[Review and Promotion Code – Part 2] Hi-Tea Special Series Teas – for Health, Beauty, Mind and overall Well-being…

In Part 1 of this post, I described the benefits of Hi-Tea’s Fruit blends. Link to Part 1 post: http://singaporedesi.blogspot.sg/2016/01/review-and-promotion-code-part-1-hi-tea.html

Now, let me introduce you to the other special blends of Hi-Tea.

Slimming Series:

Aha! how much I love to try this one!! In 2016, am looking at knocking off at least 5-6 Kilograms so Slimming Tea is like a boon. It’s light and sourish with a strong brew of herbal ingredients. Its contents are Hindu Lotus, Roselle, Hawthorn Fruit. I liked the taste and didn’t get any adverse effects. Exact result will be visible only after some consistent use though.

Health Series:

Made from Jasmine Flower, Lemon Grass, Dried Lemon slices, this blend has ingredients known for their health benefits and cleansing. This tea is quite a good detox. You can add honey / lemon to it as per your taste.

Beauty Series:

Again, this one is going to be every woman’s favorite. This light and fragrant tea blend consists of French Rose, Jasmine Flower, Apple Flower. Soothing and nourishing for the beautiful skin.

Anti-Ageing Series:

Who doesn’t want to look ever-green and youthful? Anti-ageing series is perfect for all who are in their thirties and forties.  Its Lemon Grass, Rosemary, French Rose flavor makes you feel energetic!

Relaxation Series:

After a hectic day, one has to relax and calm down the tired mind and body. Relaxation Series has Lavender, Chamomile flowers added to soothe you. Have it after dinner. My hubby loves this blend!

In today’s busy world, we all have to take care of ourselves and loved ones. Hi-Tea’s special series teas help us to achieve overall well-being by protecting health, calming our minds and enhancing the beauty. 

Worth-trying for all tea lovers. 🙂 🙂

Current Promotion for this blog readers:
Buy 2 boxes at $18.
Usual Price: Loose Tea $22.90/box. Fruit Tea $24.90/box. Special Blends: $26.90/box.

Find more information about Hi-Tea here:

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19 comments on “[Review and Promotion Code – Part 2] Hi-Tea Special Series Teas – for Health, Beauty, Mind and overall Well-being…”

  1. Sebrinah Yeo Reply

    Tea with ginger taste? That one interests me. But I might not dare to try lolx. I bought ginger tea sachets from Taiwan but never used it for my confinement. This time around am gonna slip it again hehehe

  2. 仙妮 Reply

    I love flower tea too once in a while 🙂 But am a super coffee addict, a must have everyday 🙂
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  3. Emily Reply

    I don't have the habit of drinking beverages except plain water. But since this is for slimming, maybe I should try.

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