  • Yamie Rice is good for busy weekdays or to make weekends and festivals like CNY more special.
  • You can also use it when you are travelling and craving for authentic Asian flavors. It is Halal certified. 
  • For health conscious people, do note that it doesn’t contain added MSG, preservatives, artificial colors and NO trans-fat.
  • It is available island-wide in most of the Fairprice, Sheng Siong and Giant shops. One pack is enough for at least 2 pax.
  • We would love to see Yamie coming up with Yamie Rice that is 100% suitable for vegetarians and vegans!
To make your Chinese New Year celebration more auspicious, we are giving away 10 packs of Yamie Rice.
You just have to follow these steps –
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Five lucky winners will each win 2 packs of Yamie Rice. 🙂
Have a flavorful CNY!


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